Had your fill of sweet corn? Combine it in fillings

It wouldn’t be summer without sweet corn and, once we’ve had our fill of munching it off the cob, recipes for the season’s remainder. Longtime columnist Jan Roberts-Dominguez acknowledged as much in this week’s A la Carte. Her recipe for corn vinaigrette, in particular, is one I plan to try »»Read Full Post

1950's Were the Good Ole Days for Rollers in Hair at Night

In awe running across this photo that I actually slept in these rollers every night during childhood.....after I outgrew pincurls! Offerings from the 1950's bring back memories, uncomfortable pokes in my head from the rollers and a longing for life to be a bit more simple again. Funny, I don't »»Read Full Post

Beware of What you Tell Yourself - by Summer Raven

Beware What You Tell Yourself   By Summer Raven, 1975  (Thanks to Dan Fischer for sending this to the inner peace blog.  It comes from a song that was sung at The Living Love Center in Berkeley in the 70's) Beware what you tell yourself, Children of light. Demanding and judging Will »»Read Full Post

Knowing What You Want

Three weeks ago, we began our focus on Choosing Happiness. We began with an overview of what the research shows that the happiest people do in their lives. Then we started by teaching you a simple and powerful way to Notice Your Life. Last week we focused on two core »»Read Full Post

My world with tomatoes

"A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins." ~ Laurie Colwin I harvested lots of tomatoes, bell peppers and onions this weekend, and Jerry made a killer salsa with all of it. I've always heard that vine-ripened tomatoes taste best, but I recently came across an article »»Read Full Post

Stranger in a stranger land

For me, Netflix's "Stranger Things" is familiar territory that looks, well, unfamiliar. At first, anyway. The show, released just last month, felt like going home to the odd township that’s made up of the type of stories I love the most. But watching it also reminded me I hadn't paid »»Read Full Post

Divine Equity Key to Resolving the Housing Crisis

In my community the nonstop noise of new construction all around sometimes makes working from home difficult.  At the same time, however, several grocery store parking lots where older motorhomes are parked appear to host  homeless families. The staggering gap between affordable family housing and inadequate take-home-pay is unsettling. Current »»Read Full Post

The Trouble With Time Outs

Dear Readers, I have stepped away from my blog for a time. Colleague Megan Stonelake is filling in with insightful posts about parenting. Enjoy. Given the popularity of the time out on parenting websites, it may come as a surprise to many parents that time outs aren't the most effective »»Read Full Post