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True Righteousness – True Patriotism by Jim Hawes

TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS (PEACEFULNESS, LOVE) AND TRUE PATRIOTISM by Jim Hawes                   Believing that one’s political views are the only correct ones is being righteous. When one feels the need to convince others that this is the only correct viewpoint is arrogance.                 Therefore, two very important questions need to be answered. What is true [...]

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Y.E.S – by Jim Hawes

Y.E.S. -  Yes; Expect and Share a Philosophy The half full glass of water, or the silver lining is always here. I call it Y.E.S., and living or practicing this has enabled me to find the good in teaching and coaching for 27 years at both the elementary and middle school level. In particular at [...]

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For A Peaceful Relationship

To get to more depth and to have a peaceful relationship, we (my wife and I) are choosing to be more, in what many spiritual sages call vertical time. Simply put, this means living in alignment with conscious presence or peace.  Therefore, the most important question is how to actually live or be in this vertical (conscious [...]

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Adventures In Consciousness

                                     ADVENTURE IN CONSCIOUSNESS by Jim Hawes               “Oh, no, not another psychobabble,” is how a fellow hiker describes my metaphysical meandering.             We all have heard people with good intentions warn us that we should avoid talking about sex, politics, and religion or spirituality. I think it is important to make a needed [...]

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Being in conscious Presence or Peacefulness

BEING IN CONSCIOUS PRESENCE OR PEACEFULNESS  by Jim Hawes  I have read that we have 90,000 thoughts a day. A majority of these thoughts are habitual or what some have called our ego or conditioned mind. Too often we find ourselves controlled by what happened in the past or what we expect or hope will [...]

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