Essential Peace of Being

Essential Peace of Being Essential Peace is something you can open to here and now, because it is always Here and Now. But we usually are not open to it, and instead we seek peace in this or that circumstance, or with this or that person. Of course we want »»Read Full Post

It’s a Shame: How to Understand and Manage It

Imagine sitting on the ground in a cave. Leftover meat has been cleared away after an evening meal, and beside you a fire burns brightly. Outside, the wind howls and a fierce rain pelts the trees. You feel satisfied, safe and warm. But, you know that your choices and behavior »»Read Full Post

Is it just me, or ...

Is it just me, or is the latest batch of U.S. Cellular commercials, um, off-putting? You know the ones: A guy in a suit is standing atop a cell tower in the middle of a scenic vista. He tells you something to the effect of "You can get 4G, LTE »»Read Full Post

The Gateway to Summer

  On Memorial Day weekend we barbeque, camp and visit with family. And we have an extra day in our weekend to do so! In Southern Oregon we never quite know what our weather will be, or how often it will change, but we plan our weekend anyway. Who hasn’t »»Read Full Post

Roasting rhubarb riffs on beet-goat cheese salad

Pickled rhubarb, covered in this blog’s previous post, is a delicious addition to salads. Think frisee, blanched asparagus or chopped Belgian endive topped with a poached egg. But quickly sauteing or roasting rhubarb brings out just a hint of sweetness in the vegetable while softening it. The technique, in combination »»Read Full Post

I should absolutely be able to expense the Captain America backpack I just found out existed

Dear Editor: Good morning. But enough about me. Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Donuts? Have you been working out? *clears throat* Destiny is an odd concept. I imagine most people don't believe in it. I didn't. It suggests our choices and decisions mean nothing, that ultimately, our journey »»Read Full Post

Fasting out of Cancer

Fasting - it’s trendy right now, promising everything from weight loss to a cure for cancer. Fasting hearkens back to a variety of ancient traditions and, in some, carries with it the promise of spiritual clarity and physical healing.  In numerous Biblical accounts, for example, fasting was practiced in deep »»Read Full Post

Don't Fall for This Part 2

Sharon and I have both blog about fall prevention in general but I want to get very specific....floor coverings such as mats and throw rugs are dangerous.  Two questions.  1. Are these floor coverings in good condition or noticeably worn or torn?  2. Do the floor coverings bunch up or »»Read Full Post

Cash deals for homes inches toward normal levels

Investors made their play in the years after the real estate bubble collapsed pushing huge volumes of distressed housing on to the market. Cash sales generated to a great degree from investors reallocating funds, are settling down as the real estate market heads toward a normal cycle. Real estate data »»Read Full Post


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