Is Peace Possible in the Middle East (1)

Is Peace Possible in the Middle East, (Part One of Four) Yes. It’s become abundantly clear, especially with the current horrendous conflict in this area, that peace is inevitable in the Middle East. It will come, either because every single human being dies, which removes the warring consciousness that has »»Read Full Post

Cold Nose Girl Find a Warm Place

Remember the two dogs that I found tied by their leashes to our fence? I wrote about it here. The larger, younger female quickly found a home with a previous owner, who had given the dog to someone else and was horrified to learn that, years later, the dog had »»Read Full Post

Study finds Oregon's exports slow to recover

Demand for Oregon products hasn't kept pace with the rest of the country, following the Great Recession. An economic analysis by Beacon Economics found the state’s share of total U.S. exports has declined in recent years. During the decade prior to the downturn,1997 to 2008, Beacon Economics discovered Oregon's average »»Read Full Post


There are a few types of criminal cases that have both an immediate/all encompassing public safety threat-and Arson is one of them. From late June until July 24th of this year our citizens experienced that real threat. Fortunately there were no injuries or death. For that I am grateful. While »»Read Full Post

Women and Conflict: How the Female Brain is Wired to Respond

There was a time when the struggle for equality between the sexes meant minimizing or even denying differences between men and women. We gave our boys baby dolls and our girls fire trucks, and believed that male and female traits were primarily learned, and we could change behavior and thought »»Read Full Post

I may own the Batcave, but that doesn't mean I built it

Here's a basic story premise for you, one I'm sure you could tie to a number of books or movies: "A family moves into a new house and begins to discover things about it." You've already thought of one or two I'm sure. "Poltergeist" is probably in there. "The Lion, »»Read Full Post

Who says nobody does anything about the weather?

Yep, we made changes to our in-paper weather page and, yep, we've been getting the complaints we expected. Namely, "Where did the national weather map go?" and "Why did you drop Yuma from your listings?" Simple answer: We tightened up the weather page to create a more specific space for »»Read Full Post

Strawberries, apples make jams just right

Peaches, blackberries and even local apples are starting to dictate food preservers’ plans. The biannual peach-canning spree with my mother-in-law is slated for Friday. But that hasn’t kept her from filling the freezer with other local fruits, including blackberries I picked, to put up at her leisure. Indeed, strawberries, given »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On Making Steelhead Fishing Too Easy

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is busy ruining the myth that steelhead are tough to catch, one new angler at a time. Like Medford's Tom Ersepke. His brain is totally polluted now on what it really takes to get into summer steelhead. Guy just catches fish./He sits »»Read Full Post

Beyond A Materialistic View Of Health

What if everyday we focused on improving our health by focusing on the spiritual aspects of our life rather than focusing on our body and preventing or managing disease. It’s not a new idea. Jesus taught and proved that when we focus on the Divine in our life, we can »»Read Full Post