Preschool Artwork Showing Difference Between Negative and Positive Thinking

It is such an exciting, passionate endeavor to teach preschool/K children about themselves. KNOW THYSELF is proclaimed by major philosophies to be a key to a strong, happy life. As an aging woman, I want to pass on to younger generations ways I have discovered to do just that: KNOW »»Read Full Post

Refry beans in just a bit of fat for loads of flavor

A last-minute change in dinner plans last week saddled me with a husband craving nachos and a shortage of toppings. Typically, I would load the chips and cheese with bits of whichever meat — chicken, turkey, pork or even lamb — that we’d roasted or smoked for the week. But »»Read Full Post

Passion Matters But Purpose Moves You Forward

  There’s a lot written on following your passion in work and life. Yet, unfocused passion won’t get you where you want to go.   Think for a moment about the things you’re passionate about. Recently, when we asked several clients about their passion, they listed a wide range of »»Read Full Post

Only Now Exists

The now moment is the only time that exists. by John Smallman 2017-05-14-saul-audio-blog-for-sunday-may-14th.mp3 Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 14th I found the above very interesting.  John Smallman is a non-dual spiritual teacher. »»Read Full Post

When a mannequin head makes a story

The news couldn’t have been weirder last week — at least I hope it can’t be much weirder — when we wrote separate stories on men accused of performing sexual acts using, well, let’s just say unusual props. One was accused of using a chicken “for the purpose of arousing »»Read Full Post

Sneak preview photos of Soroptimist garden tour

The 15th Annual Garden Tour, hosted by Soroptimist International of North Valley, will take place this year from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 20.  The major fundraiser for the Soroptimist chapter features five very different and inspiring gardens in the Rogue Valley. This year’s tour includes four gardens »»Read Full Post