Holiday Inner Peace

The Holidays CAN be stressful but YOU ARE IN CHARGE



Let’s face it; some people we like and some we don’t.  If we can understand however that it is the thought “I like or dislike” in the mind that is causing the problem.  You can change it.  It is just a thought and is it really true?

Be open. First of all admit you are unhappy about something.  For example: You have a relative or someone who really bugs you, he/she is a loud mouth, controlling, conniving busy body.

When you have a few minutes to spare this Holiday Season sit down, be still and take a few deep breaths until you feel calmer. Stay focused on that quiet safe place inside.  Imagine you are holding the hand of Love/Spirit/God, whatever compassion and love represents for you.

Stay quiet for a while and then tell Love, whose hand you are holding, what is on your heart, how do you feel?  Perhaps:  “Aunt Julia drives me crazy with her constant badgering questions and I want peace.  I’m afraid I may blow up.  How can I see her/this differently?”

Then wait and look and continue to stay quiet.  Watch your thoughts.   A thought will come, maybe in the next few minutes, an hour or maybe days later but stay open, hang tight!

The “ah ha” thought you’ve asked for will come and will bring peace.  If the thought does not bring peace, it is not from Love but is from the ego, the part of our mind that likes to holds the gavel.

This is forgiveness.  It is withdrawing the judgment and looking with the eyes of love and compassion.

This is a gift you give yourself!

See A Course In Miracles

Lesson 121 – Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

You are loved!  You are Love!

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I Wonder, Do You?

I do wonder… How some people, who upon seeing gorgeous, billowing cumulus clouds floating effortlessly overhead, don’t just want to explode with joy.

Or who, upon seeing a mighty old oak tree, don’t run right up to it wildly screaming, “I love you!”

Or who, upon being caught in the rain, don’t blush as each drop gently kisses their skin.

Or who, upon gazing at a star-filled night, aren’t paralyzed with awe.

Or who, upon seeing their reflection in a pond, don’t cry the happiest of tears.

Do you know what I mean?
The Universe

copyright TUT – The Universe

submitted by Rev. Jim Hatton, “A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life” available


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Peace Comes if you make room for it.

It is easy to blame the world and others for our lack of peace — if only they were not that way:  if only others would be calm or act with more integrity or do what is good for the majority, then we could have peace. 

But within ourselves it is resistance, demands, reactions and disappointments that rise like smoke to cloud presence and peace, and contract hearts, making us less alive and peaceful.  Most minds cannot tolerate letting life be as it is.  It is the way of the mind to argue and fight to get things lined up the way it believes it should be.

 We can only change the world one person at a time.  Where should we start?  It has to begin in “me” because how can I promote peace if where I come from is rage, argument and demand?

Peace is a state of being untroubled.  Life itself will offer troubles — financial, relational, communal, even world troubles.  How do we reconcile the two?

 To read the entire above inner peace article in the Ashland Daily Tidings go to:

or paste the above in your browser

Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D., founder of Shanti River Center in Ashland, is a transpersonal psychologist and non-dual teacher, who wrote The Kundalini Guide and The Awakening Guide, available on Amazon.



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If you’re unhappy…..


If you’re happy and you know it…..clap your hands!

Right?  Remember that song?

Well…if you’re unhappy and you know it…..change your mind!

How do you feel?  If you feel unhappy there is something bothering you!

State what it is:  I feel awful because…………………………….!

Now stop!

Don’t go further on or drag yourself DOWN  into more negative thoughts

but change it or  ELEVATE it (to the clouds) with another thought.

A thought that is BRIGHTER…HIGHER…

For example: ” I feel awful because my friend Allison ignored me today.”

Now I build up more and more worry thoughts or fears about the relationship or

I STOP!  I change and elevate the thought to:  “Allison has been preoccupied lately

with family problems.”  Now I elevate further and change that thought to:

“Allison has always been friendly and I know she still likes me.”

