Spuds satisfy morning or night in Spanish tortilla

Ideas for morning meals, most recently with quinoa, have proliferated in A la Carte and this blog. Absent, perhaps conspicuously, have been potatoes. They’re another source of satisfying starch for anyone who’s gluten-free, a dietary concern noted in this week’s story. But that doesn’t mean hash browns and home fries »»Read Full Post

Wonderful Rotary Club of Ashland -- Lithia Springs, Visited by Grandma Boom's Noodle Drumming Fun

It was such an honor to be the guest speaker this morning at Ashland's wonderful Rotary Club. They are such a heartwarming group that is dedicated to helping others and promoting peace. Their group laughs heartily and often as the comaraderie is ever present with their exchanges. Speaking on the »»Read Full Post

People You Love

In the past couple of months, we've had a number of clients describe the deterioration of their relationships with people that they love because of their work stress. For some, it’s with a spouse or partner, others with children, a few with parents, and some with friends. All described similar »»Read Full Post

At the Root of it All

"When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind." - Chinese proverb If you've ever seen a pine tree with shallow roots uprooted by a fierce storm, you know the truth behind this ancient proverb. However, when it comes to transplants, long roots that have girdled »»Read Full Post

Lighten Up by Bonnie Greenwell

Ways to Lighten Up by Bonnie Greenwell If you are having challenges with a spiritual awakening process or just life in general here are 10 things you can do every day that will help you lighten up. 1.Take a few minutes to make a running list of things you are »»Read Full Post

I have a new hero; she's nine

When she's of the appropriate age and comprehension, I'm going to tell my daughter about Hilde Kate Lysiak. Don't feel bad if you haven't heard about her. Yet. In 15 years you should probably feel bad. Or disconnected. Something. Point is, she'll be a household name and you'll be behind »»Read Full Post

Naps Are Good for You

I wish I could nap. But, I’ve never been someone who could lie down in the afternoon, close my eyes and take a snooze. I wish I could! I watch my husband do it. He can fall into a blissful sleep within minutes of arranging himself on the bed, sleep »»Read Full Post

Eternal life means living spiritually

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of articles on aging gracefully. In Every Man a King, Orison Swett Marden muses, 'Better than the art of growing old gracefully is the secret of not growing old at all.” Although Marden’s 1906 “secret” focused on how mind and thought can influence »»Read Full Post