Fear of Intimacy or Loving Intimacy by Angelica Rose

Fear of Intimacy or Loving Intimacy by Angelica Rose 

If we have been so hurt by others, feel betrayed, abandoned, dumped on etc. so many times we can come to a place of fearing intimacy. The fearing is coming from not wanting to get hurt again. We set up walls, shut our hearts from feeling, and become skittish with certain types of people that we may perceive as judgmental and / or negative. We become protective. Shutting our hearts from feeling is also hurting ourselves because we are not feeling love. If we protect ourselves this way, we also keep us from experiencing the love we can have in our life. We end up just living life rather than living life in bliss and depths of love. We spend our days going to work, getting our groceries, maybe working out and going into nature. Yet on some level, we are hiding from the world. We have healthy beliefs systems and some that are not serving us. Some of these beliefs we are aware of while others are hidden in our subconscious to emerge and be healed and evolved to higher levels of self-love. The belief systems that are not serving us are what I call contrasting belief systems.

Life experiences pushes on our buttons around the contrasts within us some call shadows to enlighten us to greater self-love and empowerment. Instead of hating these contrasting beliefs that are not serving us and blaming others for them, we can have courage and embrace those beliefs and learn what they are teaching us. When fear comes up shift it to courage; when we want to judge others that are pushing our buttons in areas that are not serving us, shift the judgments to love and gratitude; shift any negative thinking to positive thinking; and embrace all insecurity so it shifts to empowerment.

Meditation is one of the ways I believe supports this transformation with greater ease because it quiets the chattered mind, calms the emotions and relaxes the body. You are not the thoughts, emotions or sensations you experience them. Giving your power to the thoughts, emotions and sensations is like giving it to another human to run your life. You then have no power of choice. Learning to connect more fully into the higher power of love I call Universal Love Realm and feeling this higher vibration of love, rather than doing it alone, is what some call Kundalini.  Don’t blame the people that are pushing the buttons within you around the contrasting beliefs that are not serving you; rather thank them for assisting you to loving you more by embracing and releasing those unhealthy beliefs.

We have to have the courage to open our hearts again with healthy boundaries. To learn to love ourselves enough to be our best friend. To develop empowerment, acceptance and self-respect.  To learn to connect with the higher power of love, I call Universal Love. Some call God, Christ, or Buddha. When we reach and hold this vibration of depth of self-love to a place where we are more comfortable in our skin, we experience freedom and loving intimacy. It all starts within. We start to attract this level of loving intimacy more with those who also have this knowing within themselves. It becomes a simple relationship based on sharing love and joy with each other. We have intimate relationships with those that embrace and accept us and we embrace and accept them. That is true sacred loving intimacy that is fun, playful and empowering. I talk about how to do all of this in my book Transformation. As an Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Radio Broadcaster, Author and Minister of Love, I connect and channel pure loving energies and messages directly from the Angelic Realm, Pure Love Beings and Ascended Masters. This helps to bring greater clarity and direction in life. To learn to take responsibility for your own life is the first choice in having emotionally mature relationships.  If what I share resonates with you can learn more and get involved with what I offer. Please go to my website  angelroselove.wix.com/love

© 2019, Angelica Rose, all rights reserved  angelroselove.wix.com/love

Angelica Rose Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Radio Broadcaster and Minister of Love



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Inner Peace at Peace House by Elizabeth Hallett

Finding Inner Peace at Peace House    by Elizabeth Hallett     

Living in rural Calaveras County in 1980, surrounded by nature, I enjoyed a simple life, away from the problems of the world. There was a certain inner peace to that life. It was also isolating. I listened to the Bay area’s Pacifica Radio and realized that there was a cultural revolution going on. I became spiritually and politically restless.  For me, being connected to others and involved in social justice issues became more important than retreating to the mountains. I had graduated with a BA in American Studies and was actively against the Vietnam War in the 1960’s.

In response to my activist soul, I left my monkish cold-water cabin in the Motherlode and headed to San Francisco and became involved in legislative efforts to certify Direct Entry Midwives. This actually led to organizing protests against wars in Central America and the Gulf War outside of Concord Naval Weapons Station near Walnut Creek, CA.   Many midwives were active in both movements, feeling moral outrage as well as solidarity with Central Americans and Middle Eastern families who were being affected by US involvement in their wars.  By that time, I had become a mother. Pictures of dead mothers and babies in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua reminded me of similar ones published during the US war in Vietnam. I could not look at the pictures without deep moral anguish.

By the time I moved to Oregon, I had fully revived my sixties awareness about US interventionist foreign policies and was connected to many others who were actively educating and demonstrating against the work of the School of the Americas and other arms of the US military. 

For many of us, the question we face is: how can we find inner peace without engaging with the outer world and our collective human condition?  Living with the possibility of fires and other climate-related catastrophes, there is little room to hide from the collective situation that disturbs our mind and our hearts, and challenges our inner peace or “WA,” as the Japanese would say. We will not survive long or well if we simply scurry out for supplies and return to crawl under our security blankets. Apart from the implicit isolation, it would be a life of privilege that most of us cannot afford.

