For A Peaceful Relationship

To get to more depth and to have a peaceful relationship, we (my wife and I) are choosing to be more, in what many spiritual sages call vertical time. Simply put, this means living in alignment with conscious presence or peace.  Therefore, the most important question is how to actually live or »»Read Full Post

Cut up that poetry

A pair of scissors may be just the thing to get your poetry juices flowing. Join Sallie Erhman at the Medford Library's Adams Room on Saturday May 9, from 2 p.m., to 4 p.m., for her Cut-Up Poetry workshop. Cut-up poetry was a literary technique used by avant-garde writers in »»Read Full Post

Jackson County Votes to Pay Wildlife Services: the War on Wildlife continues

[gallery] Last week, the Jackson County Budget Committee voted to accept the 2015-16 budget. There are probably many reasons to be unhappy about the budget—not the least of which is the commissioners voting to give themselves big, fat pay raises. But as an animal welfare advocate and environmentalist, I’m particularly »»Read Full Post

'Good' sushi may be more rare than real wasabi

Photos of yellowfin tuna sashimi and raw Kumamoto oysters depicted the “joy” of real wasabi in this week’s A la Carte. If only there was more joy around so-called sushi, which the mainstream American palate has transformed into another kind of junk food, stuffed with cream cheese and spicy mayonnaise, »»Read Full Post

Weekend Impossible

What are you doing this weekend? Hiking upper Table Rock? Watching a baseball game? Tasting a selection of the finest craft beer and whiskey in Southern Oregon? For those of you who work diligently during the week, it’s your duty to rule the weekend. This is your time. No work, »»Read Full Post

Oregon Breweries to grow or seriously to grow?

As a brewery owner, I get the great privilege of traveling to different beer classes, tastings and educational activities as we like to call them in the industry. Last weekend, I was privileged to go to "Beervana" otherwise known by most as Portland, Oregon. Our brewery is pondering the next »»Read Full Post

What about Lucy?

Last month Sharon and I presented at the American Society on Aging (ASA) "Aging in America" conference in Chicago.  The program was packed with presentations on a wide variety of subjects relating to aging, but one in particular caught our attention. In recent years we have tried to plan for »»Read Full Post

The Healing Power of Nature

A few weeks ago, I was experiencing a great deal of sadness. (Yes, even therapists deal with loss and grief.) It was a dark time and I was struggling to maintain my equilibrium and energy for the work and people I love. So when the opportunity to go on a »»Read Full Post

Erickson signs construction, firefighting and logging deals, but investors remain a tough sell

Investors remain a tough sell for Erickson, but the aviation services firm has managed to find a couple new customers. The now Portland-based company, whose roots and employee base remain in the Rogue Valley, announced a new contract today following a renewals with the U.S. Forest Service and a Canadian »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On Early Springers and the One We Let Go Away

[gallery] Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack helped break the ice on the upper Rogue's spring chinook salmon season by stumbling into what might be the first upper Rogue springer of the season. Twenty-five pounder./Hit plug meant for a steelhead./Still an epic catch. For you few Haiku Monday »»Read Full Post