Celebrate Easter, Choose Peace

Celebrate Easter: Choose Peace

 “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” 

* Marcus Aurelius

 We can have inner peace if we decide to be 100% responsible for what we think about what we

see.  What meaning do we give to the happenings in our lives?  We can “choose” to see things as an

attack or a call for understanding and compassion.   If we feel threatened we think we need to make

a response.  Even when we belong to the same organizations we don’t always agree.   But we can

have differences of opinions and still be kind.  We have a split mind so we have a choice to either

listen to the ego part or the right mind of peace.  Choose peace as your way of thinking, even

if you disagree.  The ego mind feeds on disagreement, separation and always looks for differences.   

Choose to think about everyone as being an equal.  We see the split mind clearly in Aurelius’

“way if thinking” and we have a powerful mind that can choose.


Take a few minutes each day and watch your thoughts.   You will see the busy ego mind, but

DO NOT judge, just watch, observe, objectively and become aware of the thoughts.   

Who is watching the thoughts?  YOU ARE the stillness behind the thoughts.  That stillness,

in the right mind is the stately calm within; it is who you are as Spirit, as Love.  If you have

a thought you would NOT share with everyone – it is not from the right mind of Spirit. 

When the ego mind is “observed” in this way you are beginning to, as Wm. Shakespeare said

“Know Thy Self.”   Listen to the Love in your right mind and it will guide you and you will

do and say the right thing in every situation. 



 Be the joy you want to see in your world. Smile and you will be smiled upon.  And you never know,

but your smile could have a profound effect on someone who is suffering, silently.  Exclude

no one from your Love.  Love never compares or condemns and it brings equanimity to all. 

Enjoy spring, nature is awakening around us!  Celebrate Easter and the end of death. 

Resolve to live in your loving right mind and gradually the ego will diminish. 

Choosing the peace within; makes us happy.


Sally McKirgan facilitates the Ashland Daily Tidings Inner Peace column. 

Rogue Valley residents are invited to Send 600 to 700 word inner peace articles for the Tidings column

to innerpeaceforyou@live.com   

* Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180, is considered an important Stoic philosopher.  His Stoic Tome, Meditations, written in Greek, described how to find and preserve equanimity in the midst of conflict by following nature as a source of guidance and inspiration.

www.innerpeaceforyou.me  Blog on non-duality

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Cultivate the Observer within

As we move down our spiritual paths-as we develop greater awareness through our

spiritual practices,  when we quiet the mind we start to see our own mental patterns. 

Inner dialogues and boundaries, thought structures that are a result of experiences,

environment, and people around us…all of this forming our personality. 

As we start to look at these things we more and more cultivate the “Observer.” 

As the “Observer” develops, the patters and structures of thought start to dissolve

simply by observing them.  This is the path to Freedom…this is the path to enlightenment.


James Apollonius Alan.  Author of “A Spiritual Masters Guide to Life”


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Three Centers for Inner Peace

Take a reading of your inner state: check in with your head center (mental), heart center (emotional), and belly center (instinctual). Are they at peace? Are they at peace with each other? What makes for this peace—or lack of it?

Head: First, contemplate having a closed, reactive mind, jumping to hasty conclusions and judgments. Identify with a position as the only truth, over against all others. Where is this approach coming from—is it a place of peace? How will it affect yourself and others?

Second, cultivate an attitude of open inquiry. Be curious about your whole range of experience, including yourself. Cultivate an open mind, a mind that can hold a space large enough to be aware of many views and truths. Cultivate the ability to step outside of yourself, to commit to truth rather than your own security.

Third, find a deeper peace beyond cultivation of attitudes and adopting broader views. Let the mind come to rest in its intrinsic nature, in consciousness as such, beyond any contents of the mind. This is the mind at peace. It is not absent-mindedness, but mindfulness, not avoidance, but clarity.

Heart: First, contemplate the closed heart, the reactive heart, the unforgiving heart. Contemplate its effects on yourself and others.

