Deviled ham can entertain numerous variations

Taking my family’s Easter meal into the great outdoors let me off the hook for roasting a huge ham or laying a hearty brunch spread. Nevertheless, our picnic had to be a little fancy and still stick with us for a day of egg hunting, followed by boating and fishing. »»Read Full Post

More Powerful Questions for Powerful Leadership

Last week in Powerful Questions for Powerful Leadership, we offered you a series of questions that can help you invite higher levels of input and expand critical thinking. We reminded you that, at Carpenter Smith Consulting, we define leadership as the willingness to influence your world and the willingness to be »»Read Full Post

Lessons of Peace from Wild Animals by Janet Marie Sola

Lessons of peace from wild animals  by Janet Marie Sola This last fall I finally realized a long dreamed-of trip to see the mysterious and beautiful wild animals of the Serengeti in East Africa: the legendary lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, ostriches as well as some we had never »»Read Full Post

Welcome temperamental March in the garden

Rogue Valley gardeners, let’s greet “Dear March” by planting a berry bush and some seeds for cool-season crops. Indoors, it’s time to sow eggplant, bok choy, kale, celery, and mustards in peat pots, as well as Chinese cabbage, peppers, and tomatoes in trays/flats. Sow seeds directly outdoors for: radishes, carrots, »»Read Full Post