Karen Greenstein-ECSO's Best!

All of us in Southern Oregon in Public Safety have a very heavy heart right now as one of our own has lost her life in a tragic head-on collision less than 48 hours ago. The shock of it still numbs. Some of those first responders who have been dispatched »»Read Full Post

Book offers best of baseball and poetry

I can't think of a sport that has inspired poetry as much as baseball. With Major League Baseball Season upon us, there are sure to be games and players that spark a poem or two, from the heroic to the humorous. I came across a great book for poetry fans »»Read Full Post

Cold noses

I started out today loaded with happiness and optimism - 50 dogs were arriving via our Saving Train program - 50 more lives saved from euthanasia at public shelters in California. 50 Positive Outcomes! Then I pulled into the parking lot at work and saw them - two dogs tied »»Read Full Post

Stinking Thinking: How it Keeps us Stuck in Depression & Anxiety – Part 3

Awareness is the first step towards changing any behavior or pattern of thinking. Last week we discussed a method designed to heighten your awareness of negative self-talk by writing it down. Now that you have recorded some of the stinking thinking that is undermining your mood, confidence and self-esteem, it »»Read Full Post

Try infusing tea in Asian-style noodle soup

Spices may be the main attraction at The Spice & Tea Exchange in Ashland, featured in this week’s A la Carte. But the business' secondary component — tea — has its culinary uses and can lend an unexpected note to familiar dishes. That’s the case in this tea-infused noodle soup »»Read Full Post

You are the Light of the World

The last thing we think about ourselves is that we could possibly be LIGHT! However mystics and many spiritual paths and even Jesus said: "You are the Light of the World." And so you are!  Accept that you are THAT!  Everyone has the "SPARK" of the eternal in them. You are »»Read Full Post

Sportsman's shares not so attractive as hoped

Turns out investors weren't as thrilled over Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings shares as the company hoped. Shares were priced at $9.50 Wednesday, well below the $11-$13 per share market the Midvale, Utah-based outdoor supply retailer was eyeing. Sportsman's is expected to raise about $70.3 million and plans to pay down loans. »»Read Full Post

Be Positive! It's Good for Your Health

"We engage in emotional contagion," says Sigal Barsade, a Wharton management professor , who studies the influence of emotions on the workplace. "Emotions travel from person to person like a virus," she says. Many of us have experienced this not only in the workplace but also in families, community organizations, »»Read Full Post

What's App Doc?

The other day we received a mailing from Charter with a new “all digital” TV lineup.  You no doubt received the same information if you subscribe to Charter.  What I found striking (and the age-friendly twist here) was that the full lineup list had a font size so mall it »»Read Full Post

Origin Story: Secret identities

Dear Bethany, Take a knee, kid. It's time for a little advice. I'm going to take advantage of moments like this for as long as I can, when I know you can't roll your eyes or run away from my sage tidings. Which, by the way, I have in spades. »»Read Full Post