Bugs? I don't see any bugs!

"Everything in the garden is absolutely grand Everything in the garden is great, you'll understand..."  ~ Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922) In Sunday's column (June 26, 2016), I share my "state-of-the-garden address" with a focus on the pesky insect problems I'm seeing on my vegetable plants, flowers and trees. Here »»Read Full Post

Nature's Medicine Sang to My Soul in Remote Wilderness

For almost 30 years I lived in a remote spot west of Drain, Or. with a pond in the forest. I love Ashland but I do miss being in the forest at times. Yesterday I was invited to go to an amazing and very remote cabin with a lake. It »»Read Full Post

Sweet peas, sesame make stunning summer salad

An update on the standard picnic spread’s sandwiches, watermelon and potato salad sets the tone for summer in this week’s A la Carte. My family’s favorite fresh corn salad would be right at home alongside the black bean salad and “walking chicken tacos” suggested in this week’s story. Like beans, »»Read Full Post

Prayer and Action by Jim Hatton

Prayer and Action by Jim Hatton   As we see and experience yet another large scale act of violence in the world, the question we all ask is “What can I/we do to help promote Peace and spread Love?”   Spiritual leaders will always say “Pray for Peace”.  Indeed, this »»Read Full Post

7 Strategies for Empathic Discipline

Dear Readers, I have stepped away from my blog for a time but my colleague Megan Stonelake is filling in with insightful posts about parenting. Enjoy. There are some misconceptions about how parents discipline when they don’t use punishment. The assumption about discipline appears to be that parents either punish »»Read Full Post

Suffering from Change Fatigue?

As the world moves faster and faster, there are demands on each of us to match the pace. Yet, as humans, we count on a level of predictability and stability to move forward effectively. In fact, our brains count on being able to kick into habit to manage the demands »»Read Full Post

Adult autistics - are they doomed to solitude?

Seldom heard are the stories of autistic adults.  And rarely do they report the challenges of those who seek companionship. It's believed that autism blocks the ability to intercommunicate and express feelings in a normal way.  These difficulties often relegate those diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to solitude.  And »»Read Full Post