Pickling, slicing and spicing rejuvenate egg salad

Anyone still trying to find ways to use up all of Easter’s hard-boiled eggs definitely got too much into the holiday spirit. For at least one more year, my family does not fall into that category, owing to my son’s tender age. But that doesn’t keep us from buying two-dozen »»Read Full Post

The Wisdom of Silence

We like to tout choice as a cherished freedom in so many ways. It's a hallmark of the world of commerce and certainly in the political realm too.  We assume that given choices we are mostly capable of making a good one, that we can discriminate, make judgments, and come »»Read Full Post

Even our national parks have poetry

While looking for some places to visit with my family this summer, I came across the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, just outside of Baker City. It offers over 2 million acres of varied landscape that extends from the Wallowa Mountains down to the canyon country of the Snake River on the »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On April Steelhead and a Chinook for the Houseboat

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack has 11 down and one to go in the quest to catch an adult steelhead each month for a year along one stretch of the Rogue River, Hack's home waters. Drew McLemore of Medford put the hurt to a 26-inch winter recently, »»Read Full Post

The Saving Train

One of SoHumane's most important programs - the Saving Train - has reached a milestone. This month, we rescued our 5,000th animal and brought them to SoHumane, where they will stay with us until they find a home. Through the power of Facebook, we have begun sharing stories of many »»Read Full Post

After Sterling Financial, what's next for Umpqua?

Now that Umpqua Holdings Corp., the parent company of Umpqua Bank has completed its acquisition of Sterling Financial Corp., and its chain of Sterling branches, where does the West Coast’s largest community bank go from here? Standing still has never been Umpqua CEO Ray Davis' style and no doubt more »»Read Full Post

Who’s at the controls of your life?

Misconceptions, often the result of attitudes and ideas influenced by our biases or preconceived notions, can work against our own best interest in many aspects of our lives, including our health. Steve Salt, a health writer and friend of mine puts it this way: “Misconceptions (ours or others') are barriers »»Read Full Post

Stuff happens...

After years of accumulating “stuff,” culling through it in order to move into a smaller residence can be…painful.   When we moved out of our home of fourteen years, I thought I had it figured out. We made countless donations to charitable causes, gave loads of dusty books to the library »»Read Full Post


I promised myself I would come back to the topic of DUII and now is the time. In the last three (approx.) weeks we have seen three individuals die in traffic crashes where DUII is suspected,just in our region. There are more examples state-wide, regionally, and nationally. These cases make »»Read Full Post

Stinking Thinking: How it Keeps us Stuck in Depression & Anxiety – Part 3

Awareness is the first step towards changing any behavior or pattern of thinking. Last week we discussed a method designed to heighten your awareness of negative self-talk by writing it down. Now that you have recorded some of the stinking thinking that is undermining your mood, confidence and self-esteem, it »»Read Full Post