Tamale pie spices up leftover turkey in casserole

The Whole Dish podcast: Southwest-inspired dish also uses leftover gravy I’ve never been a casserole type of cook. My less-than-favorable view of “hot dishes,” as they’re known in the Midwest, probably is a product of my upbringing. Coming of age in high-school home-economics classes of the 1970s, my mom should »»Read Full Post

Xmas Fairy Homeless Project....It's That Time of Year

(Pictures taken with permission) When I was a little girl I wanted to be Santa Claus. Being a girl and not a boy, I knew there wasn't a chance for that to happen. As I grew older and became a mom, I realized there could be a new archetype created....The »»Read Full Post

Life Is Anything but Fair

Whenever we hear, “Life is anything but fair,” most of us think about the ways that life has not been fair to us. We think about all the ways that life could have or should have gone differently - in our favor. Our challenge to you today is this: Take »»Read Full Post

Quiet Your Holy Mind

Quiet your Holy Mind   Many spiritualties tell us that a quiet mind will bring peace.  Is your mind quiet?  Do you want it quiet?  If so, then why isn’t it? This is an age old question but the answer is simple:   We can’t have a quiet mind if we are »»Read Full Post

A plant collector's garden

"Like a corner of the kingdom of heaven, the plant enthusiast's garden is a place where gardeners bring out their treasury of things new and old - the rare, the ordinary, the unknown, and the well known." ~ Roger Turner, "The Plant Collector's Garden: From Chaos to Beauty," 2005, p. »»Read Full Post