Celebrate 4th Interdependence

The 4th of July marks the time when the Declaration of Independence and separation from England and the tyranny of the King and the old world, was signed in Philadelphia in 1976.

On the Fourth we celebrate with fireworks and merrymaking and claim ourselves to be free.  Do you feel free?  Free from what?  What is it we want to be free from?  What do we want to separate from?  Perhaps we need to celebrate the freedom to join with others instead of separation.  When we join in the Oneness with all living things and everyone including our perceived enemies, we have peace, true peace.  We as a nation are in the process of “joining” with Cuba.  Let’s join with all Nations!

We will  continue to have wars until we declare ourselves free from enmity.  Why do we need enemies? 

President Lincoln said “ To defeat an enemy, make him your friend.” We cannot be free or happy when we exclude ourselves from others

This 4th of July celebrate Oneness with everyone in your life, your acquaintances, even those who may have moved beyond in space and time.  Instead of feeling separate join with them!  All minds are joined.   Join in the celebration that we are here at this place and time, on this tiny fragile speck in space.  Join in interdependence on the only mother we humans have, Mother Earth.

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The Ruler of my Mind

If I look at all things that “seem” to hurt me I can DECIDE…..am I really hurt?

What hurts?  If I am spirit I cannot be hurt.  If I am an ego I will drive myself

crazy with negative ”self” talk.

The Dalai Lama says: ”In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with

current situations.  Don’t bring up the past.”

Remember silence is sometimes the best answer.  When confronted with

something just STOP – take a deep breath

and go within and let your higher Self decide how to respond…..if needed!

Remember YOU are the ruler of your

thoughts not what someone else tells you to think or do.

Just Be Kind and Be the Ruler of your Mind.

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World Peace and Prayer Day at Howard Prairie

                                                 WORLD PEACE AND PRAYER DAY

    When we talk of inner peace we may forget the social imperative of seeking peacefulness in our lives.  In order for us to experience it in our daily lives peace must find expression in the political, social and relational affairs of mankind.

     There is an unprecedented opportunity to further this goal by participating in the 20th annual World Peace and Prayer Day, being held at Howard Prairie Lake from June 18th to June 21st.  The event is being hosted by the Ashland indigenous non-profit Red Earth  Descendants.  It is a cross-cultural gathering that will feature speakers from around the world sharing traditional teachings, addressing critical concerns for the planet and offering inspiring solutions.  There will be music, dancing, storytelling, workshops, as well as feasts and ceremonies designed to bring all people together in recognition of our shared responsibilities for the health of the world and for future generations of mankind. 

    The event will be presided over by Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse, who founded it 20 years ago.  Speakers will include the beloved Siletz elder Agnes Baker Pilgrim, chairperson for the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Roy Hays Jr., great great grandson of Chief Joseph, representatives of the Maori Nation, Rabbi David Zaslow, and many others.

    The event is completely free and is being conducted as a “green event”.  People are asked to bring their own utensils and recyclable or reusable dishes if joining in the mid-day meals.  Camping may be arranged with Jackson County Parks (541-774-8183) and the website  http://worldpeaceandprayerday.com offers guidelines on how to respectfully participate in this landmark event.  It is also  drug-free and alcohol-free.   You can call 541-631-1769 or 541-890-3529 for more information.

    Red Earth Descendants founder Dan Wahpepah says : “…It would be good to walk our lives as a prayer for our future generations, as we believe that is what it truly is.  To walk gently on our Mother for the sake of our grandchildren is our responsibility.  Let us recognize the truth of this and do our part…  If you are doing work for the continuation of all life, this is the place to come.”

 Avram Chetron lives in Ashland


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Graduates: Be Kind

Hurrah! Graduation time!   What a thrill for graduates, their family and friends to see dreams accomplished.   Will they graduate knowing how to attain inner peace in this unpredictable world?

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, spoke at the University of Oregon on May 10th, 2013.  He said:

“Peace must come through inner peace.  Frist inner peace starts from each individual and not society.  We change society when each one makes an attempt to change themselves – then society change.  The Individual is most important.  Individual freedom is important.  Society must change to a peaceful society.  Can Self- centeredness be overcome? The practice of altruism and helping others makes one happy.” 

