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Little Free Libraries

Have you heard about the Little Free Library? I am borrowing with a abandon from a recently published blog describing their presence in on lucky neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. In this case, a loving husband gave his writer/reader/blogger wife the sturdy little structure as a gift. According to “The Little Free Library Book” (Coffee House […]

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Don’t Fall for This Part 2

Sharon and I have both blog about fall prevention in general but I want to get very specific….floor coverings such as mats and throw rugs are dangerous.  Two questions.  1. Are these floor coverings in good condition or noticeably worn or torn?  2. Do the floor coverings bunch up or slide when you walk on […]

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You and Me at 83…

Let’s say I’m eighty-three years old. I’m not that old—but let’s assume I am, just for the purposes of this blog. Let’s assume you’re in your eighties too. Where would we like to live? It’s a relatively easy question for both of us, I suspect. We’d like to be comfortably situated in our own homes. […]

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