Second, cultivate an attitude of compassion, kindness, generosity. This is the view of the open heart. The wisdom that comes from the open mind helps support this compassion, for “to understand all is to forgive all.” Apply this to yourself as well as others.

Third, the deeper peace of the heart comes beyond cultivation and practice. Let the heart rest in its true nature of Love that can embrace all feelings as modifications of itself.

Belly: First, contemplate the tight, armored, shut down belly, and the shallow breath. How does that affect yourself and others?

Second, cultivate a slow, deep, rhythmic breath, and sense into your aliveness. Sense that you are being breathed, that you are part of the Greater Life. Let this energize the open mind and heart.

Third, let the breath be as it is. Let the life force rest in the All-Pervading Life.

Finally, ground all three centers by deeply sensing in your arms and legs, and through that the whole body. Let all three be held in that embodied and spacious Presence. Rest in that.

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The Happiness of Spring

The Happiness of Spring

What keeps us from inner peace is very simply not realizing or accepting our true identity. 

If I am ONE with everything what is my problem?  What grievance or problem could upset me?

You are Spirit and being spirit you are ageless, formless, eternal, complete, invulnerable, healed, whole and

One with Source.  Your Spirit is eternal, it  can never die and cannot be threatened. 

Find that within yourself for happiness.   

We are convinced however that we are our bodies and live in the world of form.  We base our beliefs on what

can be seen with the eyes.   Are we born only to ultimately die?   We need to ask: Would a loving God or

Creator design such a thing?   What if it is a trick or a dream as several spiritual paths and the mystics tell us? 

Peace descends upon a frantic mind when we gradually and gently let go of our ego identity and all of our

thoughts of separation.  Those thoughts continually convinces us that we have certain needs, particular DNA,

we are subject to germs, illnesses,  birth identity and belong to a specific ethnic group.  

Yes, YOU, as Spirit do inhabit a body that you take care of, but your true Self is still Spirit.  We come into the

body to learn lessons the Soul is to learn.  We don’t know why we get the “script” we have but just accept

it as your classroom, and the body is the vehicle for learning lessons of Soul growth.  We all have different

lessons but we still all have the same identity: Sprit! 

But what happens when the body dies?  It is gently laid down, thanked for its usefulness and our true

identity as Spirit continues.   There is no death.  Spirit never dies.  

When we look at the logic, the only sane thing to do is to change our belief from a body identity to Spirit!   

I can choose to be Happy and forgive everything, as I learn my lessons no matter what they are!

Happiness will Spring into your Mind upon remembering your true Identity as Spirit. 

Being Spirit, death is not your destiny.


“Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.”  Albert Einstein

For more on non-dual spiritual practice go to www.acim.org or www.facim.org


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What’s Up with Russia?

Who knows what’s really going on over there? About the only thing we can know for sure is that everyone has their agenda.

What’s ours? Having a personal peace agenda changes how we view news stories like this. Instead of choosing sides, we offer compassion for all sides. In fact, we don’t acknowledge sides. That’s the thing about peace, it’s universal.

That may sound flaky but it happens to be true. Look in a baby’s eyes and you know it. They can be from Crimea, Leningrad, Detroit, or Jerusalem. You see the same thing: peace, contentment, joy. If they’ve been fed that is. And if they’ve slept, been cleaned up, are not teething, etc. But, you get the point.

We all started out being peaceful, then something happened. We grew up and we got educated in how to have a different agenda, one based in scarcity. But it’s not too late to return to peace. And here’s a perfect example, to regard what’s happening in Russia and send a prayer of blessing… to everyone!

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What Do You Want?

What do you want? What do you really want? What you want wants you, and in the most essential sense, what you want is you. There is a place for wanting relative things, but there is all the difference between seeking something to fill a sense of inner deficiency and wanting something from a place of fundamental OKness and wholeness. In the former case, it is not so much that thing or person that you want as you want to fill up a felt inner deficiency. Despairing of that, you seek for a distraction from that inner reality.

