Stop Wildlife Services in Jackson County: more information

I’m learning more about the activities of Wildlife Services, and if you’d like to watch a short film about the agency, click here.

I contacted the Jackson County offices, via their online form, and received a very polite call back stating that my comments would be shared with the budget committee members.  Turns out that $61,000 in county money is being set aside to pay Wildlife Services to slaughter wildlife in the Rogue valley.  If you don’t want that to happen, then let the County budget committee members know your thoughts.  You can use the online form, or you can email them using this address:

Predator Defense, a nonprofit based in Eugene, provided the following talking points for your emails, contact forms, or comments to the budget committee.  Please try not to cut and paste.  Using your own words or personal experiences has a bigger impact.  Remember to stay polite and respectful to our elected officials and citizen volunteers.


–Less government is something we hear a lot about, and this is a good place to start.

–Public funds should benefit all areas and people of the county, not just those who don’t want to take responsibility for living in in our valley, which is home to wildlife

—It is fiscally irresponsible to expect taxpayers to bankroll killing 52 wild animals at a cost of  about $1,600 each, for the benefit of a few dozen property owners

–State law allows property owners to kill wildlife causing damage.  This is a service the government should not be paying for out of our tax dollars

—A better use of the funds would be to provide tools to protect livestock and property to the few who are not willing to do it themselves, e.g. adequate fencing, electrical hotwires, guard animals, range riders or shepherds

—The risks posed to the public by traps, snares, bullets outweighs the risk to landowner’s property.  Traps and snares are indiscriminate and cause incredible suffering.  Pet dogs, cats and people in Oregon have been injured and killed in Wildlife Serivces traps.

—Wildlife Services is a controversial and widely condemned program with a proven track record of arrogance, abuse of power and animals, and lack of accountability.

Please share this message with family, friends, and coworkers via email, social media, and every way you can.  Thank you for speaking up for wildlife.





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