Get Happy by Jim Hatton



Can we be happy all the time?

The answer is….well….yes!


Being happy, being in a state of appreciation, having fun are all indicators of us being in alignment or harmony with our inner selves.  When we are in tune with our inner selves, the law of attraction is working optimally for us creating all the wonderful things we are focused on and it does it easily and effortlessly.


We all have experienced when something we want to have, or experience, just falls into place. It seems magical much like it was supposed to happen.  This is when we allow it to happen by being in a state of happiness, of gratitude, in alignment with our real selves.


This all sounds easy, and it is.  So why don’t we allow ourselves to be happy (or at lease happier) all the time?  Our natural instinct is to be happy and playful.  Just look at dogs and children.  They want to play, to have fun, to run and be joyful.  Our culture trains us from an early age that struggle and strife is the only way to “get ahead”.  We are taught the we have to do without to get the things we want and only then we can be happy. The trouble with this is that this becomes a perpetual state of experience in our lives; we keep putting off our happiness based on an ever moving goal post. How long do we have to do without, to suffer, to allow ourselves to be happy?



This also perpetuates the “If only”:  “If only I could win the lottery….then I could be happy”.  “If only he/she would marry me, then I will be happy”.  “If onlymy kids would behave…”




With this then our happiness is based on a contingency.  We have to do this, deprive ourselves of that, wait until someone does this or that and the reward is happiness.  Some how we never seem to get there…


Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.  Abraham




We have the whole thing backwards. Remember the Law of Attraction brings to us what we are focused upon. What we need to do is to get happy FIRST. Be happy in this moment.  Don’t wait for something else to happen, just be happy and enjoy all the things, situations, and experiences we have had and are having right now. It is enough.  This does not mean we resign ourselves to never having or doing or being more, just enjoy what is and be open to more.  By being happy now, we invite moreto come into our lives.


It’s Okay to want to be happy.  Regardless of what our parents said, what we learned in school or what anyone else says,


IT’S OKAY TO BE HAPPY!  Give yourself permission to be happy….all the time. Do something that brings you joy.  It can be a seemly small thing.  Smile at someone.  Have some ice cream, smell some flowers, think of family or a loved one.


The easiest and best way I have found to being happy, or happier, is to just “give thanks”. Regularly being grateful for what we have, what we have done, and for our lives…in this moment…this works wonders in our lives.  Every morning when we first wake up and at night just before we sleep, give thanks for the day that was or for the new day.  This will allow us to experience more and more happiness.


The World is not broken, Be in Peace…


Jim Hatton




Copyright © 2018 Jim Hatton.   Jim Hatton is author (under the name James Apollonius Alan) of A Spiritual Master’s Guide to Life available on Amazon or at  

The above article appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings on June 23, 2018




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