Fear of Intimacy or Loving Intimacy by Angelica Rose

Fear of Intimacy or Loving Intimacy by Angelica Rose 

If we have been so hurt by others, feel betrayed, abandoned, dumped on etc. so many times we can come to a place of fearing intimacy. The fearing is coming from not wanting to get hurt again. We set up walls, shut our hearts from feeling, and become skittish with certain types of people that we may perceive as judgmental and / or negative. We become protective. Shutting our hearts from feeling is also hurting ourselves because we are not feeling love. If we protect ourselves this way, we also keep us from experiencing the love we can have in our life. We end up just living life rather than living life in bliss and depths of love. We spend our days going to work, getting our groceries, maybe working out and going into nature. Yet on some level, we are hiding from the world. We have healthy beliefs systems and some that are not serving us. Some of these beliefs we are aware of while others are hidden in our subconscious to emerge and be healed and evolved to higher levels of self-love. The belief systems that are not serving us are what I call contrasting belief systems.

Life experiences pushes on our buttons around the contrasts within us some call shadows to enlighten us to greater self-love and empowerment. Instead of hating these contrasting beliefs that are not serving us and blaming others for them, we can have courage and embrace those beliefs and learn what they are teaching us. When fear comes up shift it to courage; when we want to judge others that are pushing our buttons in areas that are not serving us, shift the judgments to love and gratitude; shift any negative thinking to positive thinking; and embrace all insecurity so it shifts to empowerment.

Meditation is one of the ways I believe supports this transformation with greater ease because it quiets the chattered mind, calms the emotions and relaxes the body. You are not the thoughts, emotions or sensations you experience them. Giving your power to the thoughts, emotions and sensations is like giving it to another human to run your life. You then have no power of choice. Learning to connect more fully into the higher power of love I call Universal Love Realm and feeling this higher vibration of love, rather than doing it alone, is what some call Kundalini.  Don’t blame the people that are pushing the buttons within you around the contrasting beliefs that are not serving you; rather thank them for assisting you to loving you more by embracing and releasing those unhealthy beliefs.

We have to have the courage to open our hearts again with healthy boundaries. To learn to love ourselves enough to be our best friend. To develop empowerment, acceptance and self-respect.  To learn to connect with the higher power of love, I call Universal Love. Some call God, Christ, or Buddha. When we reach and hold this vibration of depth of self-love to a place where we are more comfortable in our skin, we experience freedom and loving intimacy. It all starts within. We start to attract this level of loving intimacy more with those who also have this knowing within themselves. It becomes a simple relationship based on sharing love and joy with each other. We have intimate relationships with those that embrace and accept us and we embrace and accept them. That is true sacred loving intimacy that is fun, playful and empowering. I talk about how to do all of this in my book Transformation. As an Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Radio Broadcaster, Author and Minister of Love, I connect and channel pure loving energies and messages directly from the Angelic Realm, Pure Love Beings and Ascended Masters. This helps to bring greater clarity and direction in life. To learn to take responsibility for your own life is the first choice in having emotionally mature relationships.  If what I share resonates with you can learn more and get involved with what I offer. Please go to my website  angelroselove.wix.com/love

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Angelica Rose Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Radio Broadcaster and Minister of Love



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