 He asked educators to help saying,

“The education system very much oriented about material world – not sufficient.  Now today we can shift our responsibility to global warming and warm heartedness, more inner values and care for others well-being. Pay attention about inner value.” 

You may be able to read more about his presentation online at:  http://www.uoregon.edu

Do schools, colleges and Universities teaching anything that might resemble understanding or kindness?  If not, Kindergarten or first grade would be a good place to start like the huge billboard sign on the playground at Caughlin Grade School in Reno, NE.  To see a picture go to  www.innerpeaceforyou.me

Let’s tell our Graduates to remember:  Kindness is the Best Policy for a Happy Life!

Sally McKirgan facilitates an A Course In Miracles study group in Ashland and the Tidings Inner Peace column.  Send 600 to 700 word articles to innerpeaceforyou@live.com

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Peace With Another

Peace With Another

When you are really present with another, and feel the connection of no separation, no distance, then your heart can speak freely and directly. Whereas when you assume separation and distance, then you have to make an effort to try to overcome that gap, and you communicate from frustration, anger, impatience, criticism, judgment, blame, or the like. This tends to put the other on the defensive or offensive, and closes the other off to you.

From the heart that is based in no separation, you can see the essential goodness in the other, the inherent lovableness of the other—despite all the flaws, all the dirt that covers the inner diamond. This creates resonance, and from that space, the other will be more open to hearing what you have to say.

The other is so complex, and you really don’t know where the other is. When you come from the heart, and its guidance, and you communicate from a genuine love, then you are  likely to meet the other person where they are.  You are more likely to get through to the other’s heart, past their personality fears, defenses, and the like.  Coming from the heart it resonates with the other’s desire to connect in love and peace. You are coming from that universal place of love, not some place of pride, superiority, condescension, self-righteousness, separation.

This requires you to first do your own inner work and be close to your own heart. When you can access your heart without veils, resistance, and shame, then you access inner guidance that can connect with others. This doesn’t require perfection, but simple intention.

When you are close to your own heart, you are at peace with yourself. Then you can communicate with the other from that peace, and you are not in the way. You do not take what the other says so personally. It is not all about you, and the other is not all about satisfying your needs (for peace, love, fulfillment). Then you are more likely to get your real needs met.

When you follow this way, it is inherently satisfying. It is soul-nourishing for you and the other. The old, dysfunctional ways fall away as completely unsatisfying. There is no longer any suffering, for either yourself and the other.

Ed Hirsch resides in Ashland – contact him at: presenceofone@yahoo.com


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Graduation Day: A Certificate in Kindness

Be Strong; Be Kind; Be Healthy; Be smart; Be YOU 

This is the message on a huge large billboard in the middle of the playground at Caughlin Ranch K-6 grade school in Reno, Nevada.  And isn’t this is the age and the place to start teaching children that kindness is as important as being strong, healthy and smart?

What a wonderful world it would be if every school had this playground message.  What superb training for young minds!  On the other end of the playground was another billboard with arithmetic problems and answers.  And in the middle between the two was a huge painted colorful map of the US – no names however, so students could figure out which State was which.

It was the Be Kind that drew my attention.  With that message there would be a reduction in selfishness, hatred, bullying and more understanding and thoughtfulness.   

Maybe upon graduation day the students receive a Certificate of Kindness!  I  hope their 6th grade diploma comes with a Kindness Seal that shows that kindness is as important as A or B’s!  If it doesn’t it should.

Caughlin Ranch K-6, must have more inner peace and happier students than a school that does not give this form of educational care to its students.  

Go to www.innerpeaceforyou.me to see a picture of this large billboard

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Sally McKirgan lives in Ashland



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The Big Zen Stick

The Big Zen Stick by Jill Iles

I think of the mishap with my arm as a wake-up call and call it the “big zen stick” relating it to the stick used by a zen master to wake a meditator who is letting the personal mind wander in conceptual thoughts rather than focusing on the breath and the moment.  The mishap threw me into groundlessness where I didn’t know which end was up but at the same time uncovered a ground of being which, up till now, I had only read about.

