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Looking for your “senior self…”

Do you believe this? You make better decisions about your later-in-life financial situation if you “see” your senior self. Research at Stanford University has documented the “disconnect” we often feel with our older selves. The studies suggest we have a “third person perspective” about aging and “may even view our older selves as strangers.” As […]

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Watch Your Step

I’ve blogged about falls in the past (Don’t Fall for This 1 & 2) but talked mostly about fall risk in the home.  Last weekend Sharon and I were in Decatur, Georgia for a family wedding and the issue of falls once again came up. We stayed at hotel about 5 blocks from Sharon’s sister […]

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Helping the Helpers

I read an article from the New York Times recently discussing the legions of family caregivers looking after elders.  In this article the primary caregiver is a 78-year-old women caring from her 85-year-old husband who as vascular dementia.  I have linked the full article on our Facebook page:  There are millions of these family […]

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