Predicting Peace – Part 3 of 7

Predicting Peace, Part 3 of 7

I’ve been blogging about sixteenth century seer, Nostradamus. He wrote:  “From the depths of the West of Europe A young child will be born of poor people, He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop; His fame will increase towards the realm of the East.

This has been connected to Hitler and the rise of socialism. Maybe that makes sense, maybe not, but it certainly attests to our meaning-making ability. It’s something humans are great at. We interpret according to our personal beliefs, to concoct what we then believe is “reality.” These beliefs then congregate into what are called “assimilation biases,” which relates to our resistance to new viewpoints that would require change. The assimilation bias, with it’s resistance, serves to protect us from what’s known as “cognitive dissonance.” This refers to what happens when we hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time. Not fun. We avoid it. Yet, as I recall from first year English studies, F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

I call this blog Predicting Peace. Try this: “Israelites and Palestinians have been fighting for years AND peace is available in this moment.” Two opposed ideas… can you entertain them and continue to function? Can you believe in the possibility of peace in the face of such long-standing conflicts and war?

Some can, and do. Throughout history they have risen as peacemakers. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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Will Wilkinson is a local author, filmmaker and director of a Happiness campaign.

and website at:






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From Deficiency to Contentment


The inner sense of the lack of peace is the inability to rest contented with the present moment. We all can experience contentment, but it gets lost in the ongoing story and context—perhaps you got your needs met for now, or you are simply taking a  needed break from work. Even then, thoughts, memories, plans, etc. tend to crowd in and replace the peace.

 If you were to experience the contentment directly, you might discover that it is inherent in you and is not dependent on circumstances. Realizing that, you would bring this back with you to your circumstances.

 From this space of inherent abundance and its peace, you can see the root sense of separation, vulnerability, and danger. It carries the sense of deficiency, whether we succumb to it as victim or defend against it through power and control. The sense of something missing is surely supported by enough evidence, whereas the peace of inherent sufficiency is not based on evidence but by direct experience of the moment.

 You can recognize the sense of things not being enough, of ourselves not being enough, as just a belief, a thought, not necessarily reality. Investigate the inner evidence: what is not enough in the present moment? What is deficient in yourself? Aside from the stories and beliefs, you can discover that whatever is found deficient, is not who you are. You are not any of that stuff. Your own being, and the being of what is in this moment, are not deficient or separate.

 The sense that nothing is really enough can be recognized as the deep longing for Home, for Presence, which alone really satisfies. Recognize that Presence is always right here and now, and that what is, is essentially and inherently complete in itself. This is true in and of every moment of experience.

Attend to your present experience, your body sensations and energies, your emotions, your thoughts, your self-sense. Notice if there is basic contentment with it all, a basic welcoming and peace with it, or if there is any reactivity, resistance, or judgment that it is not basically OK right now. Now whether or not there is reaction even to this, can you recognize the presence of a fundamental Awareness which does not react, in which it all is held in fundamental OKness? That is the peace of your fundamental being.


Ed Hirsch resides in Ashland – contact him at:



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Predicting Peace – Part 2 of 7

Predicting Peace, Part Two of Seven

Sixteenth century seer, Nostradamus, wrote: “From the enslaved people, songs, chants and demands, The princes and lords are held captive in prisons: In the future by such headless idiots These will be taken as divine utterances … Before the war comes The great wall will fall, The King will be executed; his death, coming too soon, will be lamented. [The guards] will swim in blood, Near the River Seine the soil will be bloodied.

Two hundred years later, in 1789, The French Revolution happened. Aristocrats and royalty were arrested and beheaded, the Bastille was stormed and demolished, and King Louis XVI was executed. Nostradamus fans offer this as further proof of his prophetic powers, even without a date. What’s the point for us in 2014?

Let’s predict a peaceful revolution. All we need is imagination, commitment, and perseverance. And we can pick a date.

Mine is going to be New Year’s Eve. It’s been a challenge for me over recent years. Parties are great but they seem increasingly irrelevant, as global problems mount and denial of our human predicament becomes increasingly difficult. What might a meaningful New Year’s Eve celebration look like?

I predict that I’m going to find out this year. Here’s my plan: whatever I’m doing, whoever I’m with, I’ll be declaring my one man revolution of peace, dedicating the next year to being consciously peaceful.

