Happy New Beer Year!

Getting older and older is, as you know, completely unavoidable. This year (GULP) I will be turning 40. Yeah Yeah I know a lot of people say, “40? You’re still a baby!” So I guess 40 is the new 30 eh? Well I don’t feel 30. I feel 40. I am considered obese, broke, and lacking proper nutrition. This of course is according to all the flat belly experts who live on kale and organic greens. How can that possibly be living? Sounds like living hell to me.
I made the bold decision this year to stop drinking alcohol until my Birthday which is March 14. I have not had any alcohol since last Saturday. As the curious bloke that I am, I googled “symptoms of alcohol detoxification” the results were frightening. The most severe symptom listed was DT Seizures associated with death. Oh crap are you kidding me? My fat is not killing me with seizures, if I quit drinking I could die? Well I guess I have to keep drinking, ahh bummer.
After a closer look, these symptoms are associated with those who TRULY have drinking dependency issues. I am a daily drinker, but I keep to three or less a day. The max is usually a six pack with friends or at parties. This is not considered to be a heavy drinker or an alcoholic, so I decided yep done til March 14th.
Today is January 7th and I am about four days in. A couple things I noticed:
1.) I had a headache. Not as bad as a caffeine headache, but just a mild annoying headache. This morning though, I slept great last night, and my headache is now gone.
2.) I seem to be, and feel, clearer. My sense of taste and hearing is enhanced. This could be manifested from the fact I just got over a cold.
3.) I am drinking non-alcoholic beer, a German brand and it is quite good. I am finding I don’t miss beer, just our house brewed beer.
4.) Craft beer is loaded with calories, NA beer is not. I have already lost weight in four days. So this is more of a mission to lose weight, and give my liver a break.

The premise behind it, is that my liver has been occupied taking care of the alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat in my system instead of focusing on keeping me well balanced. The school of thought is, by eliminating your alcohol intake completely, you free up your liver to cleanse the other toxins within your cells and your foods. As a word of wisdom be certain you increase your water intake, this will help with the flushing process. Too much water is not a good thing, drink the recommended amount, most beer drinkers don’t anyway.
Water intake recommendations vary by person, activity level, etc. According to the Institute of Medicine, men are supposed to consume 3 liters (13cups), and women are supposed to consume 2.2 liters (9cups) daily.

My new beer of the new year is Clausthaler Non Alcoholic and I like it. It’s not as good as a nice IPA or a Stout or a Pale Ale, but it will do for now. It’s only temporary. There are other NA options out there but this one seemed to have the most flavor and truly tastes like beer. It makes it difficult for me to stop drinking beer completely being the owner of a brewery. Plus there are business reasons to keep a close tab on how the beer is tasting. The taste of the beer has everything to do with why we are here and why the business makes money. For these two months I rely on my brewer and staff to do the very tough job of quality control. I do still get to smell the beer, and 80% of what a beer contains is inherent in the nose. I surely continue to take the opportunity to smell them. Today we are brewing our Strong Scotch Ale and the brewery smells amazing and really gives me a strong temptation to have a beer. I remain steady and strong in my commitment to lose weight, reset my liver, and have a general overall well being. I look forward to March where I can get the opportunity to drink this great smelling Strong Scotch Ale.

I hope that your New Beer Year is filled with great tasting beer enjoyed in moderation of course, and that this new year can bring you an enlightenment and an appreciation for craft beer and it’s health benefits when consumed moderately. Cheers friends I lift my glass of Clausthaler to you,  until next time may your Pints remain full and your taps always flowing.

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