That Elusive Peace and Joy

The Elusiveness of Peace and Joy!

Do you want peace and joy?  Of course you do.  As least you think you do until you have a judgment or an upset that you won’t let go of.   You are sure something was done to you and you are certain you are right and the offending party should go “jump off a cliff” or something like that!   OK – maybe you are right but do you want peace and joy?  You can’t have it if you want someone to jump off a cliff.  You are holding onto the upset and so you are the one that now suffers.

I know someone who is holding onto a grievance.  He was actually attacked, pushed up against a fence and would have been hit if someone had not interfered.  Why did the perpetrator assault him?  He had responded to being insulted with  with his own insult and that angered the attacker who became violent.  Who started it?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is how we now find the peace that eluded us the first moment we reacted.

Now there is conflict how can we find our way back to peace we want.  We can’t find peace by remembering and replaying the event because we are stuck in the story.  We are sure we are in the right.  But are you happy being in the right?  Would you rather be right or happy?  Now when we see or think of the conflict we are unhappy.  Ask yourself: Do I want peace and joy?

If the answer is YES for peace and joy then decide to STOP (just for a moment – and take a breath) and choose another way to look at this.  Say:  “OK – I’ll look at this another way for the sake of my own peace.”

Realize that it is YOU who are denying this offender peace and joy that is his right under the equal laws of God.  AND, in so doing you have denied them to yourself.  But if you offer peace and joy to the offender then you can claim them as your own.  For example, think of this person a little while and tell him in your mind:

My brother peace and joy I offer you,

That I may have God’s peace and joy as mine.”

We don’t think that just because we have denied peace and joy to someone else that in so doing we are in effect really denying them to our self.  When you hold hate or a grudge in your mind, you are the one HOLDING the hate and the grudge in yourself.  You are the sufferer.  Do you think your brother is suffering?  We don’t know but we do know you are.  You have the power to be in misery or in peace.  What are you holding in your mind and thoughts?  You can save yourself – do it!

Sally McKirgan, facilitates the Ashland Daily Tidings Inner Peace Column and a study group for A Course In Miracles in Ashland.   e-mail:

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