Autumn Glow............What You Can Do With It!

From poems to pictures, stories and movies, we gravitate to the beauty that autumn bestows upon us every year. Right now the colors are vibrant, regardless of sun or clouds. What is it that calls to you in this autumn gift? Just glancing, sitting and taking it in, hiking in »»Read Full Post

Prepare for Success

Last summer there was an article by Kathryn Schulz in the New Yorker called “The Really Big One” about the scientifically based prediction of a devastating earthquake that is overdue in the northwest. Living in Portland, OR, we took notice. At this point, over one year later, there is considerable »»Read Full Post

The quiet fight for the public's right to know

As we cover the discovery of lead pipes in Medford’s water system, we’re also fighting behind the scenes for an important public record that could shed more light on this critical public safety issue: the Medford Water Commission’s performance evaluation of embattled Manager Larry Rains. The commission ordered the review »»Read Full Post

BOOK IT! Friday Returns

After a long hiatus while awaiting bail, Fish Hack is back at this-here cyber version of the Fish Wrap reading to bust out haikus on Monday and lay those BOOK IT! bets on Friday. FIsh Hack ended the 2015 season up $575 and that's good momentum heading into the new »»Read Full Post

Cauliflower 'steaks' can replace meat at mealtimes

The headline on my story in this month’s Oregon Healthy Living just as easily could read: “Meatless meals aren’t just for Mondays.” That was the message from a prominent vegan physician locally and a cooking instructor with a longtime vegan ethic. For anyone hazy on the terminology, vegan is the »»Read Full Post

Great garden reads for flower gardens and container gardens

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher and orator (106-43 B.C.E) This week, I offered some suggestions for fall and wintertime reading to spark your gardening imagination (“Garden of the Mind: 25 Tips for Winter Garden Imagining,” Oct. »»Read Full Post

Peace, Presence and Relationship

Peace, Presence, and the Relationship  by Ed Hirsch   If you are not at peace in your intimate relationship, then your life will not be at peace. To gain some insight here, let’s step back and consider the typical stages of intimate relationships.                 The first stage can be called falling »»Read Full Post