Nature – by Dan Fischer


By Dan Fischer

I know the NOW is the total extent of your gifts to me NOW.

The NOW is the unchangeable result of the unchangeable past.

I can rejoice for what is or regret what is not.

But no rejoicing will destroy what is;   

no regretting will create what is not.

Part of the NOW is my view of the FUTURE,   

of my FUTURE.

I know that what I do now will influence the FUTURE.

I accept my responsibility for creating the FUTURE.

I rejoice in my responsibility and opportunity NOW

  to improve future NOWs.

Yet I do not regret anything I have done,   

anything I have not done.

or anything I cannot change.

I praise and worship the perfection of NOW…

NOW is infinitely more perfect than the PAST or FUTURE

 because NOW IS.

The PAST and FUTURE are not.



I am a part of you.

You are all of me.

I am proud to be a part of you.

I am humbled by your magnificence.

I am humbled by your mountains and valleys,

by your stars and moons,

by your seas and rivers,

by your plants and flowers,

by your animals and insects.

I am exalted by your consciousness,

by my consciousness.

Through consciousness I can touch all of You

And know that Nature is,

I am,

Nature is I,

I am Nature,



Dan Fischer lives in Ashland. He occasionally teaches at OLLI at SOU. His blog is or google “The Crazy Mud Caper.”


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