The Source of Good and Bad by Jim Hatton



Someone suggested to me that if we can find out where Good and Bad come from, then we can go to the source of Good and experience more Good.  Our lives would be happier, we would feel better and things would be a whole lot easier.

If we ask five different people what Good and Bad is, we would probably get five different answers.  The concept of Good and Bad can be relative to each individual. Here are two examples:

 A flight attendant was scheduled to work on the United Airlines plane that crashed into one of the towers on 9/11.  By a wrong computer keystroke the attendant was scheduled on a different flight instead. She didn’t want to work and was upset the whole flight until she found out that she should have been on the plane that crashed into the twin towers.

The man who worked at the World Trade Center was running late to work and couldn’t catch the “fast” subway to work. He arrived just in time to see the plane crash into the one of the towers.

Was accidently being scheduled on the wrong flight or missing the fast subway a bad thing?  The two individuals might have thought so at the time.

How can we define what is “Good” and what is “Bad”? Are good things the ones we like and bad things the ones we don’t like?  If so, we are individually choosing what is good and bad in our lives.

 Maybe there really isn’t Good or Bad, just an “Is-ness”.  We have a choice to call it “good” or “bad” or not judge it as anything at all. It’s just what IS. We do, however, have a choice to appreciate something and want more of it.

If we look back on our lives and try to see our experiences from the highest or broadest viewpoint, all those things we may not have liked, all those challenges and all the “bad” things have led us to this point now in our life: we somehow benefited from those experiences.  We may have gained in safety, prosperity, advantageous circumstances, received a greater understanding, experienced more love, or gained a deeper wisdom.

The mystics tell us Good is always given to us.  It is the nature of the Universe, the nature of our being to experience the good in our lives. There is no “BAD”. What the bad is, is when we block the flow of Good by focusing on the bad things or judging what is good and what is bad. Judgement stops the flow of Good.  Therefore, one might conclude that ALL is good, and indeed it is!

“Look for the Good and praise it” is a common expression found on signs, bumper stickers, and writings. I have never seen “look for the Bad and praise it.” But that’s exactly what we do when we judge, complain, and tell our woeful story over and over.

Judgment is a Mind-made thing.  We choose whether or not to judge. Any type of judgement places a filter, so we do not see or experience the real thing.  If we judge someone by the color of their skin, we cannot experience or know the real person until the color of their skin no longer matters. If we judge another for their actions we will never see the good in that person. Jeshua Ben Joseph did not heal anyone by judging them as sick.  Being sick or well was not an issue for him. He only saw the whole person.

The truth is, there is no source of Bad.  Only the “Good” or Is-ness is constantly given to us by Source. The question is, “Are we blocking it or are we letting it in?”

  •  The World is not broken, Be in Peace…Jim Hatton
  • The above article appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings on Sept. 15, 2018

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