Tired of basil with summer vegetables? Try mint

Amid aromas of onions and shallots sautéing in butter, mint made its presence known to participants in a recent cooking class. A key ingredient in millet tabbouleh, fresh mint made the trip from my garden to a class coordinated by ACCESS at Rogue Valley Family YMCA. Volunteering for the former »»Read Full Post

Lessons (re)learned about growing healthy table grapes on my arbor

"You cannot make sweet wine out of sour grapes."  ~ Thomas Fuller, English historian author and poet (1608-1661) Neither can you produce a healthy crop of table grapes when the grapevine is infested with fungal disease such as powdery mildew or gray mold (bunch rot) (see my column on August »»Read Full Post

Amazing Ashland Supporting Awesome Aging for BEES for a Healthy Ecosystem!

BEES! Ashland is Protecting them for a healthy ecosystem. Honey tasting/voting at Elks Lodge yesterday for the best in the valley. And, of course, a sweet woman was in charge of the sweet tasting/voting, Lauren Trantham, always ready to support good causes! I sampled, voted and resampled! :) Thank you, »»Read Full Post

Two Powerful Tools From One Powerful Leader (Part 1)

On June 14, 2017, Linda had the privilege of presenting to the American Association of Port Authorities on Promoting and Celebrating Internal Communications – or what we describe as creating cultures of leadership and engagement. For the presentation, Linda was on a panel with Kathy Broadwater, a Principal at EcoLogix »»Read Full Post

We are Eternal Spirit

We are born into a body, in a particular family of certain circumstances but we seek the answer to the age old question:  Who am I?  We learn (gradually) we are much MORE than a body.  We are NOT who we THINK we are!  Many spiritual paths lead us to our »»Read Full Post