Doing laundry…

We have been on a cross-country trip and away from our normal laundry set-up for weeks. We’re ‘traveling light’ so finding a place to periodically wash socks and underwear has been a challenge. Let me say this: laundromats, where you go to wash clothes and make them clean are NOT very clean places. Ironic don’t you think?. At least not the ones we went to while on the road.Sticky counter tops upon which you are supposed to pile and fold your clean clothes and dusty floors that coat any wet item that escapes from you as you take your items out of the washer. And the laundry facilities we were in seemed to be full of people who look like they did not wan t to be there–but their clothes definitely needed to be.

They are also very expensive. $4.75/load is what it cost in one laundry without drying or detergent costs. How can people who want to buy a washing machine save any money for one if they are already paying $25-30/ week to wash the family’s clothes.

It made me sad–especially the guy who took off almost everything he had on, including sox that actually looked like they could stand upright without feet in them. He put his clothes in a washer. And then he added so much soap it gushed out of the machine and onto the floor and he slipped on it. To his credit, he laughed about–but nobody else did.

During my laundering-on-the-road experience, I gained so much appreciation for my five-year old, sometimes noisy washer and dryer. I can’t wait to get home and pat its slightly dented top. Simple easy-read controls, front loading and elevated to assure I do not have to do unnecessary bending as I age. When I get home, I intend to count my blessings–one clean load of clothes at a time.

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