Typically, New Year’s resolutions don’t last more than a month. I look forward to finding out how long I’ll be able to sustain this one. If this appeals to you, plan ahead and join the revolution!

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Third Chakra Development

Third Chakra development   by Angelica Rose

As an Angelic I got to shift from a participant to an observer in relationship to the dynamics of the way the ego operates. We all know that Love is the highest vibration of inner spirit that comes from a place of pureness and unconditional love.  It is with Gratitude, Appreciation with a higher mental and emotional vibration of LOVE rather than Fear, Insecurity, Negativity, Limitation and lower vibrations.

 As you move through lessons to grow and become wiser,  you start to strengthen the 3rd chakra. You will either experience feeling of insecurity or confidence based on how you perceive the lessons you are learning If you attach emotionally to the programs or beliefs that necessary to let go of or personalize others’ behaviors you will experience greater feelings of insecurity.

 Strengthening the 3rd chakra can be a playful path or a more struggle oriented path based on how nurturing you rare with yourself. When the Ego feels separate from fear and insecurity, it creates a string of limitation, negativity and judgment a denser vibration. The people you encounter can be  authentically loving, nurturing and supportive in helping you process in a more positive way thereby strengthening confidence in a more playful manner.   Alternatively you can attract those less awakened to positive nurturing love where they are more judgment and have destructive behaviors making it more difficult to rebuild confidence and learn.

As you enhance self love and feeling of worthiness, you feel a deeper love within. This moves you away from personalizing, thereby not taking in the emotions of others and shifting your perception to a place of compassion. This helps you to stay in a higher vibration of love, joy, peace solidifying a stronger connected bond to the Universal Love and Inner spirit. As you commit to taking better care   of yourself and love deeply inwardly, you start to create a stronger connection to the inner Spirit and Universal place of LOVE which helps to create a higher vibration and thereby greater love, joy and peace.

2014 Angelica Rose – The Heart of Motivation, all rights reserved

Angelica Rose, a national gifted Angelica Inner Essence Specialist since 1991 is a Certified Hypnotist.  Angelica’s gifts include Providing Angel, Your Guides, Medium Messages on the Angelic Plane without human filters.  Reading Energies in the 8 Chakra points stored in the emotional, mental and physical body from the Angelic Realm- and Waking up the Inner Spirit through Energy Activation from YOUR Guides and the Angelic Realm. Angelica is the author of * 2 books, * 4 relaxation CDs, Spiritual Journey talk CD,  2 DVD Relaxation CD’s, and 3 Inspirational stickers 



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Predicting Peace – 1 of 7

Predicting Peace, Part One of Seven

A recent book by Michael O’Mara, Unblelievable!: The Bizarre World of Coincidences, chronicles a series of predictions that proved true, challenging our sense of linear time as an inviolate reality. How is it possible to predict what’s coming? In my next few blogs I explore that question, relative to our topic of peace, in order to discover practices for creating a more peaceful future.

O’Mara begins with Nostradamus, the sixteenth-century French seer known for his book, The Prophecies, published in 1555. The first prediction O’Mara highlights is quoted this way: “The blood of the just will be demanded of London, Burnt by the fire in the year 66.”
 What actually happened? The Great Fire of London. When? Over a hundred years later… in 1666. So, fire did destroy London and on the exact date Nostradamus predicted.

We can wonder, as millions have, how a seer accomplishes this. Instead, why not explore how we can make our own predictions… and then make them stick. And, let’s choose something better than fires and assassinations.

Example: I have a birthday coming up this month. Here’s my prediction. All day long I’m going to be especially generous, gifting whoever I happen to come into contact with my full, loving attention. It will be the most peaceful day of my life so far.

As of this writing there are 16 days to go so, now that I’ve made this bold prediction, I have time to prepare. When it happens, just as I’ve predicted, will it be a miracle any less astounding than Nostradamus’s feat? It’s easy to scoff at the comparison, since I just decided to do something and then carried it out as planned. But, why not? Imagine if everyone in the world decided to make a similar prediction, decided to BE the answer we’ve been looking for, instead of waiting for others or changes in circumstances.

Here’s the real miracle, taking charge of our own lives and deciding what kind of impact we want to have in the world. I used the excuse of a birthday. Pick your own. Next blog, I’ll talk about starting a peaceful revolution.

