When it comes to matching national demographics, Medford isn't even close

The folks at WalletHub have taken national data, categorized it into four broad areas: Socio-demographic, housing, economic, and educational rankings. The consumer and business research firm then ranked Metropolitan Statistical Areas according to how close they matched up against the overall national figures. Medford isn't exactly a mirror image of »»Read Full Post

The Unfriendly Skies (continued)

In my last blog (same name) I ranted about some of the pitfalls in travel.  In this blog I would like to offer up some suggestions, primarily for older adults, but also for those who are not “road warriors.” Living in the Rogue Valley when it comes to air travel »»Read Full Post

Being at peace with your Inner Process

Being at Peace with Your Inner Process  by Ed Hirsch    Let’s suppose you wake up one day, or in some unguarded moment, and you feel disoriented, ungrounded, empty, worthless, or generally weird. Not willing to be really present with it, and yet not able to get out of it, »»Read Full Post

Not So Many (un)Happy Returns!

I like statistics, so I often see how SoHumane does against other similar organizations in our state and in the nation. Overall, we do very good. Our average length of stay (from intake to adoption) is just at 2 weeks for dogs and 45 days for cats. The cat numbers »»Read Full Post

Silky stew or quick saute is summer's symphony

Shares from a traditional community-supported agriculture program can seem a bit like the “mystery boxes” intended to stump chefs in so many cooking competitions. Both entirely unfamiliar produce items and the all-too familiar — filling boxes for weeks on end — offer their own culinary challenges. Even home gardeners who »»Read Full Post

Daydreaming: Three Easy Steps

Has anyone ever told you to get your head out of the clouds? To stop daydreaming and return to the real world? Today, Limelight Deals is telling you the opposite. We want you to daydream. It relieves stress, improves your overall mood, and even motivates you to get your chores »»Read Full Post

Here’s How To Leave Despair For Resilience

A 19th century woman loses her husband after only months of marriage. In ill health, her young child is taken away when family members adopt him out. Her second husband is imprisoned in the civil war, then deserts her. Nearly penniless and in precarious health, she has a life threatening »»Read Full Post

Ashland Book and Author Festival Coming Soon

Writers, readers and folks who love them, get ready for a party. The Ashland Book and Author Festival is almost here. On Saturday, September 20, from 10-4 pm at Southern Oregon University's Hannon Library. Nearly 100 authors, book sellers, publishers, and artists from Southern Oregon gather for a day of »»Read Full Post

HAIKU MONDAY: On The Big Spill That Is

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is getting the measuring stick out because the upper Rogue River is finally getting a little extra water. The releases from Lost Creek Lake to Hack's home waters of the upper Rogue will inch up day and Tuesday morning, running from 1,500 »»Read Full Post

Why a Broken Heart Feels Like a Punch in the Gut and What to Do About It

Everyone has been there. A relationship ends, whether through divorce, death, distance or calculated decision, and we are in pain. It hurts. We feel as if our heart was being ruthlessly squeezed and our guts twisted and flayed. Or, there is a sense of stabbing pain in the chest or »»Read Full Post