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Reminders to choose Peace!

As you go through the days ahead, no matter how you judge them to be, remember peace is a choice.  It is a BIG choice, something you choose every minute. Whatever is before you, you have a beautiful mind that can either believe it accept it – reject it – hate it or fight it. [...]

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An Ego Free Day

This Wednesday, UN Peace Day Sept. 21st Choose to be ego free!  The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat [...]

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Love or Hate? You decide!

  During this political season you probably “hate” one candidate and “love” the other or maybe you like neither? Right? We harbor both love and hate within our Mind however, your true identity is attached to light and love. Go through the clouds and enter the light that is your guide to peace. Hate is [...]

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Hate: Not Welcome Here

I love this poster on the front doors of the Ashland Presbyterian Church! Hate has no business here! We carry aspects of hate in our hearts in many ways:  The crazy driver; the screaming neighbor; the alcoholic Uncle; the high school bully; etc.  Hate and condemnation go hand in hand.   All we need do is change [...]

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The Force is WITHIN you!

    “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”  Really means:  The Force IS WITHIN you! As a Star Wars fan and an advocate for peace, it is hard to watch the violence in the movie.  But after all it is called “wars” so what else could I expect.  The one characteristic of the Star Wars saga [...]

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Holiday Worries

Many of us have friends, family or associates who have a drinking problem.   We don’t want to get wrapped up in the lives and problems of others,  especially relatives and close friends but still we worry and wonder what we can do. How can we be helpful without being nosy or harmful? It is always [...]

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The Christmas Promise

Why is it that Christmas is the cheeriest of Seasons? It must be the symbolism of hope associated with a young babe being born into poverty but becoming an awakened being.  Not only Awakened, but kind and he had plenty of odds against him. This is the joyful promise of Christmas.  We all can awaken [...]

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Happiness for the Holidays

As we go about our lives, especially during this busy Season, let us stop and appreciate the gift of Love and the light that resides within every human heart. Everyone has the spark of love within them. Everyone is fighting a hard battle; currently; from the past or perhaps their biggest challenge has yet to come. [...]

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Holiday Inner Peace

The Holidays CAN be stressful but YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF CHANGING HOW YOU FEEL! YOU CAN BE STRESS FREE!  HERE’S HOW! Let’s face it; some people we like and some we don’t.  If we can understand however that it is the thought “I like or dislike” in the mind that is causing the problem.  You [...]

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If you’re unhappy…..

  If you’re happy and you know it…..clap your hands! Right?  Remember that song? Well…if you’re unhappy and you know it…..change your mind! How do you feel?  If you feel unhappy there is something bothering you! State what it is:  I feel awful because…………………………….! Now stop! Don’t go further on or drag yourself DOWN  into more negative [...]

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