See!  Take charge and change your thoughts and guess what -

you will change your life too!!  You will be floating in the clouds and at peace!

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The Beauty of Fall is You

The Beauty of Fall is in You

We look around and enjoy the fall foliage and it is like an inspirational painting or music.  We think we would miss this experience if we lived in the desert where there are very few deciduous trees.  However, the beauty of the fall foliage comes from you; you are the creator of that beautiful thought in your mind.

The beauty we see reminds us of the beauty within.  By saying that certain things have the power to give us a meaningful experience, and others do not, we are denying the power we have to choose and change our mind. 

If we go to a symphony, we can expect to experience beauty but the symphony has no power to give you that experience unless you let it; it has no more power than anything else.  It is your decision to give it the power to affect you.   What if the violins are scratchy?  It is up to you to change your mind.  You are the decision making perceiver who decides how to let something affect you.

Today is Halloween and when the Trick or Treat visitors come, instead of seeing monsters I can see beautiful beings even if they “seem” ugly or scary.  We are the source of thought, not the physical thing we see before us, beautiful or ugly. The beauty I see in the world is really something in my Self, my state of mind, reflected outward.   The ugliness I see is the same.   It does not have to affect me unless I want it to.  What I really want, and the only thing I want is inner peace no matter what “vision” is before me.



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Know Peace comes from Within

You are a Holy Son of God!  You might not feel like it or believe it but read on.

The part of you that is Holy is your Mind.  The Mind is neither male nor female. 

Your identity is not the body but the Mind that inhabits it.  

You are a Holy Son of God whether you are male, female, or LGBT.

As a Mind you are loved, innocent, changeless and eternal like God.  We take care of our bodies since we find ourselves here and since it is the “vehicle” we use to learn the lessons we came to learn.  Why do we have these lessons? 

We don’t know the answer to that or what the script contains , what is to come or the lessons we are to learn. 

Except this we know: whatever is before you, see it as lesson you came to learn.  

The key is this: know that we do have a choice in HOW we understand, perceive, interpret and respond to the lesson before us. 

Do we avoid and deny lessons or do we face them while accessing the holiness that dwells in our mind and holds the compassion needed for guidance and inner peace.  We wonder why we have this script, or why do we have the life we have and it  is not knowable or understood.  But it has been chosen and written by us so we cannot blame whatever comes whether it is a tragedy, joyous, challenging or sorrowful. 

In all circumstances we quite ourselves and invite the Holy Spirit within to help us see through the lens of Love and Truth; the Truth that God gave through the help that resides within your Mind. 

The key is in correcting our “feeling”  and “thinking” that we are separate from God.  If we forgive ourselves for that “mistaken belief” because that is all it is, we return to the peace that we were born to know and realize no matter what our script/life may be.

We sleep and dream of forgetfulness but we can and will awaken and know our true identity. 

Lesson 45 in A Course In Miracles “God is the Mind with which I think”

To hear this lesson, one of 365, go to    on the left column click “online lessons” then “workbook table of contents” then scroll to lesson number 45.  Click on “hear” and close your eyes.


Sally McKirgan lives in Ashland and facilitates one of several A Course In Miracles study groups.

contact her at –

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What is your addiction?

By Jim Meissner

I am in recovery but I still have an addiction.

How many times have I been told that my “addiction” was “Self-destructive.” 

How many times have I been told that there is a better way of living?

How long did I deny that I had a “problem”?

How long did I blame God or others for what was happening to me?

How long did I think: “I can quit any time I want?”

When I finally admitted that I wasn’t happy with my addiction and its

manifestations, how long did I think that I could handle it on my own?

See Jim Meissner’s entire article on addictions: My addition to fear, guilt and conflict in the Saturday October 17, Ashland Daily Tidings

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Healing from Within

Be the “Peace” that is reflected in this meadow. 

