Blueness by Jessica Bryan

BLUENESS by Jessica Bryan

Blue she was, but not really blue, more like soft grey – Blue Heron fading into the rocks and fallen trees along the creek edge. Her wings were partly open, and in this pose she appeared heart-shaped except for her long, slender neck and head.

At first, I didn’t understand her openness. She seemed so vulnerable with her chest prominently exposed. But then I realized she was wet and she was using the late afternoon sun to dry herself. Gazing upwards, she looked as though she was praying.

We were transfixed behind our window. We felt as though we were staring into the face of God, infinity, the vast silence of stars in the night sky.

Then she closed herself, and raising first one foot and then the other she began moving through the water between and over the rocks, gliding ever so slowly and gracefully. There was no rush, no intensity, just a delicate balancing.

She seemed to make a decision and rising up from the creek she flapped her enormous wings and flew, looking like some ancient, mythical creature. We stood silently and watched as she disappeared up the river, flying low and sheltered by trees.

The memory of the majestic bird as she flew – her wings glistening with just a slight gloss of water – has stayed with me as a continual reminder to live peacefully in the present with relaxed purpose. It’s all a matter of perspective, and since this experience I’ve decided to take mine from the grace of blueness.

* * *

Jessica Bryan is an author, book editor, and spiritual medium. She lives in Ashland and can be reached by e-mail: On the Internet:

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