Creating a Peaceful World by Charles “Al” Huth

Creating a Peaceful World

By Charles “Al” Huth

Creating a peaceful world begins with each of us. To enhance this idea requires knowledge of one’s True Self and one’s natural contribution towards world peace. Socrates express the idea that an unexamined life is not worth living. Each of us view ourselves, community and world through our personal lenses. These lenses were developed over time, with stories to support them regardless of their validity. However, we internalize them as factual without a deeper examination of their origin. Some of these inaccuracies were developed harmlessly and other false assumptions have created great harm to oneself and others. As a child, my father liked Chevrolets and did not care for Fords, a perspective that I adopted. I became a mechanic and discovered that there was much to like about Fords and Chevrolets.

As another example, my mother (when a very young child) grew up under extremely difficult circumstances. Her only protection was to try and make adults feel guilty. She learned to use guilt as a way to get what she wanted or needed. “My son, if you loved me you would not have done…” Deep into my adulthood I discovered why I had a deep sense of guilt about many things I did – it had felt like my natural way to be. At a subconscious level I was tormented, I was trying to understand what was wrong with me. I tried to hide this discontentment from the world. Through my journey of searching for answers, I was able to see how devastating this perspective was and how this perspective generated negative reactions within the conduct of my life: I created a lot of disharmony in my relationships. At times, I have not been able to totally dismiss my guilty perspective; however, I understand what is driving it and I do not let it interfere with my life. I guess I could be called a recovering guilt-driven addict.

Through my experiences, I developed concepts and daily practices to live in harmony with myself, my relationships and the universe. Although the concepts and practices that I promote are simple, they require each individual to engage oneself at a deeper level with a personal commitment to become a conscious co-creator of their life, in harmony with their True Self.

In January, I will be teaching a class at OLLI – Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. The course number and title is: PERS210, Creating an Extraordinary Life. OLLI’s contact information is: e-mail olli@sou.ed; phone 541.552.6048.

My class will be an interactive experience where teacher and students learn from each other. The course content will be based on the three books that I have published. The books are: Living an Extraordinary Life – The Magic of Oneness, Essentials for a Changing World – Living Harmoniously with Yourself and Others, and The Evolving Higher Self: A Directed Guide to Fulfillment. These books can be purchased through

This is an opportunity to become a conscious co-creator of your life as your True Self. Recognize our false concepts of self and others can help facilitate this goal. We will explore the benefits of personal journaling that reveal self-knowledge at our deeper, core level. Our interactions with others will be greatly enhanced when internalized with our True Self. Humans have their own unique guidance system that adds to our intellectual knowledge. We will explore processes and techniques to establish an internal connection and trust in your internal guidance. Knowing who we are, the passions of our soul, and our purpose in life are not easy to understand, but vitally important.


Al Huth is a retired public school teacher with a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree in Education. He taught psychology and motivational classes in high schools and in adult education programs, such as the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California. This fascination with the body-mind connection led him into the various disciplines of spiritual and human empowerment. In his spare time, he is a magician. He can be contacted at 541.973.2362 or


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