Domestic Violence- "No More Silence"

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is DV awareness each and every day for those of us in Law Enforcement. This month, however, is that one time during the year where an extra effort is made with the public to draw attemntion to this crisis....and it is a community »»Read Full Post

There's a method to mix, match alternative grains

Gluten-free flour, specifically Tom Sawyer brand, is the basis for many recipes by a popular local food company. There’s more than baking, though, in “The Sterling Silver Food Company Gluten Free Guide and Cookbook,” featured this week in A la Carte. Author Nancy Shulenberger appropriately is known for her baked »»Read Full Post

Listening Skills for the Brave and Passionate: Taking it to the Next Level

The last few blog posts have been all about listening; what gets in the way, why listening is important and how listening well can enhance our relationships. So, if you have read and practiced the skills presented so far, now is your chance to take it to the next level »»Read Full Post

Finding your voice

Local writer and SOU creative-writing instructor, Vincent Craig Wright is helping writers focus on their unique creative voice with his upcoming workshop “You Already Have a Voice.” The workshop will show writers how to find, develop and embrace their distinct style, personality or viewpoint in a piece of writing or »»Read Full Post

Predicting Peace - Part 5 of 7

Predicting Peace, Part Five of Seven By Will Wilkinson  I’m having fun with this series of blogs on historical prophetic predictions. Another one mentioned in the link I reference below seems to connect to the Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés. His 1519 arrival in Mexico coincided with the year the Mayan »»Read Full Post

Dark house

It's been more than nine years since the dark house in the woods burned down. Still, it haunts me. This is one of those stories where you have to have faith that I'm not messing with you. I can't offer exhibits or evidence beyond the few photos that I took »»Read Full Post

My New Best Selling Book

I have this great idea for a new diet book.  The title is "How I lost 50 pounds in two years after turning 70."   The sub-title will be "If I can do it so can you."  Want to buy it?   There's just one problem with my book; it's a bit »»Read Full Post

Early Holiday Shopping

It’s the middle of October and the holidays are inching ever closer. Soon you’ll replace Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving centerpieces, and those with Christmas wreaths and trees. If you’re like some of us at Limelight Deals, every year you promise to get all your shopping done early. You absolutely will »»Read Full Post

BOOK IT! FRIDAY: Leave the Returnables in the Garage and Make These Bets

Welcome back to Book It! Friday, when Fish Hack puts the fly rod down to pound out some NFL picks so you steelhead bums can make some money without having to return that garage full of IPA empties. Remember, the same derelectic interests that make up steelheaders also makes us gamblers. »»Read Full Post

Southern Oregon Micro and Nano Brewing Scene Fall 2014

It can't be denied that there is definitely a small craft brewing movement going on in every state in the union. It is also recognizable that any town with a measurable amount of populace or growth is also part of the boom. Medford, Grants Pass and Ashland can't be denied »»Read Full Post