That is not the way of peace. The way of peace is to be at peace with yourself in your innate wholeness, regardless of having or not having something. It is not that then, you don’t want anything, but that then you can want something freely, without that drive of craving or desperation. Then you can appreciate the thing itself, because you are not saddling it with the hidden agenda to fill that “hole in your soul” and make you happy. Then, you are not obsessed with yourself and your own needs, and you can enjoy the thing for what it is. The real added benefit is that you get to share that peace and happiness with others and naturally draw it forth from them.

This peace is not an object that comes and goes, not a  state or experience that comes and goes, but your own being. Peace is not a state of temporary satisfaction obtained by getting your needs or wants met—it is your own innate being and nature. This is what you really want.

If you really want this, get clear with yourself that this is what you really want, more than wanting this or that person, thing, or experience. Then cultivate this, devote some time with it, for it is always available. It is You, your True Nature that wants to be known.

Even if you only intuit this as true, you can use this as an opening into peace. Follow every thread inward. Follow your intuition—what is it within you that intuits this truth? Follow your wanting, your longing. Follow your sense that what you want wants you—is opening to you, is welcoming you. Open to this, drop into this.

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The Spirit of Spring

There is a place in you where the spirit of stillness abides.  As lovely as this time of the year is, we need to realize that the beauty seen outside in the beauty of Spring; is still a reflection of the beauty that resides within. 

The world can serve as a reminder of the sacred places and we visit the Cathedrals  and take walks in nature in search of peace but while being beautiful they still merely echo what is held in the mind. 

Nourish, practice, develop and cultivate the spirit Self that you are.   Go there when chaos arises; where the wisdom of love resides in your true nature. 

We miss all the loveliness around us when we reside in our judgments and thoughts of separation.






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The Unified Field


By Jim Hatton  Author of “A Spiritual Masters Guide to Life”

The Holy Grail of Science is the ever-elusive “Unified Field Theory” a mathematical formula that explains everything from how the universe was created to how it works, how everything relates to one another, and ultimately what Life itself is.  This is something that even Einstein so desperately wanted to find and mathematically express; what IT is all about.  The formula must be infinitely complex as the Universe is infinitely complex, so why isn’t the formula simply ¥, the symbol for infinity?

This would seem the logical case, but mathematics has proven that there can be multiple infinities, if not infinite infinities.  So where does that lead us?  I propose that the Unified formula is simply ( ), nothing, nada, zilch, empty.

In our exploration of the world since the beginning of Man (and women too), we have taken the approach that we must know how things work and we have done a pretty good job of it in dissecting, analyzing, probing, graphing, contemplating, spitting, quantifying, and everything else we can possibly think of.  WE have elaborate mathematical formula to describe the properties, workings, and qualities of substances, relationships, and energies.  Even with the advent of Quantum mechanics and its radical quantum shift in what and how we think about the Universe in which we live, our mechanical (quantum or otherwise) approach of the Universe is basically flawed.

 When we look at something, say a “simple” rock or a complex human body, and we observe its qualities, workings, and properties, one cannot help to observe that it has function, possibly a purpose, and ultimately it acts intelligently, even and especially down to its subatomic particles.  So from a mechanical point of view we can try to figure out everything about it, but we can only see so much, in relation to its physicality.  One must ask where did it come from, why does it have that form, what is the intelligence that gave it form, and what is the intelligence of its being?

 It is only logical, to a great masters intuitive, that the idea, thought, the function of the from must have come before the form itself.  It cannot be that the form comes first and the concept after, the animate from the inanimate.   So it can only be that in all things, the idea or consciousness precedes the form.  This is very evident in “man-made” things, but who, what, or how did the idea of the mountain come to be.  How about the birds of flight, the geometry of a snowflake, or quantum actions or more correctly the probabilities of subatomic particles?  There must have been an idea, concept, or thought before the form or the action.  Where did the thought come from?  What was before the thought? In all of the infinite complexities of the universe, the ideas, the thought, the concept, the intelligence must have existed before the form and function, but what existed before the thought?