 Knowing that compassion, wisdom, and gratitude are always available when I can still my thought patterns, keeps my heart from hardening and supports my being in the world.

Read the entire article: The wielding of and yielding to the Big Zen Stick at:


Jill Iles lives in Talent.

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How do you see things?

How do you see things?

Do not let your mind forget this law of seeing:  You will look upon that which you feel within.  If anger is within your heart, you will perceive a fearful world; if you feel love within, you will look out upon a world of mercy and compassion.   A Course in Miracles

How we see things depends upon our interpretation!  We can either see the good or the bad.  How do you see things?  Be aware of the choices you can make about something.  Let’s say you were in an accident.  You are OK but the car’s front fender needs repair.  You can be angry and see it as a problem or change you mind and deicide it is an opportunity. 

Maybe you’ll meet an old friend at the repair shop you haven’t seen in a while.  Or maybe while waiting for the car to be repaired you’ll have a fascinating conversation with someone from a country you plan to visit.  You just never know what is to come and if you decide it will be for your good, whatever it is, you’ll be much happier.

Sally McKirgan facilitates the Tidings inner peace column and the inner peace community blog.  Submit 600 to 700 articles for the Tidings column to: innerpeaceforyou@live.com   Visit her blog at: www.innerpeaceforyou.me

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Essential Peace of Being

Essential Peace of Being

Essential Peace is something you can open to here and now, because it is always Here and Now. But we usually are not open to it, and instead we seek peace in this or that circumstance, or with this or that person. Of course we want to have peace in our lives, but this could be an expression of Essential Peace rather than a diminished substitute for it. And that makes the essential difference.

When we are seeking peace in things and people, we overlook this Essential Peace. The latter has been called “the peace that passes understanding,” but we tend to look for peace within the limits of what we can understand. This Essential Peace is our own True Nature, so if we are not connected with this, we are disconnected from our True Nature.

You might get used to having a busy mind and life, where your attention gets involved with all sorts of concerns. Most people get so locked into this that they completely lose contact with this ground of being. The mind gets lost in thoughts, while the ground of all thoughts, the Consciousness itself, gets overlooked and neglected. And people are generally not even aware of this.

This Peace is the ground of thoughts, of emotions, of energies, prior to all of that. It is prior to all that changes, and so it gets overlooked in our quest to change things. In our identifications, the fundamental ground of all identities gets overlooked.

Be still. Sense. Breathe. Let your mind relax back into this primary Consciousness. Let your emotions relax back into the primary ground of feeling which is Essential Love. Let your energies relax back into the primary ground of energy which is Essential Life. These are all the Essential Peace of Being, into which you can rest all aspects of your being. It is like the peace of space pervading all objects, independent of the arrangement of the objects.

Pay attention to this dimension of your being. Rest in That. In a Mystery that is beyond understanding, it is free and undisturbed by the world of changes, and it is also a Guidance and Inspiration in the midst of life.

The Good News is that Peace is Here, Love is Here, Being is Here, Now. Take time for that, rest in that, be nourished by that, be guided by that.

Ed Hirsch resides in Ashland – contact him at: presenceofone@yahoo.com


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God’s sigh: the breath of peace

God’s sigh: the breath of peace – by Joyce Graham

 “We hold our breath in amazement, in dread, in love.  We hold it, or perhaps, breath holds us, upon first gaze of a newborn, upon the soft light of August, upon a whisper that stills the mind.  Such divine, awe-inspiring moments when humanity merges with divinity, where not even a solitary breath can sustain such splendor.”

“Breath cannot be held, any more than a cloud, a child, a thought. Fleeting, ethereal, holy.  Breath can only be cherished, then released, like all life-sustaining favors.  Each moment made new by the power of a silent prayer, a single inhale, exhale, back into life.”

The above is excerpted from the Saturday, May 16th, Ashland Daily Tidings  Inner Peace Column

Read the entire article by Joyce Graham at:



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