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What are you afraid of?

Below is a link to Jon Jorgenson, reciting his poem “What are you Afraid of?” It is a little over three minutes and he so beautifully reminds us to let go of fear and see Love everywhere. Merry Christmas   What Are You Afraid Of? – Jon Jorgenson

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The Call

The Call  It’s all hearsay until you’re graced  With It. Struck down. Dumb.  Blind.  Lame.  By light and wind and heat  So fierce  It shreds your soul within     By Joyce Graham is an instructor at Rogue Community College and author of Eat Cake for Breakfast…And Other Rules to Break to Live Life More Vibrantly [...]

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Splendor and Tears

SPLENDOR AND TEARS  by Joyce Graham What is the greatest story ever told? The nail biter-love story- The falling-from, the falling-into Your Beloved, Story?   You know it as the back of your hand, Your hand, God’s Hand, Almighty Creator. Fingers of ten.  To soothe, fashion, and birth. To caress or close.  Our part in [...]

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Dog Teaches a New Year Attitude

Naughty Dog by Joyce Graham   I’m glad I have a little dog Who sniffs along the way. He doesn’t mind His p’s & q’s Or listen to what I say.   He tugs when should be sitting, And sitting when told to come. He doesn’t care about such stuff, Only that life is fun! [...]

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Peace Comes if you make room for it.

It is easy to blame the world and others for our lack of peace — if only they were not that way:  if only others would be calm or act with more integrity or do what is good for the majority, then we could have peace.  But within ourselves it is resistance, demands, reactions and [...]

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I am grateful – By Victoria Leo

I am Grateful – by Victoria Leo A man is like a fraction whose numerator is what he is and whose denominator is what he thinks of himself. The larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.  -Leo Tolstoy. This quote was passed on to me today and the message that it conveys is even more [...]

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Metaphysics – Avenue to Peace by Auri Anna

Metaphysics ~ Avenue To Peace by Auri Anna              Metaphysics is not a religion but a philosophy of study and action that allows one to delve into both the study of “being” and “matter”. The idea that we are all one is a challenge when we perceive our world as states of separation. Fortunately, the [...]

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The Love Hormone

  The Love Hormone by Dorothy Vogel Have you heard about the “love hormone?”   I, for one, had not heard of this phenomenal little hormone, tucked somewhere in the hypothalamus, until last week.  Ordinarily I am not the type of person who goes running to WebMD to find out what’s going on in my hypothalamus, [...]

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The Big Zen Stick

The Big Zen Stick by Jill Iles I think of the mishap with my arm as a wake-up call and call it the “big zen stick” relating it to the stick used by a zen master to wake a meditator who is letting the personal mind wander in conceptual thoughts rather than focusing on the [...]

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God’s sigh: the breath of peace

God’s sigh: the breath of peace – by Joyce Graham  “We hold our breath in amazement, in dread, in love.  We hold it, or perhaps, breath holds us, upon first gaze of a newborn, upon the soft light of August, upon a whisper that stills the mind.  Such divine, awe-inspiring moments when humanity merges with [...]

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