Pepper-roasting season is time to make romesco

Returning home this week from a trip to Southern California, I was feeling chilled to the bone, although evening temperatures hadn't dipped into freezing. The threat of frost had spurred my mother-in-law, our garden guru, from pulling any numbers of peppers from the plants and depositing them in our fridge. »»Read Full Post

Trancendering the Drama by Jim Hatton

TRANCENDING THE DRAMA             We have seen in recent days the high drama and polarization of our societies’ consciousness played out in our governments stage. This elevated drama is nothing new: someone has done another person a wrong, they are in trouble, he said-she said, and Mother (the authorities) doesn’t know »»Read Full Post

What Do Others Really Know About You?

#mondaymotivation #leadership #communication #relationships David came into the room and seemed almost depressed. He said that he’d met with a colleague and the colleague had told him that it was hard for him that David has it “so easy in life.” David is a smart, articulate, handsome man who can »»Read Full Post

Foraging for Poetry

My wicker basket swells. I forage for our supper but poems cling like lace on lichened branches stanzas tumble from the boughs as copper petals catch the breeze. ~ Jo Parfitt, "Foraging for Poems," 2017 Fall in Southern Oregon is a great time to forage in our gardens and neighborhoods »»Read Full Post

Calcule o objetivo principal do seu web-site antes do projeto

Quando você começa um site, você deve ter seu objetivo primário claramente em mente. Eu digo isso porque é fácil deter objetivos conflitantes. - Se você foi uma empresa de design de sitio de Dubai, você pode querer mostrar seus dons de elevada tecnologia com o sitio do seu cliente »»Read Full Post