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Habitual Peace or Stillness by Jim Hawes

THE GAP: HABITUAL PEACE OR STILLNESS by Jim Hawes              William James in his essay on habits says quite correctly that our daily habits can be allies or enemies. He elaborates further and says that if we want healthy bodies; then, we must exercise regularly, and eat good, wholesome food. If we do little exercise [...]

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Halloween: Goblin or Angel by Sally McKirgan

    Our Halloween Identity: Goblin, Ghoul or Angel by Sally McKirgan  At Halloween we can have fun exploring our various inner “creature features” and play let’s pretend for one night.  any of us wonder at some point during our lives Who we really are.  Some question and search more than others and maybe that’s [...]

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The Path to Enlightenment can change your life by Jim Hatton

by Jim Hatton  As a very young man, I remember hearing about “Enlightenment”.   The Buddhists talked about the Buddha being enlightened and that that was the ultimate goal in life.  When you were enlightened you were wise, people wanted your advice, you were peaceful and did not have problems, you remembered past loves, and people [...]

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Peace, Presence and Relationship by Ed Hirsch

Peace, Presence, and the Relationship  by Ed Hirsch   If you are not at peace in your intimate relationship, then your life will not be at peace. To gain some insight here, let’s step back and consider the typical stages of intimate relationships.                 The first stage can be called falling in love, the honeymoon phase, [...]

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Inner Peace from Beyond the Grave

Inner Peace Beckons From Beyond the Grave by Janai ‘Grandma Boom’ Mestrovich      Florida captured a part of my heart during childhood when, as a family, we would drive straight through from Kansas City to Wildwood, Florida, Mom’s childhood home.  Every summer we would venture that way to see Mom’s relatives and other friends [...]

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An Ego Free Day

This Wednesday, UN Peace Day Sept. 21st Choose to be ego free!  The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat [...]

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Celtic Evensong, Sunday, September 18

A CELTIC BLESSING  by Bert Anderson   Church is not the first place most people go to today to find inner peace. They might go to be inspired by the sermon, a personal witness, or outstanding musical performance, but I seldom hear people who do attend report they are touched at the level of soul [...]

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I don’t know by Dan Fischer

My core philosophy: I don’t know  by Dan Fischer “There is no hole in the bottom of the universe out of which you can fall.” I am alive. Someday I will be dead. I am not going to speculate on what happens after I die.  I don’t know. If there is a life after death [...]

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Beware of What you Tell Yourself – by Summer Raven

Beware What You Tell Yourself   By Summer Raven, 1975  (Thanks to Dan Fischer for sending this to the inner peace blog.  It comes from a song that was sung at The Living Love Center in Berkeley in the 70′s) Beware what you tell yourself, Children of light. Demanding and judging Will alter your sight. And forcing [...]

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Love or Hate? You decide!

  During this political season you probably “hate” one candidate and “love” the other or maybe you like neither? Right? We harbor both love and hate within our Mind however, your true identity is attached to light and love. Go through the clouds and enter the light that is your guide to peace. Hate is [...]

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