Simple summer sauce sweetens sour strawberries

There are strawberries. And then there are strawberries. First to arrive on the scene are the pale, still slightly sour supermarket variety, packed into their clamshell containers, which still aren’t pliable enough to keep the berries from bruising and molding, sometimes before even leaving the store. With two young children »»Read Full Post

Don't Let Inequality Sabotage Your Success

We were in a meeting a few weeks ago with a CEO who was describing a major rift in her executive leadership team.  In that conversation, she explained how there was a breakdown in the working relationship between two subgroups of her team, and went on to say that one »»Read Full Post

When Criminals Protected Me.....Deep Seated Memories

When Criminals Protected Me..... I was in my twenties, working on my Master's Degree. Teaching relaxation techniques and imagery skills to criminals living in a halfway house was volunteer work I felt purpose in doing, as well as baking for them. I took a half-time Director position at that time »»Read Full Post

Sea kale: A veggie made in the shade

"The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add an useful plant to its culture." - Thomas Jefferson, ca. 1800 In Sunday's column, I wrote about some vegetable plants that don't mind a bit of shade, including: bush beans, beets, carrots, leafy greens, onions, peas, perennial herbs, »»Read Full Post

Learning from Extremes

Learning from Extremes: Pride and Humility  by  Ed Hirsch We might dismiss extremes as having nothing to do with us, but they present life lessons from which we can benefit without having to act them out. After all, they are simply acting out what is potential within all of us. »»Read Full Post

No good deed ...

When I asked readers to send me photos of veterans in their families — those who’ve passed on and those who are still with us — for a Sunday Page 1 feature over Memorial Day weekend, I struck a raw nerve in one Medford woman who accused me of “perpetuating »»Read Full Post