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Sally McKirgan is an artist, author and poet who lives in Ashland, OR. She facilitates the Ashland Daily Tidings Inner Peace column that is published every Saturday on the Back Page. She also facilitates one of several A Course In Miracles study groups that meet weekly in the Rogue Valley. Contact her for locations and meeting times.

The Source of Good and Bad by Jim Hatton

THE SOURCE OF GOOD AND BAD   Someone suggested to me that if we can find out where Good and Bad come from, then we can go to the source of Good and experience more Good.  Our lives would be happier, we would feel better and things would be a whole lot easier. If we [...]

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Wake Up! It is Late Already by Gokul Gokani

Wake up!  It is Late already  Peace is always inside because “Outer peace” suggests that it is not ours but is outside! And outer peace can’t take you “IN” unless you are an alchemist, which is a rarity, if not impossible, like one in millions or billions! A Real person with absolute peace either is [...]

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A Litany for Bob by Jenine Baines

When Bob texted one evening, I never expected it was to tell me he had died.  I still don’t know who used Bob’s phone to relay the news, but I do know that I stared at the one sentence message – “Bob passed away this morning” – in disbelief. Last I’d heard, Bob had finished [...]

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Seeking and Peace by Ed Hirsch

Seeking and Peace When I seek my fulfillment beyond me, I give myself over to fear. But now I can see that the truth is It is here. It is here. It is Here. When I place my own good in the future, I hope for a miracle somehow. But now I can see that [...]

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Comedians in Cars Getting Enlightened by Joyce Graham

Comedians in Cars Getting Enlightened  Who would believe that the existential ache of all humanity would be uttered so dispassionately by Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern over a simple cup of coffee (Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee) – two individuals, who in the world of ‘having it all,’ truly, Have – It -  All – [...]

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Get Happy by Jim Hatton

  GET HAPPY Can we be happy all the time? The answer is….well….yes!   Being happy, being in a state of appreciation, having fun are all indicators of us being in alignment or harmony with our inner selves.  When we are in tune with our inner selves, the law of attraction is working optimally for [...]

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Longing For Peace by Bonnie Greenwell

Longing For Peace By Bonnie Greenwell             When we long for peace in the world we are usually thinking of the end of hostility, an environment in which none of us has to worry about guns or bombs or destructive encounters or tragic loses.             Probably since the beginning of civilization humans have spoken of [...]

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Does God Care – by JimHatton

DOES GOD CARE?       I remember back in high school and college, and even after I played men’s slow pitch softball, it was common practice for our team to ask God to help us win the game. Interestingly enough recent research says that 48% of Americans believe athletes of faith are rewarded with good health and [...]

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Einstein’s Energy Theory

I recently came across the following quote from Albert Einstein: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is Physics.” So if I am depressed and [...]

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“I am There”

Recently I learned about the mystical poem ‘I am There’ by James Dillet Freeman.  He is sometimes known as “the poet laureate of the moon” because two of his poems are on the moon.   ‘I Am There’ was taken by Astronaut, James B. Irwin in 1971 and ‘Prayer for Protection’ by Lunar Commander ‘Buzz’ [...]

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