Peacefulness Now by Jack Altman

Peacefulness Now

Is there peacefulness now?  Is there attention (choiceless, effortless, aimless, unfocused, not knowing, not judging, suffering-addressing, grateful, surrendered attention) – to what is, which includes mental and or physical discomfort?

I do not know.  “Not knowing” allows peacefulness in this moment.  The following words point to Mystery beyond words.

Observing breathing is always available. What else is observed (seen, heard, felt)? What is Mystery revealing?

There is only now.  It can be so simple.  My only choice: pay attention to inattention now – or not.  Awareness of inattention is attention.

Much of the time there is inattention (thinking or dreaming).  Seeing thinking or dreaming momentarily ends thinking or dreaming and allows return to breathing awareness.  The now feels peaceful.  Thinking or dreaming is seen again.  This cycle repeats, and repeats, and repeats.

Sitting quietly allows attention to Mystery without being involved in activity.  It is more difficult to pay attention when involved in activity.   Paying attention while engaged in activity is an ongoing challenge – the never-absent opportunity of loving (enabling) what is.  When this challenge is met, there is peacefulness.

I have more faith in responding from this peaceful space than responding from thinking, analytical, logical mind. Seeing what is, by opening, surrendering to Mystery, which can be done by returning to breathing awareness.

 Jack Altman lives in Ashland


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