Mobile ordering may become norm at Starbucks

If you aren't already one of Starbuck's mobile app customers, chances are you will be some time later this year. After a test run in Portland, the Seattle-based global coffee company with multiple locations in the Rogue Valley, is planning to extend the service to 600 West Coast locations. What's »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On Pasty Legs and The Flying Tax Deduction

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is rolling in shorts and flip-plops, and that's a bad thing beyond the pasty appendages. It's not supposed to be mid-60s in late January. Snowpack's sucking bad./Boarder son needs to catch air./Must travel to Bend. For you few Haiku Monday virgins out »»Read Full Post

For light, lacy tempura, minimize mixing batter

I’ve never considered vegetarian dishes a form of dietary deprivation. Still, a little fat goes a long way in recasting vegetables as comfort food. Tempura is a meal that my husband and I periodically crave. When the garden is a riot of eggplant, green beans and summer squash that we’ve »»Read Full Post

Breathe Away Anxiety

When we are anxious it is usually because we’re fixated on the future. What if? is the mantra. We fret and worry about all the things that could happen. We plot and plan ways to avoid catastrophe. But most of what we worry about never happens. Or, we are powerless »»Read Full Post

Best Cities for Aging? - Not Medford

Carrying out the mission of our nonprofit organization, Age-Friendly Innovators, includes a great deal of market research.  This means looking at the demographics of aging, future housing needs of older adults and wading through a number of research papers and reports. Recently, I came across a 61-page 2014 report titled »»Read Full Post

Peace and Love

PEACE AND LOVE by Ed Hirsch Do you have a love of Peace so strong that it is a direct relationship? It is so direct that nothing gets in the way. This means that you have an unconditional love of Peace, an unconditional relationship to Peace, by which I mean »»Read Full Post

Community gathers for William Stafford celebration

January 17 marks the birthday of Oregon's beloved poet, the late William Stafford, and the Rogue Valley will join the nation in celebrating Stafford and his incredible body of work. Our local celebration will take place at SOU Hannon Library's Meese Meeting Room 305, at 7:00 p.m., on Thursday January »»Read Full Post

National Train Your Dog Month!

I just learned that January is National Train Your Dog Month! So to celebrate, let’s talk about dog training. The fact is that most dogs living in homes have had no training. When I hear people complain about their dogs, or when I watch dogs jumping on people and practically »»Read Full Post

Choose Magnificence

Hello, 2015! Did you ring in the New Year with your sweetheart beside you and kiss at midnight? Share a toast with friends and family at home? Or you ventured out to different restaurants and welcomed 2015 in the company of other patrons. However you celebrated, that’s only the beginning. »»Read Full Post

The Hug-Let's Hope it Happens in Ferguson Too.

I need to start this blog by stating I do not know all the facts in the death of Michael Brown last August in Ferguson, Mo. Like most of us, I have received the majority of my information on this case from the national news media. Not sure that it »»Read Full Post