Pizza is a canvas for season's freshest veggies

If you’ve signed up for a CSA, the action is an expression of optimism. Community-supported agriculture, explained in a previous post, represents hope for a bountiful harvest months in the future. Maybe shares will yield enough produce for favorite dishes: eggplant Parmesan or stuffed peppers, perhaps. Looking forward, the seasonal »»Read Full Post

Happiest birthday to the dearest of Seusses

This can't be coincidence, the books I've been reading. The words my kid's hearing, the art she's been seeing. For the past three nights straight, I have introduced My daughter to a man pseudonym'd Dr. Seuss. See, a relative's moving, limiting what he took. And he happened, by chance, to »»Read Full Post

Costco teams up with Citi for its next credit card

After ditching AmEx as a co-branded credit card partner in February, Costco Wholesale said today it has a new partner -- Citi, the largest global issuer of consumer credit cards The new deal means, Costco will now accept Visa, but not American Express, after a 15-year run. Costco said implementation »»Read Full Post

Accept the Light that you are

You have a spark of LIGHT within you. Whenever you have a kind thought.....there it is. When you offer help to a friend.....there it is. When you feel compassion.....there it is. Everyone has it. Even someone you dislike. IT is steady and never goes out. IT is always there when »»Read Full Post

How I Became Radical: The Power of Acceptance

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers My initial encounter with radical acceptance took place when I lay down for the first time on a yoga mat. Our teacher, Mari Gayatri, taught mindfulness yoga. She instructed us to »»Read Full Post

The Guest List: Check!

Later today we're having a dinner party for twenty people. You may wonder what I'm doing blogging at this moment in light of the various preparations needed for an event of that kind. The answer would be "guilt"---because I have not blogged recently. Another good answer to that question is, »»Read Full Post

Life on the Streets

Earlier this week, a local man, Cody Edward Daigneault, was convicted after pleading guilty to animal cruelty for shooting his neighbor’s cat with an arrow. Daigneault received a sentence of three years' probation but will be sent to prison for 18 months if he violates any terms of his probation. »»Read Full Post

Writers, submit

The “Timberline Review,” a new literary journal published by the Oregon-based writing group Willamette Writers is seeking new work from established and emerging writers, so it is time to fearlessly send them your poetry, essays, creative nonfiction and short fiction For full guidelines and online submission details visit Submissions »»Read Full Post

Friends Forever

  “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.” ~Douglas Pagels We crave connection with others. We’re connected to our friends, family, co-workers – even our pets! The friendships we cultivate keep us going during the day-to-day. After »»Read Full Post

Finding Your Indomitable Spirit to Defeat Addiction

Challenges are a part of life and we all face them at some time.  Mostly they’re every day little bumps in the road that are easily overcome and quickly forgotten without any lasting consequence.  There are times, however, when the challenge is so overwhelming that the ability to rebound would »»Read Full Post