Peace: Change your thoughts


“When something has gone to the trouble of happening it is best to consider it inevitable in my opinion.”   

From “My talks with Dean Spanley” by Baron Dunsany and the

2008 movie “Dean Spanley” with Peter O’Toole and Sam Neil

Sometimes while reading a book or watching a movie, a statement will jump out and you can’t write it down fast enough.  The above statement was a beautiful reminder of how we “suffer” when we cannot accept what evidently was inevitable.  

When something tragic happens we experience horror and non-acceptance immediately. ‘Oh My God, I don’t believe it.’  It is a total shock.  Unless we can come to accept that it was inevitable, it will continue to traumatize us for months, years and decades in a never ending stream of memories from the past with ego thoughts of  “Why____” or “What if___”!    

If we hold the hand of love within our mind instead of the ego thoughts of the past we can stop the pain and the blame. Simply watch the thoughts of regret; do not judge them or yourself; don’t deny them and don’t believe them; just notice and observe the ego in action.  If you don’t “buy” into and accelerate or embellish them you begin to withdraw your belief in them.  Look at them, observe and watch so peace can descend.  When you feel calmer say: 

*“I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts. 

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.

The Love in my Mind is my guide today.”

You are the director of your powerful mind.  You can change thoughts by choosing between two thought systems in your mind – love or the ego.  Looking and letting go of regret and grievances truly is forgiveness. 

*Excerpted from A Course In Miracles workbook lessons 281 and 284.

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