Diggin' in the Trenches

"Composting as Gregory practices it is an act of healing...In that act, the participants are not just functionaries, they are sharers in an act of faith." - William Bryant Logan, Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, 1995 Gregory from the quote above is Clark Gregory, a.k.a. 'Compost Man,' who »»Read Full Post

You get to keep it forever

Some of my dearest friends live in Roseburg and in the wake of yesterday’s shootings, a permeating and tangible flood of love is pouring into their community. I found this promise in my hymnal - “Earth has no sorrow but Love can remove.” With that sparkle of hope, I share »»Read Full Post

When Your Heroes Fall

Martin, a colleague of ours, recently asked for our counsel as he tried to figure out what to do. He had just found out that his mentor, a man he looked up to and respected, a man who had taught him a tremendous amount about his industry, and a man »»Read Full Post

Real Live Writers! See Them FREE!

Remember to stop round the Ashland Book & Author Fest on Saturday, 3 October at the Southern Oregon University campus in Ashland. Between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm you can browse book tables, speak with publishers, and see live authors up close! Readings and workshops will be »»Read Full Post

In Honor of Those Suffering, DOING Something Helps

The Umpqua massacre weighs heavily on my heart. I have already written Rep. Greg Walden about prevention since that has been my forte for over 40 years. Teaching children skills for emotional intelligence, how to manage stress, releasing anger healthily, communication skills and much more remain a priority in my »»Read Full Post

BOOK IT! Friday: A Four-Play for the Day

Welcome back to BOOK IT! Friday, where Fish Hack is back in gear with the Baltimore win that you Twitter-heads got just before kickoff last night. Now Hack's a verrrrrry pedestrian 4-6 on the season and looking forward to a hot October to get deep into the money. This weekend's »»Read Full Post

Holiday Shopping Victories

It’s the first Friday of October; Halloween is merely weeks away. Christmas is in less than three months! You need to get cracking on your holiday shopping. Every year you procrastinate, and every year you wish you’d started early. Limelight Deals is here to help you start (and finish!) all »»Read Full Post

Contestants put their smokin' spin on salmon

Competitors from as far away as Alaska will descend on Jacksonville Saturday for the second-annual Southern Oregon Smoked Salmon Festival. After writing last September's newspaper story about the inaugural event, I’m serving on the judging panel this year. Get a glimpse of the action on my Facebook page or by »»Read Full Post

Ten things to let go of for Peace!

I thought I would share the ten things to let go of in order to have peace in our lives, from the Chopra Center!  We all experience annoyances in our daily lives and these tips can help us get control of the thoughts that upset us and begin to Change our »»Read Full Post

Planning, Sorting and Scheduling -- Oh, My!

I ordered my dress. I set a date. Now I needed to find vendors to play music, take video and cater. One of the benefits of attending the wedding show was all the people I met. There were vendors for every wedding thing imaginable. And I had duplicates and triplicates »»Read Full Post