BOOK IT! Thanksgiving: Three Turkeys Pickings with the Fixings

Welcome to a special BOOK IT! Thanksgiving edition where Fish Hack will give you three winners for Thursday's turkey games. After another 2-1 weekend, Fish Hack's sitting at 23-19 for the season and ready for three more wins. First, there the Eagles at the Lions. A lot has been made »»Read Full Post

Comfort, not loneliness, this season

For many, the holidays can bring on a sense of loneliness and isolation.  But this need not be so.   Many advisors today encourage looking at each moment of each day to find reasons to be grateful. Often, though, it takes a stronger anchor than positive thinking to break through »»Read Full Post

Did You Hear the Birds?

Listening to the birds.....yesterday on a walk.....they were chattering so loudly. I knew something was up. Later I heard the weather was going to shift and we'd be getting some snow. Love those nature signs! As I age I want to listen more attentively to nature. There is so much »»Read Full Post

Getting under turkey's skin produces moist meat

Deconstructed turkey roasted on a bed of stuffing isn’t exactly a new concept. The method, explained by Oregon State Master Food Preservers for the newspaper’s annual holiday guide, was championed by Julia Child and America’s Test Kitchen. But it’s one I hadn’t touted in years of editing the paper’s food »»Read Full Post

Take Small Steps

If you’ve been reading the Monday Morning Business Coach for a while you probably know that we are big fans of small steps. When you take small steps, you are less likely to evoke internal, psychological resistance to change and start to get traction. And when you take those small »»Read Full Post

The new Medford High School in 1931

Between 1920 and 1930, Medford's population doubled. Existing schools were overflowing at all levels and the school board found it necessary to rent outside rooms in two churches and the armory. In January 1931, by a vote of 12 to 1, a $265,000 bond issue was approved for the construction »»Read Full Post

Holiday Inner Peace

The Holidays CAN be stressful but YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF CHANGING HOW YOU FEEL! YOU CAN BE STRESS FREE!  HERE’S HOW! Let’s face it; some people we like and some we don’t.  If we can understand however that it is the thought “I like or dislike” in the mind that »»Read Full Post

It’s Legal, So Now What? Cannabis in the Age of the Corner Pot Store

Like so many things in life Cannabis is a duality. It can be valuable as a tool for healing and pleasure, or a catalyst for aimlessness and mental illness. It can provide an occasional evening of enjoyment with friends, or become a lonely prison that saps motivation, adds to depression »»Read Full Post

Heating Mats for Winter Warmth

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” –John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America, 1962 Last week, I wrote about readying my greenhouse for winter gardening (mostly starting perennial flowers). Since then, I’ve decided to expand my growing space »»Read Full Post

Invitations: Part One

There are many, many places to get invitations. Some people make them by hand; others buy generic versions at Michael’s or Walmart and add little personal touches. Our invitation endeavor was much simpler. My fiance’s aunt and uncle work at a card company in California which makes beautiful cards and »»Read Full Post