What’s Up with Russia?

Who knows what’s really going on over there? About the only thing we can know for sure is that everyone has their agenda.

What’s ours? Having a personal peace agenda changes how we view news stories like this. Instead of choosing sides, we offer compassion for all sides. In fact, we don’t acknowledge sides. That’s the thing about peace, it’s universal.

That may sound flaky but it happens to be true. Look in a baby’s eyes and you know it. They can be from Crimea, Leningrad, Detroit, or Jerusalem. You see the same thing: peace, contentment, joy. If they’ve been fed that is. And if they’ve slept, been cleaned up, are not teething, etc. But, you get the point.

We all started out being peaceful, then something happened. We grew up and we got educated in how to have a different agenda, one based in scarcity. But it’s not too late to return to peace. And here’s a perfect example, to regard what’s happening in Russia and send a prayer of blessing… to everyone!

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