The Women’s March January 21

Remember to Laugh and Detach!

Detach from the outcome to have Peace.  

On Saturday January 21st I joined thousands of women, men and children in a “March” from the Ashland Library to the Butler Band Shell in Lithia Park.  My intention was to choose peace and walk, joined in camaraderie and standing for inclusion and respect for all races, religions, health care and to protect the environment. More on this later.

Today I listened to a CD of my guru.  He was answering a question about kindness and the question was if while being kind do also we need to make sure we detached ourselves from the outcome of whatever we were advocating for.   YES, it is imperative he said because while acting out of kindness, for our inner peace and health we DO need to detach from the outcome.   He went on to say kindness counts and multiplies because it is unlimited but don’t attach yourself to the outcome and you will be happy whether you have won or lost.  If you are upset you are invested.

What I understood is that we need to proceed from a place of “Love” for everyone and exclude NO ONE from our love or oppose anyone or attack.  We need to also realize that we are all the same.  We share the same ego.  Everyone wants things “their way.”  We share the same correction; that there is a Goodness innate in every mind.  We all carry the LIGHT or the spark of God/Creator within that joins us in Oneness.  

In a quote I found recently, His Holiness the Dalai Lama said “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”  To “make peace with ourselves” we have to look at “what we think” and “watch” our thoughts, judgments and projections.  The judgments and projections are what make us peaceful or perturbed. 

Watching our thoughts is a gift to yourself, to your family, community and the entire world.  For example, when making a judgment about anyone, turn it around and make it about yourself as well.  This is hard because the idea about “seeing something out there” means I do not want to “see it in here – in me.”  For example our President makes judgments about people all the time.  I may think it is terrible but don’t I do the same thing?  I don’t put them on twitter or TV and I don’t have the same thoughts as he does, but I do judge.  What is important is WATCHING and CATCHING and KNOWING and OBSERVING the ego so you REALIZE what you are doing!  (Making yourself miserable.)

Most of us keep our judgments to ourselves or we share them with a close friend.  Most of us were taught “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything.”  Or “keep quiet and look intelligent but open your mouth and look stupid.”  But even when we think it (the judgment) it still in the mind and it is still separation, condemnation and attack i.e. it is not love.  

Yes, we all have judgments and that is why the Dalai Lama says we can never obtain peace until we make peace within ourselves.  For peace within, again, all we need do is be conscious of the judgments.  We look at them, we acknowledge “yes, I’ve thought that or I’ve done that” remind yourself of your higher self and innate goodness and in so doing you are no longer in the misery of blame, condemnation or separation. You are responsible.  Don’t follow the ego mind that wants to be separate.  The way to peace is to be Mindful, share the Goodness  of your Holy Mind and gradually the ego is diminished.

 So back to the Women’s March.  There is nothing wrong with sending a message to the President as long as it is done from that place of Goodness, love and not hate.  It is no longer hate, when we cleanse it of separation.  I realize that I will be miserable if I stay in judgment.  I need to make sure that my advocacy comes from Love but does not exclude anyone.  Only loving thoughts reflect Truth, all other thoughts are from the false self or the ego. 

My intention is to keep advocating and to remember to work (and walk) from that non-egoic place of love, within, as a citizen and peace a maker and if I never attach myself to the outcome, I will be happy and PEACEFUL.   I don’t know if my actions will be understood but I cannot worry about that.  If I am attached I will not have peace….and PEACE that is all I want.

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