Indian tea, spices set apple cake's flavor apart

A flavor sensation that’s more than the sum of its parts comes from simmering apples with spicy and savory seasonings. Like the chutney featured in this blog’s previous post, this cake fuses traditional Indian ingredients and, arguably, the Western world’s most iconic fruit. The combination of sweet apples, bitter tea »»Read Full Post

You Will Fail

You WILL Fail. Those were the first words out of a friend’s mouth when, in 2011, we said we were going to create and send out a nugget of our best thinking every Monday morning for a year. For a brief moment we actually wondered, what could we possibly find »»Read Full Post

Universations by Angelica Rose

Universtations  By Angelica Rose I celebrated a birthday feeling fulfilled with experiencing Universal Love expressed in nature. I was surrounded by hundreds of gold butterflies, waterfalls, beautiful trees and birds.  On the way back, I felt pulled to go to Macy's. I came across these beautiful, unique pair of blue »»Read Full Post