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SEPTEMBER 21, SATURDAY, ASHLAND LIBRARY – 7 PM – PEACE WALL LIGHTING CEREMONY “Shine a Light on Peace”  Peace Wall Lighting Ceremony by Cynthia Bronson I’m sitting on my deck in the early morning sun, sharing the yard with a gentle mother deer and her two fawns grazing in the grass nearby, and I’m enjoying […]

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Higher Conscious Living by Angelica Rose

Higher Conscious Living by Angelica Rose Our mind operates like a computer filled with programs from stories we bought in to. These programs if fed often become beliefs. Some beliefs serve us and some don’t. There are beliefs we know of and others are in our subconscious. Some beliefs we experience joy and other beliefs […]

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The antidote to hate

The antidote to hate is not more hate.  By Sally McKirgan I woke up this morning with that headline in my mind. The antidote to hate cannot be more hate because that creates fear and worry.  Can hate be fought with more hate? For ten years this column has attempted to be an antidote to […]

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Are you on the pathway to “Flow”?

Are You on the Pathway to “Flow”? By Peter Finkle I wrote a poem called “Pathway to Flow” for two young friends I have played tennis with.  Brothers Taiga and Kuga are 12 years old and 10 years old.  After a year in Ashland, they and their parents recently went home to Japan.  They impressed […]

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Teaching Story: The Sincere Aspirant by Ed Hirsch

Teaching Story: The Sincere Aspirant  by Ed Hirsch   (IP blog?) The story goes that a man had a powerful and illuminating opening into the Divine and felt called to share his inspiration with others. After fasting and fervently praying for how best to go about this, he received the illumination he needed. He gathered the […]

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Are We Safe: by Will Wilkinson

I was listening to NPR the other day and heard a woman being interviewed about the terrorist shooting in New Zealand say, “Now we can’t feel safe anywhere.” I felt a deep sadness rise up within me as I contemplated the truth of what she said. New Zealand has historically been a very peaceful country. […]

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Lessons of Peace from Wild Animals by Janet Marie Sola

Lessons of peace from wild animals  by Janet Marie Sola This last fall I finally realized a long dreamed-of trip to see the mysterious and beautiful wild animals of the Serengeti in East Africa: the legendary lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, ostriches as well as some we had never heard of: the tiny antelopes […]

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The Universal Present by Ed Hirsch

The Universal Present   Would you like to get in on a secret? The first part is the Open Secret that is always here and now, simple and available. The second part is a gesture that anchors it. Together they make the Universal Present that keeps on giving, always new, always now.  Have you ever felt […]

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3 Life Lessons from a Cup of Hot Chocolate by Peter Finkle

3 Life Lessons from a Cup of Hot Chocolate How many simple moments of life today have brought a smile to your face – or your heart?  68 years of life have convinced me that my happiness does not come from the anticipated vacation, a promotion at work or a new possession.  Yes, those times […]

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Prodigal Cat by Lorrie LeSage

Prodigal Cat by Lorrie LeSage   When I met you, you were just a tiny eight-pound thing who had been left for dead, or merely overlooked as a trifle by someone preoccupied with more important matters. Yet somehow despite the odds, you took it upon yourself to survive. In spirit large and cagey as a lioness, […]

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