Medford area foreclosure rate continues to drop

CoreLogic reports a year-over-year drop in the foreclosure rate for the Medford area. Foreclosures among outstanding mortgage loans stood at 2.06 percent in June 2015, down 0.60 percentage points compared to June 2014 when it was 2.66 percent. Still, foreclosure activity in Medford was higher than June's national foreclosure rate »»Read Full Post

Creative Sparks Needed for Grandkiddos with Forest Fire Cabin Fever

Cooped up, stir crazy and fit for climbing walls, one way or another many are having touches of cabin fever with our outdoors filled by forest fire smoke. Having grandkiddos yesterday it became obvious that normal outdoor activities had to be replaced with some outrageous, creative activities to release energy »»Read Full Post

Send Your Work! Subscribe and Support!

The Timberline Review is a new literary journal, published by Willamette Writers, the first issue of which debuted on August 1st. It contains short fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, and poetry. The Rogue Valley's own Marisa Petersen was featured in this issue, along with former Oregon Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen. Timberline »»Read Full Post

Iced tea packs even more refreshment as ice pops

What’s more refreshing in summer’s swelter than iced tea? How about freezing tea into homemade ice pops? Although store-bought ice pops abound, most are full of sugar, corn syrup, gum and stabilizers with a few artificial colors and flavors for good measure. With many fewer — but much fresher — »»Read Full Post

Detach for Inner Peace

Detach and Be Free We get wrapped up in the lives and problems of others, especially relatives and close friends.  How can we be helpful without being harmful?  It is always a conundrum to know what to say or do when someone is having problems of any kind.   What »»Read Full Post

Setting the Date

The day had arrived. No, not the wedding! We had (finally) set the date. We didn’t have an epiphany and our decision wasn’t accompanied by fanfare. My fiance and I decided on our wedding date while driving home from viewing a possible venue. Maybe it was the serene Southern Oregon »»Read Full Post

Plan Now to Work with the Rain Later

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”- Vladimir Nabokov, Russian-American novelist (1899-1977) I think what Nabokov is telling us is not to waste time being angry with things we can't control. We can, however, work alongside Mother Nature to redirect, conserve, »»Read Full Post

Are green spaces healing spaces?

I relish the day when my friend calls and says “we need to go for a walk.”  Her call is “code” for “let’s go hiking, so we can get spiritually above all this stuff that’s going on right now.”  Even though we climb low hills and rarely log more than »»Read Full Post

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sing the praises of the back to school season! It’s a time marked with buying school supplies, answering a million questions from the kids, and watching a flood of commercials about new school clothes. Fortunately, your DVR solves the third problem. The other two are more difficult to solve. Checking »»Read Full Post

Origin Story: First meetings and lack of warning labels

Dear Bethany, I want to tell you about two memories I have of you. One I treasure. The other is a cautionary tale. We'll start with the treasured bit, open this on a positive note. Ice & fire  Almost a year ago, quite unexpectedly, I froze. The icy blast was »»Read Full Post