Daffadils "haste away so soone" but there's more to be done in the garden

Faire Daffadils, we weep to see You haste away so soone: As yet the early-rising Sun Has not attain'd his Noone. ~ Robert Herrick, To Daffadills, 1648 In Sunday's Mail Tribune column (Feb. 18, 2018), I wrote about dancing with the daffodils, which are beckoning springtime right now in the »»Read Full Post

Ella Fitzgerald Performance Moved Me into Another World.....Her World

I was imagining being Ella Fitzgerald during the beautiful Tribute to her tonight presented by Livia Genise Productions. Starring as Ella Fitzgerald was the amazing Sue Carney with excellent narration by David King-Gabriel and expert musicians Mark Reppert, Steve Fain, and Steve Sutfin. Narratives between songs that spoke of Ms. »»Read Full Post

Dress top-quality carrots with carrot-top pesto

The Whole Dish Podcast: Make pesto from any tender herb, leafy green You can do a lot with a little. A dressed, spiced serving of raw root vegetable — carrots, specifically — can satisfy a craving for salad, as explained in this blog’s previous post. And if you’ve purchased locally »»Read Full Post

A Simple Trick to Create a Great Team

We're currently working with a number of organizations with relatively new leadership teams. As is often the case, the people on these teams have made their way up the organizational ladder because they have succeeded in their department or in a specific area of expertise. While it makes sense that »»Read Full Post