The Guest List: Check!

Later today we’re having a dinner party for twenty people. You may wonder what I’m doing blogging at this moment in light of the various preparations needed for an event of that kind. The answer would be “guilt”—because I have not blogged recently. Another good answer to that question is, “Having guests in your home involves more than turning on the BBQ, making a delicious pasta salad and getting the silverware and napkins readied.” It involves ‘thinking around the corner’ regarding your home environment.

For example– this occasion is the birthday party for a ninety-two year old gem of a man and many of his/our guests will have mobility issues. So the pathway to our home really needs to be “older-generation friendly.” No obstacles or objects in the way. No wobbly railings. No slippery sidewalks. Check.

The guests arrive in daylight but will leave after dark, so we have assured that walkways are well lit. Very well lit. Inside our home, we do not have scatter rugs of any kind because we know the fall-risk attached to them, but if we did– we would be vigilant in removing them or securing them tightly with double-scaled carpet tape. Seating for these guests is particularly important. It should be “appropriately firm, high in the seat and, preferably have arms,” according to a recent article from the National Association of Home Builders. More “Tips for Elderly Visitor Safety” are available at    Check…it out.

You might also look at the Age Friendly Innovators (  website and its companion Facebook page for more of this kind of information. “Like”” on Facebook if you will. My husband hosts that site and he just passed 100 “likes” on  all his various postings over the past six months. When we get to 200 “likes” we plan to have have another dinner party. The guest list is already being developed. Let us know if you are available. Check!



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