The Energy of the Election by Jim Hatton

The Energy of the Election

 I think everyone can agree that the Presidential Election of 2016 was like no other. It has been debated Ad nauseam, over analyzed, over polled, and over played in the media.  Did I leave any anything out?

I personally am glad it’s over.  But the unique energy behind it continues and has polarized many people. There is big disappointment, anger, hopefulness, smugness, and even despair.  And certainly, uncertainty, pun indented.

I did not vote for either major candidate so please don’t put me in a box of judgement, at least not yet. A lot of people were saddened and disgusted with the viability, credibility, and ability of each major candidate.

Alright the county has voted and by our current system we have a president elect.  I’m all for being open and seeing where this all goes.

But I have talked to a lot of people and seen people interviewed that are angry, extremely disappointed, and saddened, and continue to be so much that it is controlling their lives. I know one young bride-to-be who had un-invited her best friend from the wedding because she voted for Trump. I know several people who became physically ill after and because of the election (including some “macho” men).  Many other people are carrying around the hatred they saw in candidate Trump.  Many have made one of the candidates their hero, their savior, their redeemer and by doing this have given their power away to someone else.  Why else would they be physically sick from the election results?

Our power lies within.   When we give it all away to someone else, (in this case our candidates) in hopes that they will make our lives better, we become power-less.  If we can realize or better yet remember that we create our own lives through our own thoughts and actions, our whole world would be a better place.

Many commentators have pointed out how deeply the country is divided and blame the election and the candidates.

Let’s wake up here folks.  Any and all division in the country; the anger; the hatred; or the prejudice was already there, it existed in our collective consciousness before the election.  The candidates and elections just allowed us to call it forward.  There can be no blame here; we must look within ourselves to examine what in exists in our own consciousness. This is where our prayers belong.

The negative energy that exists toward either candidate is only working against our selves.   Let us remember the Law of Attraction and that the Universe is inclusive, not exclusive.  What attention we to give to the anti-candidate, anti-president elect, or whomever or whatever will only create more of what is not wanted. This was the same in the Anti-War movement in the 1960s rather than a pro-peace movement.

A good friend of mine who was born in the 1950’s wisely pointed out:  “We have survived every president since Eisenhower.” In fact we have survived all prior presidents who have been before, popular or not.

We can only change things in our world if we change the consciousness within ourselves.  Change will happen when we are in alignment with our true nature. Anger is not our true nature, Peace and Centeredness is.


 Jim Hatton, Author: “A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life” available on Amazon or at

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