We decided to call it a “demonstration” home and this is what that idea looks like in practice. So far this week we have given seven tours of our “certified Lifelong Housing” home to over a dozen people. And we are only at mid-week! One of the tours was to Janet Eastman, well-regarded Oregonian journalist who then wrote an article, with accompanying photos. It’s up on the ‘Oregon Live’ link and will be featured in the Oregonian in February.

Our kids who live at a distance have not seen this new home of ours yet, so they were ecstatic to roll through the slides and commentary. Elisabeth, our oldest daughter, posted her own comment on Facebook. “My parents never slow down…and now they don’t have to.”

We love our convenient, easy living home with its lessened likelihood of having a fall and fracture. The no-step entries and bathroom grab-bars reduce our fall-risk. And if we did fall and break something, we could easily return to  a home that had a comfort toilet and a bathroom that accommodated  walker or wheelchair.

We are eager to share our home’s “universal design” with people who recognize that as we age we need conveniences like levered handled doors and no-scald showers. But wait!! We probably need those kind of conveniences at any age.Homes that meet the universal design criteria stand the test of time. They assure little things like windows that open with the touch of a finger or a closed fist or big things like the availability of a bathroom that your friend who is in a wheel chair can get into when she comes to visit. The most frequent comment we get from visitors is “Wow, this is beautiful, I thought it would look like a nursing home.”

Check us out! Think about the little and big possibilities in your own life. http://www.oregonlive.com/hg/index.ssf/2015/01/aging_in_place_universal_desig.html

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