Quiet Your Holy Mind

Quiet your Holy Mind


Many spiritualties tell us that a quiet mind will bring peace.  Is your mind quiet?  Do you want it quiet?  If so, then why isn’t it?

This is an age old question but the answer is simple:   We can’t have a quiet mind if we are judging people.  Judging others is the ego’s primary goal and it keeps us in separation and guilt. 

But we can have peace when we accept others – everyone – all of them, friends, relatives, the guy who cut you off in traffic. 

We will have peace when we cease the separation and judgment.

How do we stop these judgments?  Look at them and above all – do not judge yourself for making them or the ego has you by the throat. 

When you judge yourself (good or bad) you are making the error (the ego and the body) real.   

When we hang onto the hate, grievance, upset we are keeping it, the ego’s hate ALIVE!  If you haven’t noticed hate is the opposite of quietness.

But we have a purpose in keeping the grievance ALIVE?

When we see the other person, in our dream as separate and split off, we make them scapegoats for the part of our self we do not want to accept or recognize.

We are judging others we do not accept them as Holy.  If you don’t see others as Holy…..you are not Holy.

Judgment is purposive.  It keeps us unholy and bound to guilt and entrenched in the ego. 

If we were holy we would be One with God, with Love and we would be free. 

Our individuality would be zero.  We are afraid of Love.  We keep the ego and our judgments in order to stay in the world and be FAR away from God….away from Love.

We expose the darkness by taking gentle steps.  Look at it and say:

“I see this anger/hate/fear/grievance, but I don’t want it anymore.  It is keeping me away from peace, from Love.

Help me see it differently.  Help me recognize it is a projection, it is not real, this is a dream and a script I chose to experience when I * separated from God.”

Peace is attained by each one of us looking and undoing the hatred in ourselves.  Self-hatred creates guilt and guilt protects us from love. 

Joy is finally recognizing you are FORGIVEN and all GUILT is GONE!

*  We NEVER left God.  We just think we did when we chose the ego.

You are HOLY whether you think you are or not and you are LOVED.

Reference: A Course In Miracles – Chapter 11. God or the Ego, Section III. From Darkness to Light.page 198.

http://www.acim.org    http://www.facim.org;


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