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We are aging. It’s what we do. May I suggest we also do this.  Let’s identify and start to use practical ideas and products that enhance our independent living. After all, independence in later life is what we all aspire to, is it not? So, let’s take a look at what’s out there for easy purchase to help us achieve greater ease of living.

I’m smitten by a publication that has some unexpectedly interesting ideas to promote an older adult’s independence. “The Hartford Center for the Mature Market”  has an entire (free) catalog of possibilities. The ideas include: “Vision Solutions” (a light that clamps to your headboard for reading in bed). “Hearing Solutions” (a ringer amplification device for your phone), “Mobility and Balance Solutions” (self-stick carpet sprays). “Strength, Dexterity and Reach Solutions” (lever handle adapters that can be clamped onto already-existing round door knobs).  “Memory Solutions” (voice reminder prescription drug containers).  “Fire and Burn Safety Solutions” (anti-scald mechanisms in showers).  The list goes on. It’s a good list.

This is “our”  list, age peers, take a look. I’m about to order a wireless key/object finder that will make my life better—immediately. That and the hooks we installed by the door to the garage on which to hang our keys. The one I intend to paint red is “my” hook. I think I have the “I cannot find my keys” issue almost fully addressed, but keys are not the only objects I seem to frequently misplace.

We have a lot to remember as we get older and anything we can do to enhance our memory ability  is added  benefit to ease of living. Our lives are likely to continue 15-25 years beyond the historically subscribed-in-stone retirement age of 65. And the experts suggest that none of us want to “go on vacation” for decades. There will be things we want and need to do–and some of them (see above) will need a little assistance. I’m not suggesting you purchase a barrier-free walk-in bathtub and shower or a new side-by-side self-defrosting refrigerator but that object/key finder is a must-buy. At least for me.



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