Inherent in the concept for the Unified Field, is the assumption that ultimately there is only one thing, a place or something that all of this universe came from.  For if there are two ultimate “things” what allowed the two things to exist and what exists between the two things?   This is why Holmes said that if there were a division in God, God would ultimately destroy itself.

 So what came before the thought?  We could say God and that we intuitively know as correct.  It is easy to say and repeat, but do we really know that?  Then what is God?  Deepak Chopra calls it the Field of Infinite Possibilities.  It is known in Zen as the Great Nothingness. It has also been described at the VOID; no things materially, all things potentially.

Using this as our basis, we have no choice to conclude that all material, seen and unseen, must have had an intelligent thought behind it and that the material mass and the thought came from Nothingness and its, is this VOID that is pregnant with infinite possibilities and when a conscious thought is conceived in the Void, it must be the nature of the Void to create not only the thought, but the materialization of that thought.

 Now why it is Its nature to do, to create is another subject to be explored later.  But as to the Unified Field, there is “nothing to it”  It is because of our material approach to exploration that we assumed that the equation had something in it.  It has Nothing in it, and with nothing in the field, it becomes readily apparent that all things are in IT, potentially to be manifested.  Peace…..

 “An original creative or evolutionary Power there must be: but, although Matter is the first substance, the original and ultimate Power is not an inconscient material energy; for then life and consciousness would be absent, since Insconscience cannot evolve consciousness nor an inanimate force evolve Life.”

 Sri Aurobindo


A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life available at: www.spiritualmaster.co


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Peace and Suffering

One way to peace is by avoiding suffering and staying close to peaceful or harmonious settings and experiences. But that is not the way to real inner peace, which is the peace that is always within you, because it is you. It is not an experience, but is what is brought to experience. Not that you should seek suffering and avoid harmonious experiences. Rather, it is about shifting your whole relationship to both of these. Rather than avoiding one and clinging to the other, connect with your inner peace, and learn from all experiences, both the so-called negative and positive.

Sometimes harmony allows you to settle deeper inside and find your inner peace—or even what you habitually do and think that block your inner peace. Sometimes suffering can grab you out of your habitual modes, your comfort zones, and shake you awake and aware. Sometimes that is what it takes for you to see your habitual patterns that actually contribute to your suffering, which otherwise you cannot see because you are too close to it, too familiar with it, too identified with it. Sometimes it is the experiences of suffering—more or less—that get you to ask deeper and uncomfortable questions, or to reflect more deeply about life and your life in particular.

So it is not so much whether the experience is pleasurable or painful, as it is how you relate to these experiences, and what you do with them. If you cling all the more to your pleasures, and push anything uncomfortable away. then you are not relating wisely to life but reactively. Nor are you relating lovingly to yourself, for although it superficially and temporarily makes you feel good, it is not meeting the deeper needs of your human condition.

The Buddha inquired deeply into suffering and became enlightened. Another might interact with suffering and come out depressed, embittered, angry, or reactive. Somewhere in between these, suffering might come to bring you more deeply in touch with life and with yourself. It might make you wiser and more loving, more kind and compassionate with yourself and others. And when we talk about suffering, we don’t just mean something extreme. The more you are open, the more you will learn deeply from slight challenges or difficulties. You will also learn more from the process of returning to inner peace, and from positive experiences in general.

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The Antidote to Assumptions

When we try to force someone to comply with our demands out of guilt or fear, it only brings resentment, suppression, evasiveness and a distancing that can become like noxious weeds that will take effort to uproot and eradicate.

One antidote is to become aware of the unconscious assumptions and expectations we have of those we love and the demands we’re making.  Spend some quiet time of reflection and clarify what you really want. Ask for it with no attachment to outcome and enjoy the shift to a more honest and close connection. What do you want that is beyond what you “think” you want?   More on this will subject will appear in the Ashland Daily Tidings inner peace column called “Unenforceable Rules.”



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