Losing a Great Boss

We regularly hear people talking about their work and what they like about it, where they struggle, and what they wish could be different. And, there is a consistent theme for those people who really love their jobs – they have a great boss. One of the things many of »»Read Full Post

Wild-caught shrimp make sophisticated burger

More often than I determine my household’s menus, the food dictates what I’m serving. This time of year, it’s our garden with its seasonal bounty that compels me to get creative with summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and beans until my repertoire is exhausted. After several repetitive weeks, it »»Read Full Post

"Put Some South in Yo Mouth" Creativity for Atmospheric Fire Smoke Marathon Doldrums

"Put some SOUTH in yo mouth!" I could hear Mom's voice from the inner planes of my fire-smoke dulled mind. I was in need and craving something fun and different for my Saturday evening stuck inside. Okra succotash and fried eggplant hit the stove with southern flare filling my air. »»Read Full Post

Houseplants that clear the air

"Plant trees. They give us two of the most crucial elements for our survival: oxygen and books." ~ Alan Whitney Brown, writer and SNL comedian In Sunday's Mail Tribune column (Sept. 10, 2017), I wrote about how our garden plants are affected by the smoke we've been having recently. We »»Read Full Post

We are Eternal Spirit

We are born into a body, in a particular family of certain circumstances but we seek the answer to the age old question:  Who am I?  We learn (gradually) we are much MORE than a body.  We are NOT who we THINK we are!  Many spiritual paths lead us to our »»Read Full Post