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Universations by Angelica Rose

Universtations  By Angelica Rose I celebrated a birthday feeling fulfilled with experiencing Universal Love expressed in nature. I was surrounded by hundreds of gold butterflies, waterfalls, beautiful trees and birds.  On the way back, I felt pulled to go to Macy’s. I came across these beautiful, unique pair of blue jeans. They were originally $100 […]

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Alchemy by Rumi

Alchemy The essence of milk is the cream, Of the flower the essence is honey. Life runs and departs like a dream When you’re lost in pursuit after “money.” If the essence of grapes is the wine, And the essence of getting is giving, In accumulating your “me” and “mine,” What then is the essence […]

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Space – The Final Frontier by Janie Chandler

Space – the final frontier!  The frontier I’m referring to isn’t external however, but the internal space that we all have to explore for ourselves, and which is as vast and eternal as the space that the Starship Enterprise explored.  If we can put even a little bit of space between our thoughts to gain […]

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Latin American Hospitality by Martin Albert

Kris in La Libertad Latin American Hospitality: Lessons in Keeping an Open Heart by Martin Albert On Tuesday, Jan 13, 1972, early on in a 15 month odyssey, I crossed the border from Mexico to Guatemala in the rugged El Tapon area. I was travelling in a jeep station wagon with my then wife Barbara […]

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Who is speaking? by Angelica Rose

Who is Speaking?  By Angelica Rose Many times we can get caught up in our thoughts and feel lost in them. Our thoughts represent either the past of what has happened that we wish was different, better, or that we had greater wisdom to handle differently. I call that the “what if” syndrome. We know […]

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Trancendering the Drama by Jim Hatton

TRANCENDING THE DRAMA             We have seen in recent days the high drama and polarization of our societies’ consciousness played out in our governments stage. This elevated drama is nothing new: someone has done another person a wrong, they are in trouble, he said-she said, and Mother (the authorities) doesn’t know what to do about it.  […]

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The Source of Good and Bad by Jim Hatton

THE SOURCE OF GOOD AND BAD   Someone suggested to me that if we can find out where Good and Bad come from, then we can go to the source of Good and experience more Good.  Our lives would be happier, we would feel better and things would be a whole lot easier. If we […]

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Wake Up! It is Late Already by Gokul Gokani

Wake up!  It is Late already  Peace is always inside because “Outer peace” suggests that it is not ours but is outside! And outer peace can’t take you “IN” unless you are an alchemist, which is a rarity, if not impossible, like one in millions or billions! A Real person with absolute peace either is […]

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A Litany for Bob by Jenine Baines

When Bob texted one evening, I never expected it was to tell me he had died.  I still don’t know who used Bob’s phone to relay the news, but I do know that I stared at the one sentence message – “Bob passed away this morning” – in disbelief. Last I’d heard, Bob had finished […]

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Seeking and Peace by Ed Hirsch

Seeking and Peace When I seek my fulfillment beyond me, I give myself over to fear. But now I can see that the truth is It is here. It is here. It is Here. When I place my own good in the future, I hope for a miracle somehow. But now I can see that […]

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