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Communication is an Art

Communication is an Art
by Barbara Casey

Recently I was in the restroom at the Salt Lake City airport, between flights. I started talking with a woman who asked where I was going. When I replied, Santa Fe, she said, “Oh, are you an artist?”

This question has always stumped me because, though I am not a painter or a sculptor or an actor, since my early 40s I have considered myself an artist, creating how I choose to spend, or at least respond to each day.

In creating the palette of our lives through each small choice we make, one of the mediums we all use is communication. We are inextricably bound to one another in relationship, living within a network of communication. The ability to communicate well makes the flavor of our lives sweeter and more satisfying. Our experience of each day can then be one of shared joy, rather than confrontation, frustration, and sometimes even hurt. The end result of skillful communication is a feeling of connection; unskillful communication tends to leave us feeling isolated.

The elements of communication are listening and speaking. Of course, there is also non-verbal communication, like body language, and we can learn much about this when we learn to listen.

Do we actually know how to listen? Are we able to listen to someone without forming a response in our minds before they have finished speaking? Can we give someone our complete attention and respect, not assuming anything about them? Do we understand that our complete loving awareness while listening will help them find their own response, their own answers?

Are we able to speak …
• Without a hidden agenda?
• Without giving unsolicited advice?
• Without the flavor of our words pricking and poking at the other, instead of in a spirit of open-hearted curiosity?
The art of kind and effective speech is sometimes called loving speech, and this gives us a clue in how to examine our speech: is it coming from love?

The first place we need to examine our ability to listen and to speak is within ourselves. Do we listen when our bodies tell us that they need to rest, or to move, to eat or drink, or not to eat or drink? Do we listen when stories of anxiety and worry repeat themselves over and over in our minds? Do we call ourselves names, criticizing and judging ourselves? Are we as kind to ourselves as we would be to a beloved child?

It has been said it takes 21 days to change a pattern. Some of us are spending 21 days in September practicing the art of loving and effective communication. This time of exploration will help us know how to change old patterns and to cultivate new, more effective ones. All are welcome to join.

Three classes in the Art of Communicating.

Sundays, September 14, 21, and 28; 3:45-5:30 pm
Gresham Room, Ashland library
Taught by Barbara Casey, Dharmacharya

For information and to register, go to   click on Upcoming Events page for more information and a suggested donation but not one turned away because of inability to pay.


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Take a Joyful World tour!


“Where the hell is Matt” is a delightful must watch video by Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon now available on you tube:   or google: Where the hell is Matt? if this link does not work.

On his website Matt says that “travel is important because it helps us learn about others and learn what we’re capable of, that the path laid in front of us isn’t the only one we can choose, and that we don’t need to be so afraid of each other all the time.”

For those of us who may travel far afield or even around our home in the Rogue Valley, Matt is an inspiration to be open to the Spirit in everyone because life is an incredible journey wherever you are.

Thank you Matt Harding and Melissa Nixon!

Sally McKirgan

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Being at peace with your Inner Process

Being at Peace with Your Inner Process  by Ed Hirsch 


Let’s suppose you wake up one day, or in some unguarded moment, and you feel disoriented, ungrounded, empty, worthless, or generally weird. Not willing to be really present with it, and yet not able to get out of it, you might feel a bit stuck.


First, you can re-contextualize your experience and get just enough disengaged from it to get a view on it in terms of Presence. Understand that the reason you feel disoriented or the like is because you are basically identified with, and oriented to, the security of consensus reality that is considered normal. When something gets you out of that comfort zone, you feel disoriented or weird. But actually it is a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself at a deeper level.


Then you can re-orient yourself to what is prior to consensus reality, which is Presence or Being. This is your True Nature, your basic Sanity. Sense, breathe, and open to your aliveness energy in the present moment here and now, and open to Presence. If you can’t open to that directly, at least recognize that you are always (including right now) held in Presence. Let go into That, trust its support—you don’t have to hold yourself up, figure it all out, etc.


Once you have that basic orientation, reconnect with your present experience—this time within the Context of Presence. Even if this is mental at first, at least it gives you some way of feeling secure in that, to the point where you can really slow down and open to your experience moment to moment. Do this as you sense and breathe, and simply attend to your experience without fear, or the need to label or assess it.


