STANDING ROCK Came to Ashland for Support Last Night Asking for Prayers

STANDING ROCK came to Ashland last night at the Armory. Its purpose and some who have been there, took time to come to Ashland before returning in order to spread awareness, gather funds and supplies with support, provide ceremony, music, words of wisdom, slide show of everyday life at Standing »»Read Full Post

Brined olives, cheese, nuts make savory baklava

A recent post about pizza discouraged topping blue cheese with brined olives on the basis of both being quite salty. Yet I lamented a lack of olives in my fridge last week when I served up my favorite Israeli feta for a friend’s visit. The feta, admittedly, is milder in »»Read Full Post

Are you an ecological gardener? Ask yourself these 5 questions!

"Imagine a garden that never has pests, never needs digging, doesn’t need to be rested in winter, has no need for crop rotation, has virtually no weeds, needs very little water, and practically looks after itself. " ~ Jonathan White, creator of Food4Wealth Australian horticulturalist and environmental scientist Jonathan White »»Read Full Post

People Matter

You may look at the title of today’s post and think to yourself, “Of course people matter! Why would they write about that?” And, while we know that you know that people matter, it’s not often we see evidence of it in a compelling way. So when we saw this »»Read Full Post

An Ego Free Day

This Wednesday, UN Peace Day Sept. 21st Choose to be ego free!  The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence, such as might be occasioned by a »»Read Full Post

BOOK IT! Friday Returns

After a long hiatus while awaiting bail, Fish Hack is back at this-here cyber version of the Fish Wrap reading to bust out haikus on Monday and lay those BOOK IT! bets on Friday. FIsh Hack ended the 2015 season up $575 and that's good momentum heading into the new »»Read Full Post

Stranger in a stranger land

For me, Netflix's "Stranger Things" is familiar territory that looks, well, unfamiliar. At first, anyway. The show, released just last month, felt like going home to the odd township that’s made up of the type of stories I love the most. But watching it also reminded me I hadn't paid »»Read Full Post