Pack these salads, chilled soup for picnics

Saturday at Britt Festivals wasn’t just a chance to see one of my favorite artists; it also afforded one of the summer’s first occasions to picnic. Kudos to Britt for still allowing outside food and beverages at its venue. It’s a tradition I always plan to exploit, not least because »»Read Full Post

Do We Really Need All The Health Information We Constantly Seek?

What if our obsession for information isn't always good for us? Everywhere we go, information is at our fingertips through the ubiquitous Internet. We seem to have an insatiable desire to access data at any instant, in any location. Everywhere I go I see people staring at their laptops, tablets, »»Read Full Post

All-Pervading Peace

All-Pervading Peace  Take any situation--let’s just take your current situation of the present moment--and recognize it is flooded with space, completely permeated by, and saturated with, space, down to the minutest subatomic particle, down to the very constituent points. Open to the feeling tone, or felt sense, of space, as »»Read Full Post

I may own the Batcave, but that doesn't mean I built it

Here's a basic story premise for you, one I'm sure you could tie to a number of books or movies: "A family moves into a new house and begins to discover things about it." You've already thought of one or two I'm sure. "Poltergeist" is probably in there. "The Lion, »»Read Full Post

The Applegate is rich with poetry this summer

Not that anyone needs an excuse to travel to the gorgeous Applegate Valley, but poetry is an excellent reason for a road trip. The Applegate Poets will present a reading on Sunday, July 27 from 3pm to 4 pm, in the community meeting room of the Applegate Branch Library. The »»Read Full Post

A Mountain Too High

As many of you know, Sharon and I are very involved in 'Age-Friendly Living" and the concept of 'aging-in-place" in your own home.  This is a personal journey (our own new accessible home) and a public pursuit (our non-profit corporation Age-Friendly Innovators).  Over the past year we have been working »»Read Full Post

How to Stay Cool in 100 Degree Weather

The heat has been relentless this week. We’ve all cranked up our A/C just to make the days and nights bearable. But constantly running the air conditioning gets expensive. That expense eats into your money for summer trips, the county fair, date night, a fabulous pedicure, and more. And we »»Read Full Post

No certainty when it comes to economic news

Alaska Air Group, Boise Cascade and Umpqua Holdings all report second quarter earnings on July 24. Given today's news from MicroSoft, 18,000 layoffs, and the national housing construction report, new starts down 9.3%, it will be interesting to see how this Northwest trio does. +++ The Oregon Department of Revenue »»Read Full Post

Saved by a Poem?

It is one of the moments I cherish most. Somehow, through the magic of our interaction, my client has come upon an insight, a truth, a new perspective or even perhaps, a grief, long buried. As I watch this unfold, tears often come, we breathe together and the weight of »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On Heat Waves Not Cookin' Chinook

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is laying low at the Fish Wrap waiting for this triple-digit heat to go back to Dorris where it belongs. Instead of saying it's hot as hell, they say it's as hot as Dorris. Don't need a heat wave/At 105, Hack can't »»Read Full Post