BOOK IT! FRIDAY: Leave the Returnables in the Garage and Make These Bets

Welcome back to Book It! Friday, when Fish Hack puts the fly rod down to pound out some NFL picks so you steelhead bums can make some money without having to return that garage full of IPA empties. Remember, the same derelectic interests that make up steelheaders also makes us gamblers. »»Read Full Post

Trick or Treat!

Candy and costumes…ghouls, goblins and ghosts. A chill in the air, bare trees, and gray skies means one thing: it’s Halloween! A whirlwind of activity starts tomorrow. Bowls are filled with candy. Kids dress up in their favorite costumes and trick or treat. Plastic skeletons and paper ghosts hang from »»Read Full Post

Breathing Peace

BREATHING PEACE    by  Ed Hirsch  Who is the other? And who are you? Notice that, when the other is identified as friend, you take yourself as a friend. When the other is identified as enemy, you take yourself as an enemy. And so on.  Basically, the sense of self and other »»Read Full Post

Dark house

It's been more than nine years since the dark house in the woods burned down. Still, it haunts me. This is one of those stories where you have to have faith that I'm not messing with you. I can't offer exhibits or evidence beyond the few photos that I took »»Read Full Post

Seven spooky snacks are savory Halloween fare

We’ve already road-tested at least one festive recipe for the coming holidays. My husband conjured a turkey meatball with dried cranberries, doused in a spicy, fruity, vinegary sauce for a recent pumpkin-carving party. It was only after he recited the ingredients a few times that he took to calling them »»Read Full Post

Celebrating Dylan Thomas

October 27 marks the 100th anniversary of poet Dylan Thomas birth, and folks around the world are celebrating with readings, performances or simply taking a quiet moment to read a Thomas poem. While the Welsh poet is known for poems such "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, and »»Read Full Post

Finding My Roots

Today's Mail Tribune had an article in the TV Tempo section that was promoting a PBS program called "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr."  Gates is the director of the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard and his show features high-profile guests finding their roots.   »»Read Full Post

Barrel Aged and Sour Beers

We are coming up on the cool time of the year when fireplaces, warm meals and family start to take center stage in our lives. As a great accord to the holidays I think it's wonderful to have a great tasting high alcohol barrel aged beer by my side to »»Read Full Post

The Crowd And The Win - Better Health

Have you ever thought about how being part of a spiritual community – where you come together with others who share an underlying set of beliefs, values and practices and work together and root for one another – is a bit like being on a sports team and having the »»Read Full Post

Domestic Violence- "No More Silence"

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is DV awareness each and every day for those of us in Law Enforcement. This month, however, is that one time during the year where an extra effort is made with the public to draw attemntion to this crisis....and it is a community »»Read Full Post