Creamy balsamic sauce irresistible to vinegar fans

Two of the condiments — ketchup and mustard — essential to my husband’s culinary enjoyment are predictable enough. Balsamic vinegar, as the third member of his taste trifecta, perhaps pegs him as not exactly “all-American.” Curiously, a man who can’t abide the smell of vinegar cooking will eat just about »»Read Full Post

What Do You Believe by Jim Hatton

What Do You Believe”         By Jim Hatton There are many authors-teachers who have recently gained popularity in the western culture.  People like Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, and even Joel Osteen, are professing a non-traditional line of thinking. New Thought, New Thought-Ancient Wisdom, Creative Thought, New »»Read Full Post

NOISES OFF......Oregon Cabaret Cast Outdoes Itself....NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

It is one thing to say a play is awesome. But it is another whole realm of a category in experience to say a play is awe-inspiring and that I was aweSTRUCK watching it. Well, awestruck in-between layers of unstoppable laughter! The cast has accomplished what must have been at »»Read Full Post

Benefits, Concerns, and Suggestions

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who are passionate about leading others to success is that they have trouble getting them engaged and on board with important decisions. We’re not just talking about your work team or organization, we’re also talking about your family, your friends, a »»Read Full Post

Blooming heather: An important late winter/early spring plant for pollinators

The hall was cleared; the stranger's bed Was there of mountain heather spread, Where oft a hundred guest had lain, And dreamed their forest sports again. But vainly did the heath flower shed Its moorland fragrance round his head. ~ Sir Walter Scott, "The Lady of the Lake," 1810 My »»Read Full Post

The Comics Disaster of 2017

You can imagine how our phones and email accounts exploded this morning when readers turned to a completely new comics page on B8 without a horoscope, without most of their favorite strips, and without any warning whatsoever. Believe me, I was just as surprised as anyone (as evidenced by the »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, with this one also known as America's Collective Hangover Day.   Super Bowl parties It's pure Americana. Super Monday? Ick.   For the handful of Haiku Monday virgins that make it to this-here corner of the cyber world, this is when and where Fish Hack »»Read Full Post