Fall Into a New Season

As the weather changes, Limelight Deals knows your priorities vary too. But however your schedule changes, we encourage you to find time for yourself amid the chaos. Spend time with family and take pleasure in the little things. Next week, autumn arrives. It’s the start of a new season and »»Read Full Post

BOOK IT! FRIDAY: Bounce-Back Weekend

Welcome back to BOOK IT! Friday, where the only person having a worse start to this-here NFL season than Fish Hack is...Roger Goodell. But unlike Goodell, Fish Hack can rebound. Three game-ending field goals tanked Fish Hack's first three picks and that's a sucky way to start the campaign. This week's »»Read Full Post

Do You Love Enough To Heal Your Dog And Cat? To Bring An Elephant To Tears?

Today my friend Keith shares his perspective on loving animals and our pets. Recently, a Wildlife team devoted to protecting animals in India approached an elephant cruelly abused and confined for 50 years. Rescuers, armed with fruit, spoke softly to Raju. Once the elephant felt their love, tears poured down »»Read Full Post

A Fish Tale

There was a nice article in the New York Times a few weeks ago by noted science and nutrition writer Jane Brody titled “Lots of Reasons to Eat Fish.”   I don’t want to paraphrase her entire piece but suffice to say she strongly advocates the health benefits of seafood in »»Read Full Post

Low oven setting yields easy 'sun-dried' tomatoes

There are few meals more satisfying for a solo diner, usually sometime after 9 p.m., than spaghetti simply tossed with olive oil, garlic and tomatoes, garnished with lots of Parmesan cheese. When it’s high tomato season, the pasta includes fresh-my-own-garden fruit, either diced beefsteak varieties, or halved cherry tomatoes. In »»Read Full Post

Publishing workshop at the Ashland Book & Author Fest

Poets, writers and publishing control freaks are in luck. Amazon's CreateSpace makes self publishing easier. Local writer Amy Miller is offering a workshop at the Ashland Book and Author Festival, this Saturday Sept., 20 at noon to help get folks started. The festival will take place at Southern Oregon University's »»Read Full Post

Third Chakra Development

Third Chakra development   by Angelica Rose As an Angelic I got to shift from a participant to an observer in relationship to the dynamics of the way the ego operates. We all know that Love is the highest vibration of inner spirit that comes from a place of pureness and »»Read Full Post

Menopause: What's it Good For?

The Possibility of Reinvention Women have an inherent passage at mid-life that is often the harbinger of reinvention: menopause. It is through this biological, social and neurological stage of development that many women redefine their identity, reorganize their priorities and become powerful creators in the world. Because women now have »»Read Full Post

Cat Got Your Tongue?

I'm a word freak. I admit it. I've always been fascinated by words - their origin, their impact, their use. Their, they're, there. I also love the origin of phrases. "Three sheets to the wind," "rule of thumb," "horsefeathers." I was thinking about "cat got your tongue?" this morning - »»Read Full Post

So just what will those investigative law firms find beneath the Harry & David rock pile?

I find it downright hilarious when attorneys start pointing fingers at attorneys. When you consider who ended up holding shares of the rebirthed Harry & David Holdings three years ago, it is nearly laughable to read the spate of law firm announcements, couched with all-due-indignation, how they are investigating Harry & David's sale »»Read Full Post