Undercook scrambled eggs, then nest into pastry

Put an egg on top, and the profile of just about any dish instantly and exponentially increases. So proclaims a story in this week’s A la Carte. Similar logic would suggest that putting an egg inside a food item also heightens its appeal. The theory certainly held true for a »»Read Full Post

No, we don’t take down stories

We got a request this week to take off the internet two stories we’d written about a family involved in a fierce custody battle that straddled two countries a decade ago. The couple had reconciled (which we’d written about, too) and wanted to move on with their lives, but when »»Read Full Post

Honored to be Nominated by International Women's Festival Pacific Northwest

Forty years of creating/applying/dedicating my specialty approach of 3D learning to children as young as 3 has been and will always be a passionate heart endeavor. And aging retains a huge dose of enthusiasm with this work being active in my life. I am feeling honored to receive a nomination »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On Working Holidays and Early Rogue Winters

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is pulling down the hours at the keyboard today because Fish Wraps don't consider MLK Day a holiday. Or Veterans' Day. Or President's Day. or all those other days you get at the glorified babysitting service known locally as the Medford School »»Read Full Post

Grieve... to Grow

Most of us understand the importance of grieving the loss of a person or a pet that we loved and were attached to. What’s harder for many of us to understand is the importance of grieving the loss of a desired or imagined future. You see, when you’re planning a »»Read Full Post

Mapping out garden success

"The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies."— Gertrude Jekyll Here is the garden record form I use to inventory my vegetable and herb seeds and plants, plot out where the plants will go in the garden and keep garden records throughout the growing season. I »»Read Full Post

True Righteousness - True Patriotism by Jim Hawes

TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS (PEACEFULNESS, LOVE) AND TRUE PATRIOTISM by Jim Hawes                   Believing that one’s political views are the only correct ones is being righteous. When one feels the need to convince others that this is the only correct viewpoint is arrogance.                 Therefore, two very important questions need to »»Read Full Post

Safety during wildfires fostered through prayer

The Pacific Northwest’s 2016 wildfire season gave way months ago to an early end. But the Southern California wildfire season, acting more like Oregon’s 2015 season, prompted a sobering observation. Glenn Barley, the San Bernardino unit chief of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said, “It’s to the »»Read Full Post