True Righteousness – True Patriotism by Jim Hawes




by Jim Hawes


                Believing that one’s political views are the only correct ones is being righteous. When one feels the need to convince others that this is the only correct viewpoint is arrogance.

                Therefore, two very important questions need to be answered. What is true righteousness and when applied to politics; what is true patriotism?

                When you know you are right, but have no need or desire to tell or convince anyone that you are right; this is true righteousness. Jesus, the Buddha, and Ghanti were truly righteous. Their statements and actions did not come from the conditioned mind (ego); rather from the Beingness, Peacefulness, and love that comes from the Source.

                So, what is a true patriot? First, they totally accept what is. That is, they do not deny, the anger, resentment, or sadness. Instead, of angry, violent demonstrations that destroy property and hurt people; a true patriot follows the advice of Thomas Jefferson who said, “The only way you get more democracy is by more democracy.” This means that a true patriot’s fundamental actions are to daily practice true righteousness. This means no finger pointing or negative judgments of past actions or statements of your opponents. Rather each day Be in silent still peaceful Awareness as you shop, work, volunteer or recreate.

                Eckhart Tolle says that there are two consciousness enveloping the world. Identifications with forms to the point of greed and power, or a Conscious Presence (love or peacefulness). Which one of these will control our world will depend on what each individual does each day. Are you being more kind or loving to everyone you are meeting, texting? Are you involved and actively taking part in your neighborhood, community, city or state’s issues? Or are you preoccupied with your level of materiality and power or authority? By the choices you make, ask yourself which one of these conscious choices are you creating?

Jim Hawes, a retired Medford school teacher has published Ageless Child, Balboa Press. or Barnes and Nobles and is working on his new book, AGELESS LIVING

 This essay was written the day after Mr. Trump became our 45th president, Nov. 9, 2016.

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