Speak up for Oregon Wildlife

Today’s blog information comes courtesy of Predator Defense. Those of us who want to protect animals in Oregon can act now to help stop these bad bills.

The House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources will hold hearings on five bad wildlife bills this Thursday, April 16. We anticipate they will pass and go to full floor vote. Let’s stop them dead on the House side!

Summary of bills:

HB2050 – Allows counties to opt out of state law banning hounding of cougars via vote on County measure

HB3140 and HB3188 – Facilitates establishment of appointed predator control districts

HB3514 – Continues and allows expansion of compensation to ranchers; weakens requirements for compensation

HB3515 – Prohibits wolves from being covered/protected under state endangered species law

What You Can Do

Please immediately contact your representative and tell them to vote NO on all these bills. You can find your representative’s contact information on the lower right side of the page at www.oregonlegislature.gov.

Then attend the hearing at 5 p.m., Thursday, April 16, in Hearing Room E and testify against these ill-advised bills.

What to Say:
Below you will find helpful facts for talking points. Please try not to cut and paste. Using your own words is far more effective.

Cougars Facts: HB2050
• Cougar mortality in Oregon has more than tripled since 1994’s ban on cougar hounding.
• Excessive hunting, as is happening in Oregon, creates more conflicts because it increases the number of juvenile males, the age group prone to causing conflicts.
• Establishing a state law so that counties can selectively opt out of state laws is bad government and bad for law enforcement.

Wolf Facts: HB3514 and HB3515
• Oregon wolf population is growing and livestock losses are decreasing. Leave things alone.
• Ranchers are now compensated for losses. There is no reason for government to continue supporting and liberalize compensation.
• Livestock losses due to wolves are miniscule, a tiny fraction of 1 percent. Let ranchers pay their own way.
• Wolves are and should continue to be protected under the state endangered species laws. There are fewer than 80 wolves in the state.

Predator Management Facts: HB3140 and HB3188
• Oregon has a system for dealing with predator control. There is no need for the proposed more infrastructure.
• Well over a million dollars is allotted for killing predators in Oregon.
• Increased killing of predators creates increased breeding and litters causing greater need to hunt bigger and more prey.
• Less than 3% of livestock losses in Oregon are due to predators. If you want spend tax $ on livestock, focus on what causes majority of losses.
Please send a strongly worded message to your representative to vote NO on these ill-advised, anti-wildlife bills.

On behalf of Oregon’s wildlife, I thank you.

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director, Predator Defense

I thank you, too. And so do the animals.

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