This gingery sauce softens stance on scallions

The love-hate relationship with scallions previously revealed in this blog is something of a mischaracterization. Absolute animosity toward scallions better describes my attitude, at least for most of my life. Cultivating green onions in my own garden finally nudged that rigid stance toward grudging acceptance, followed by appreciation for a »»Read Full Post

Children's Advocacy Center is a Gift to Jackson County

The Children's Advocacy Center is an extraordinary hub where needs are met for non offending parents and children when abuse and trauma have taken place in their lives. Medical assistance, as well as therapeutic services, are given to any family in need who is referred  by a law enforcement officer »»Read Full Post

Does Your Poem Need a Bandaid?

Come to the Medford library on Saturday, February 13 from 2-4 p.m. for a FREE workshop sponsored by the Rogue Valley Unit of the Oregon Poetry Association. Learn from a panel of local poets as they demonstrate "First Aid for a Poem: How an Effective Critique Group Can Address a »»Read Full Post

Staying Connected To The One We Love

The last two weeks I have been writing about a new way of understanding love relationships, based on the idea that we are meant to be bonded to our mate, and that the way we were nurtured, or not, in childhood, shows up in how we relate to our lover. »»Read Full Post

Einstein's Idea

Einstein is quoted often. One of my favorites is: “I didn’t say most of what people think I said.” Love that. So, he was a genius AND he had a sense of humor, an odd combination, wish there was more of that around. My fave Einstein quote (which I hope »»Read Full Post

Never Give Up

“All you can do is give it your best shot.” We often hear people say this as a bit of a throwaway, not fully understanding what it can mean in your life.  We know that life is filled with challenges. You started the new year and whether you made a »»Read Full Post

On Taming the Strawberries in Our Gardens

Strawberries that in gardens grow Are plump and juicy fine, But sweeter far as wise men know Spring from the woodland vine                                                                      ~Wild Strawberries, Robert Graves (1895-1985) In Sunday’s column (Feb. 7, 2016), I wrote about growing strawberries. Although poet Robert Graves and others have exalted wild strawberries in »»Read Full Post

1890s ski champion

Skiers of the late 19th century were a hearty bunch. In the days before chair lifts, rope tows and carefully groomed slopes, they hiked up mountainsides to don giant skis upon which they flew down the hill aided only by a single tall wooden staff. This champion of the 1890s »»Read Full Post

For Christa

Thirty years ago, my mom wept for a woman she had never met but admired fiercely. The tears were delayed. Shock came first, that sudden and utter onslaught of disbelief over something horrific that's occurred that somehow makes the world move in slow motion. The woman, Christa McAuliffe, was a »»Read Full Post

Icing on the cake

What began as a Google search to prove it existed became our wedding cake topper. I love dragons. To the extreme. I have many toy dragons given as gifts — big ones, small ones and ones that roar when squeezed. And they have names. But I digress. One evening the »»Read Full Post