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Ed Hirsch

Ed is a longtime student and practitioner of Presence, with an integral and nondual grounding. This includes years of work in Diamond Heart and an M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. He no longer leads the free weekly groups in Opening to Presence but instead is offering one-to-one Meetings in Presence. While he is in a mentoring program, these meetings will be offered for free.

Teaching Story: The Sincere Aspirant by Ed Hirsch

Teaching Story: The Sincere Aspirant  by Ed Hirsch   (IP blog?) The story goes that a man had a powerful and illuminating opening into the Divine and felt called to share his inspiration with others. After fasting and fervently praying for how best to go about this, he received the illumination he needed. He gathered the […]

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Seven Openings to Peace

Seven Openings to Peace by Ed Hirsch Here are seven basic openings into Peace. They are aspects of your own nature and are always available. Each involves an embodied practice and an intuitive realization that will open you to Peace. It is the Peace of your own being, and the Peace of Being itself. It […]

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Peace With Another

Peace With Another When you are really present with another, and feel the connection of no separation, no distance, then your heart can speak freely and directly. Whereas when you assume separation and distance, then you have to make an effort to try to overcome that gap, and you communicate from frustration, anger, impatience, criticism, […]

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Essential Peace of Being

Essential Peace of Being Essential Peace is something you can open to here and now, because it is always Here and Now. But we usually are not open to it, and instead we seek peace in this or that circumstance, or with this or that person. Of course we want to have peace in our […]

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What is Peace?

WHAT IS PEACE?   By Ed Hirsch To discover what peace is, it is helpful to see what peace is not. For example, peace is not merely the absence of war or conflict. Essential Peace is a Presence or Essential Quality of Soul. Suppose you strike a gong, letting its vibration permeate your body and energy […]

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Peace and the Aspects of Presence

Peace and the Aspects of Presence by Ed Hirsch    Peace is here, now. It is Love, it is Truth, it is You, not separate from your embodied life, or the whole of life, here and now. Peace is not a mere absence (of war or conflict). Peace is an essential Presence. Peace is the peace […]

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Three Modes of Being

THREE MODES OF BEING by Ed Hirsch It can be helpful to distinguish the following levels or modes of your being: First is the outer, ego, or personality level. As you might observe, it basically is peaceful when it gets its own way, or when conditions are suitable, and can get out of sorts or […]

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Peace and Love

PEACE AND LOVE by Ed Hirsch Do you have a love of Peace so strong that it is a direct relationship? It is so direct that nothing gets in the way. This means that you have an unconditional love of Peace, an unconditional relationship to Peace, by which I mean Essential Peace. Recognize that this […]

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There Is Only One Religion

THERE IS ONLY ONE RELIGION  by Ed Hirsch    (post this on Dec. 22)   There is only one religion. It goes by many names. It is unspeakable by the mouth, Unknowable by the mind, So I call it The Great Mystery. Everyone is an adherent, Though they might not know it. In truth, they are it. […]

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Peace Here Now

PEACE HERE NOW by Ed Hirsch  Peace is beyond the senses, but sensory experiences can serve to open you to that Presence, as they are always in the present moment and direct. Recognize that in your waking life, body sensations, breathing, hearing, and seeing are always happening. These are all readily available, and when you […]

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