We get there by looking at ourselves honestly and seeing the violence (upset) we harbor within.  This is a big but necessary step towards riding ourselves, and ultimately society of the anger and callousness. 

It is natural to get angry at times, especially when something does not go your way, like getting cut off in traffic.  Sometimes when we recognize the anger we feel stupid and ashamed.  But maybe we like being angry and feeling justified.  Anger gives us a feeling of being “alive” and “strong” and “in charge.”  We need to recognize that too if that is the case.  Anger comes from a deep feeling of guilt buried somewhere in our consciousness.  We have never done anything “terribly” wrong but in our society we make ourselves and others guilty……until proven innocent. 

We find our TRUE innocence by looking at the guilt and anger honestly.  Watch carefully and take your “inner temperature” when you are triggered and since it does not feel good, it is up to you to change it.

All guilt and anger comes from the ego part of our mind, the false self.  This self is not who you are!  Only you can change your mind and let the drama go – that is forgiveness. 

Attack reinforces guilt.  When we are honest with ourselves,  we see the anger, realize it comes from the thought in the mind (from the ego) and that thought can be changed.  When we ask for another way to see something, we clear our mind and then love can arise and compassion and mercy  in our hearts. 

To repeat: We have a choice: every time anger arises to recognize it; face it; see it;

Say: I choose to see this differently; I am love; I am spirit; and let it go. 

Love enters and peace is regained.  Love guides us to the meadow of inner peace.

 See the entire article: Healing the violence within


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Time to Give Love

Here is a bouquet for our northern neighbors and friends in Roseburg.

We watch TV and weep with them.  We don’t know how to help.

We can’t imagine such a thing happening in lovely, peaceful, Oregon!  But it did.

We don’t know what was in the mind of the shooter but we know it was  not LOVE.

We all know someone who is reclusive.  Are they just shy or perhaps they feel unaccepted, unloved, ignored even hated.

Many people think others do not like them.  The truth is they don’t like themselves and they project that outward on you or others.

Let’s change their false perception.  Go up to that shy person and say “Hi – How are you today?”  Engage them with conversation “It’s good to see you, what have you been doing lately?  Ask them if there is anything they need help with.

Even just a smile and a handshake “Hey – good to see you – how you been?  Sure like that hat!”

A friendly “Hello” will make them feel less isolated and alone.

But what if they just look at you, grunt, shrug or walk away?  Just call after them “See you again – take care!”  Keep the acceptance and love flowing!  Don’t let how they treat you determine how you treat them.

Who can you reach out to?  Do it tomorrow?  You will make a BIG difference in someone’s life.  You may never know what it was but just know –  it will help.

Love matters!  Spread it around!



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Ten things to let go of for Peace!

I thought I would share the ten things to let go of in order to have peace in our lives, from the Chopra Center! 

We all experience annoyances in our daily lives and these tips can help us get control of the thoughts that upset us and begin to Change our Minds – also known as Awakening from the Dream that keeps us trapped. 

  1. The Need to Be Perfect – The idea of being perfect is from the false self – the ego!
  2. The Need to People Please – You can never make EVERONE happy – so forget trying!
  3. Being Right – No one knows everything – we can only guess and follow the love in our hearts.
  4. Beating Yourself Up for Making Mistakes –There are no mistakes, only lessons to learn.
  5. Giving Your Power Away – Your MIND is connected to Truth, Love and Knowledge – find it.
  6. Anger and Resentment – We project onto others and what we see is ALSO within us. Forgive!
  7. Toxic People – What we see without is also within.  Forgive and see them differently.
  8. The Need to Control – Everyone has lessons to learn.  Just express your fears and return to love.
  9. Your Ego – The false self that insists it is WHO you are.  It is not your friend.  Find your higher self.
  10. The Past – The ego uses the past to trap us in guilt which keeps us from finding the higher self.

Just letting go of one of more of these is helpful.  Read them in more detail at:

Take the Spirituality Project Survey at

Inner Peace blog:



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