When a Loved One Has Problems: Are You Helping or Hurting?

It can be incredibly painful to watch someone we love doing destructive things that damage themselves or others. And part of the pain we feel is often our sense of helplessness. Why can’t we figure out how to help the person we love stop drinking, or gaming, get a job, »»Read Full Post

Kindness Creates Ripples Across the Generations

"I am so sorry you had to walk so far." An older woman was standing by a car stretching her voice to a young mother with a toddler walking in high heat toward her. The child was understandably cranky and the mother, stressed, had a worn look on her face »»Read Full Post

Summer or winter veggies make lentils 'fabulous'

The garden at Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus Brewhaus may be a bounty of tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. But squashes and hardy greens are biding their time until winter sets in. Versatile and inclined to “last forever,” the two vegetables are “favorite food categories” of chef and Frau Kemmling general manager Hilary »»Read Full Post

Do You and Your Garden Have the Late-Summer Fizzles? Perk Up with Fall-Blooming Flowers

“Far in a sheltered nook, I’ve met, in these calm days, a smiling flower, A lonely aster, trembling by a brook, At the quiet noontides’ hour.” – John Howard Bryant, The Indian Summer, 1894 During these dog days of summer, the color in my flowerbeds has started to fizzle along »»Read Full Post

Playing Football for Peace

We are indeed fortunate to have a Pacific Rim Bowl football game between the Japan All Stars and the Ashland High Grizzlies this Friday, July 31st, at SOU’s Raider Stadium.  The opening ceremony begins at 7 and the game at 7:30.  The ticket price of $8 will go towards Ashland »»Read Full Post

Looking for your "senior self..."

Do you believe this? You make better decisions about your later-in-life financial situation if you “see” your senior self. Research at Stanford University has documented the “disconnect” we often feel with our older selves. The studies suggest we have a “third person perspective” about aging and “may even view our »»Read Full Post

Poet on the Road

I've been in Colorado visiting friends and family since early June, and I admit to being a bit homesick by now. This week, I'll be co-facilitating a poetry therapy Intensive Training with my friend and mentor, Kay Adams, founder of the Center for Journal Therapy and the Therapeutic Writing Institute, »»Read Full Post

She Said Yes! Now What?

One night my boyfriend and I returned home from a night out with friends. During the drive home we decided to watch an episode of “Gilmore Girls” and then go to bed. I’m a huge fan of the show and it felt like I had waited a lifetime for my »»Read Full Post

Fairs, Food and Fun

We had two milestones this week: National Junk Food Day on the 21st and the start of the Jackson County Fair the day after. It’s no coincidence these events happened back-to-back. Everyone remembers their favorite junk food, especially at the fair. Elephant ears, corn dogs, ice cream, hamburgers; the list »»Read Full Post

Pop quiz: Why do people keep sending me shark videos?

Pop quiz! Great white sharks: a) Can reach speeds of 25 mph b) Can grow up to 20+ feet in size c) Have a bite force of close to two tons d) All of the above.   It's d. Congratulations to those who passed. The rest of you get out. »»Read Full Post