No HOT DOGS this summer

It’s the time of year when we all enjoy getting outside and enjoying the warm sun. Our dogs enjoy it, too. Many pet parents have dogs who run to door, ready to go every time their human picks up the keys or puts on the walking shoes. As fun as it is to have a furry companion, sometimes it’s best to leave Fluffy at home. Sure, it’s hard to disappoint a dog – you want them to be happy and have fun. But just as we have to set limits to keep kids safe, we have to make sure our dogs are safe, and a car in warm weather is no place for a dog.

Even when the temperature outside is mild, say 68 degrees, the temperature in a car – even parked in the shade with the windows cracked – climbs to 90 degrees in just a few minutes. If the car is parked in the sun, the temperature in the car can climb much higher. On a 90 degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 119 degrees in just 20 minutes . That temperature is deadly to dogs – causing damage to the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and other bodily systems, leaving your dog comatose or even dead within just a few minutes.

Remember, too, that your dog is wearing a fur coat all the time. Dogs can’t sweat like humans can. They can only cool themselves through panting. If the only air available is hot air inside a car, the dog cannot cool himself and will become dangerously overheated in just a few minutes. Never leave your dog in the car – even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Those minutes can mean tragedy.

So what about leaving your dogs in the car with the air conditioning running? While that seems like a good idea, it can also be dangerous, because when the car engine gets too hot, the air conditioning system’s compressors kick off and begin blowing only hot air. Two pet parents in North Carolina lost their beloved dogs inside a car with the a/c running during their shopping trip of less than 30 minutes!

Don’t let a quick trip to the store cause the loss of your beloved fur-babies. Look into those sweet dog eyes, and remember how much you love them and want to be with them forever. Be strong, and leave your dogs at home during the spring and summer.

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