Simply sense the sensations, feel the feelings, notice any thoughts or reactions, as they are in each moment. Bring a sense of curiosity to the process, allowing what arises while bringing a sense of inquiry and wonder to it. There is no need to react to it, no need to worry that you are going crazy or going off the deep end. And even if there is any reactivity or concern, you can simply acknowledge that, as it is held in the Prior Presence. In time, present moment experience will go through an alchemical process and bring you deeper into the Presence, deeper in touch with your Real Self.


Of course, if you already have an enduring connection with Presence, then you might skip the preliminaries. Then just take a deep breath, slow down, and bring loving attention and curiosity to your moment-to-moment process. Enjoy, and peace to you.


Ed Hirsch resides in Ashland – contact him at:

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Is Peace Possible in the Middle East – Part four of four

Is Peace Possible in the Middle East, Part Four of Four – 


In a recent blog interview, former U.S. diplomat Aaron David Miller quoted Larry Summers saying, “…in the history of the world, nobody ever washed a rental car: We care only about what we own.” Miller went on to say, “Arabs and Israelis, if this is going to succeed, have to own their own negotiations. They have to invest in them.”1

This has not happened. Instead, the U.S. government has been trying to broker a deal. A third party is not the answer. Nor are solutions hammered out by governmental representatives of the two warring factions. Peace will only come when it lives in the individuals at war. Then there will be no war. As Charlotte E. Keyes penned in her article for McCall’s magazine during the Vietnam years, “Suppose they gave a war and no one came?”

Let’s back it up even one more step, to ourselves. We don’t live in the Middle East. But we live inside our own skins. Are there any wars going on in there? The honest answer for most of us is “Yes.” Oops. Seems like we may not be owning and investing in peace for ourselves. We may read and watch the news and wish things were different “out there,” but what about “in here?”

That’s the challenge and the opportunity each of us face, especially as we view what’s going on in the Middle East. We have our own long-standing animosities, wars we’ve been waging for decades. We probably don’t use guns. Our weapons are invisible. We swing the sword of resentment, we launch the missile of anger, we plant the land mine of simmering hate. Can we be honest about this?

Years ago I co-facilitated a University presentation called Personal Disarmament. We encouraged students to match personal behaviors with popular at the time weaponry. Such truth telling was powerful. We all winced, realizing that, as Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy… and he is us!”

Similarly, we can meet the peacemaker… and he/she is also us. It’s just a question of how honest we choose to be, whether we will own the peace process and invest enough in it ourselves to make it so.

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Will Wilkinson is a local author, filmmaker and director of a Happiness campaign.

and website at:



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Is Peace Possible in the Middle East – Part three of four

Is Peace Possible in the Middle East, Part Three of Four by Will Wilkinson

Yes. Yes, even though the weight of history, current fighting, and the lack of inspired vision for a different future all suggest differently. What explains my confidence? Well, I don’t expect aliens to arrive and magically transform fighters into lovers. I don’t expect centuries old animosities to be solved with words or written agreements. In fact, I actually embrace the cynicism (or realism, depending on how you see it) expressed in this recent blog: “The governments in the middle east have been attending summits and peace talks over the past 50 years, yet nothing changes, and nothing will ever chance. We want peace with the enemy yet we ourselves hate them. We do not even have peace with ourselves, then how do we expect to find peace with the so long hated enemy?”1

The author actually gives us a powerful clue as to how peace might come. “We want peace with the enemy yet we ourselves hate them.” This reminds me of a true story about how an auto union / management conflict was solved when a joint meeting was convened and, while a large group of union workers and management gathered in an uneasy truce, their two leaders took the stage, each wearing a devil mask… and then ceremoniously removed them.

Suddenly it was clear that each side saw the other as the devil, the enemy. Until that basic viewpoint changed, no sort of brokered deal would be possible. Masks off, they quickly found an accord.

Such a simple gesture, yet such powerful results. Considering it as a metaphor, can we take off our own masks? We may think we wear the mask of a saint, but those who have decided we are their enemy see only the devil when they look at us, regardless of what we imagine we may appear. Masks are always masks. Underneath is who we really are. And that’s the same, regardless of religion or ethnic origin. We are human beings. We love, we hate, we want, we mourn, we hunger, we die, we hope.

It’s acknowledging the basic humanness that binds us together, superior to our differences, that can bring us the beginnings of peace.

1 –



Will Wilkinson is a local author, filmmaker and director of a Happiness campaign.

and website at:


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