What is Peace?

WHAT IS PEACE?   By Ed Hirsch To discover what peace is, it is helpful to see what peace is not. For example, peace is not merely the absence of war or conflict. Essential Peace is a Presence or Essential Quality of Soul. Suppose you strike a gong, letting its vibration »»Read Full Post

How to Get Rid of a Tension Headache

“We all have the right to expect pain-free, balanced days.”  I couldn’t agree with Ingrid Peschke more on that point.  As a young woman she suffered debilitating migraine headaches that just intensified as she grew older, married, and had children. I know several people who suffer from these headaches.  Even »»Read Full Post

How to Practice Patience

“I want patience, and I want it NOW!” Doesn’t sound very patient, does it? We live in a time where we get everything we want instantaneously. We watch TV from any device with a screen, text friends in another country, and buy our morning coffee from a drive-thru window. Most »»Read Full Post

Try slightly smoky baked beans instead of refried

With a cooking surface several times larger than a Weber kettle, a wood pellet-fired smoker is seeing lots of use at my house. Mentioned in a previous post, my husband’s new Rec-Tec is proving its versatility, even as a pizza oven. Not only can we cook several components of a »»Read Full Post

State senate president says there will be no minimum wage increase during 2015 session

State Senate President Peter Courtney unequivocally said Thursday a $15 hourly wage bill won't make it to the floor this session. Speaking to members of several Southern Oregon chambers of commerce, Courtney said he will take heat from his own party, but his mind is made up. "I have said, »»Read Full Post

Words, wine and Craig Wright

Save this Friday night for some fabulous stories, music and wine at the Weisinger Family Winery's monthly literary event, “Words & Wine.” This month's featured reader is Craig Wright, author, musician, poet and SOU creative writing professor. Wright is a master entertainer, and whether he is sharing fiction, song or »»Read Full Post

Sleep Tight: Making Your Bed, Body and Mind Ready for Rest

There is almost nothing that can make us more vulnerable than lack of sleep. When we are sleep deprived our ability to cope with emotions, solve problems and act effectively is drastically reduced. Everything seems more difficult. On the other hand, when we are sleeping well and feel rested we »»Read Full Post

The prodigal Watterson

Here's how some of the first few lines of my new book go: "I grew up in Chagrin Falls, which is a small town, an outer suburb of Cleveland. It was originally a mill town in the 1800s, and a paper-bag factory was still going when I was growing up. »»Read Full Post

Denial is Not a River in Egypt

Here’s a scenario most of us have experienced in some form. It’s the middle of the night and the phone rings. It’s your son in Seattle calling to tell you his 70- year old father-in-law took a fall and he’s with him in a hospital emergency room. He has a »»Read Full Post

The Best Way to Prevent Cat and Dog Deaths

In a recent column, I mentioned that kitten season is almost here. Kitten season is the time of year all animal rescue organizations and shelter dread, as the facilities will be flooded with mama cats and their kittens – needing food, medical care, safety, warmth and if they’re lucky, homes. »»Read Full Post