Kids in Brewpubs…….

Kids, our heart’s desire to raise, and teach, and love. Well for most of us anyway. Every once in a while someone will ask me the question, “Is a brewery really a place for a kid?” Are you kidding me? Why not? Because our final product has alcohol in it? I say give me a break! Just like the growler cover I bought at OMSI in Portland, beer is science. One of the fundamental things we want to do for our children is educate them. An understanding of enzymatic conversion, boiling, isomerization, and fermentation is fundamentally science. This in a nutshell is how beer is made, it is solid science and when a kid sees bubbling foaming vats of liquid, well that is just cool.
Not only that but how many other times in their childhood do they get to climb inside of these big pots and stock tanks? I took a picture of my son inside of my first ever commercial brewing system back in 2009.

Corbin Trying to stand tall in the Mash Lauter Tun

We celebrate our children. We provide them with elaborate birthday parties, we live as parents solely for them and their needs. So why wouldn’t we take our kids with us to these small American craft breweries? It is the responsibility and I say the obligation of these craft breweries to provide some entertainment and tasty food for our little ones.
At BricktownE Brewing Company in historic downtown Medford we provide children’s menus, etch a sketches at the table and their food is served on a frisbee that they get to take home with them. It’s a great way for us to make the parents feel good that they made a good choice bringing their kid to a brewery. So until someone tells us we can’t allow kids in breweries, we are going to welcome them with open arms and encourage them to keep coming back.

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