We see and are affected the whole enchilada: a litany of materialism, and greed of the 1% at the top that is affecting the less well-funded deeply. Hate speech; increased militarism; skyrocketing rents; prejudice; decreased educational opportunities; poor or no health care; homelessness and food shortages all press on us and our communities.  If we are not, directly affected, we are more than aware that those around us are suffering. How do socially concerned people find inner peace in this state of affairs?

“No Peace without Justice,” has long been a mantra of those who work on social issues. Cultivating a culture of social action can make an impact and lessen injustices. Applying nonviolent strategies, peaceful organizing can cause powerful solutions and voter-based change.

Enter Peace House: At the corner of South Mountain and Ashland, diagonally across from the SOU campus, stands the home of Peace House and South Mountain Friends Meeting (SMFM). So, what does a culture of peace look like inside this building?

Marjorie and Ogden Kellogg Sr. helped found the Ashland Quaker worship group in the 1960’s that later became SMFM in Ashland. Marjorie also helped start Peace House. The two groups have been entrusted with a place to be together in community: a platform for social change and spiritual growth. We share ownership of the building but are separate nonprofits. Both organizations are based in American spiritual and social justice traditions of nonviolent resistance to tyranny, slavery and militarism, and supporting equal rights for all people. Luminaries such as Martin Luther King, Joan Baez, Gandhi, Dorothy Day and the Berrigan Brothers, Phil and Daniel, inform our philosophy of nonviolence.

Part of the peaceful beauty inside this building is that we host many groups who do not have a peaceful space in which to contemplate, organize, celebrate or just sit quietly together.  You will find a large meditation room, a nurturing kitchen and a modest Quaker library upstairs; a Peace library and a small Buddhist library downstairs, along with two smaller meeting rooms and the Peace House office. We also house a Prison Book Project!

Four rental rooms are offered at a nominal fee for all who seek a place to be in community. A quiet and diverse procession of visitors and renters are enjoying it his opportunity. Examples are: a Buddhist group, women’s writers’ group, a Quaker Meeting on Sundays; a monthly Friends’ Song Circle; an Ad Hoc Committee to examine policing accountability; and private counseling sessions. There are also the occasional anniversary celebrations or memorials.

Peace House coordinates Uncle Food’s Diner, a Tuesday hot meal platform offering several other social services and is co-sponsored by Peace House and the Methodist Church. Peace House also holds educational films, discussion groups and meetings in the building or, sometimes at SOU. We also produce our bi-monthly calendar featuring activist events and projects in Southern Oregon, stitching together a wide variety of social concerns. You can subscribe for free at wwww.peacehouse.net and follow local activities weekly.

Peace House has also served as the sponsor for several fledgling organizations until they could become non-profits in their own right. The house Marjorie Kellogg left behind is being put to good use!

There are deer and squirrels that bless us with their presence amongst the surrounding trees, providing a certain balance to our inner peace. This is a good place to be!  I feel better, now, watching our community take big strides to do our inner work while advocating for nonviolence, social justice and an end to the militarization of our culture.

Biographical Notes

Elizabeth V. Hallett is the Program Director at Peace House, Ashland. She first worked there from 1993-1997. She then worked as Program Manager for ten years at the Ashland Community Hospital Respite Center. After its closure, she went into private practice as a Senior Care Consultant, and has been holding support groups for families living with Alzheimer’s for twenty years. She returned to work at Peace House in 2016. She is has also been training with the Berkeley Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute in Spiritual Direction

The above article appeared in the Ashland Tidings Inner Peace Column  on January 5, 2019


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The End of Seeking by Ed Hirsch

The End of Seeking     by Ed Hirsch

 Seeking, craving, grasping onto whatever it is we think will make us happy—that is the oldest of delusions. It seems justified because the only alternative seems to be being the victim, grinning and bearing it. If we ever question it at all. We tend to get caught up in the seeking so much that we have no time to question what might be driving it.

 But it is, in truth, a sort of madness, a falling out of real sanity, which is true contentment with What IS. If you are lost in the trance of seeking, craving, grasping, it is not likely that you would be reading this anyway, unless there is some restlessness, some deep dissatisfaction with your game and whole approach to life, where some suffering is showing through the cracks.

 But that is what is driving the show. We focus on the thing sought—money, power, pleasure, love, fame, whatever it might be—and it keeps us going, so that we don’t have to look within at the restlessness, emptiness, dissatisfaction, dis-ease, even self-hatred that is driving it all. We fear looking within, fearing that we might find that we are deeply misguided, and then we’ll really be lost, in chaos, in meaninglessness. That is the fear that holds it all together. Something seems missing, an inner deficiency that we must try to fill. But what is really missing is our sanity, the recognition that all is truly well.

 The trance of desire is that happiness, peace, true satisfaction, and fulfillment will be found in satisfying the desire. When we feel we lack something, getting it can become an obsession, for then we have something to focus on as a symbol of what will complete us. It can be as simple as wanting food if you are hungry, or as complicated as wanting a relationship if you are lonely. We get content for a time, until the next desire arises. And so it goes.

 I invite you to try on two simple practices, and see how they land in you.

 First, step back from the merry-go-round and reflect that aside from all the comings and goings, the fundamental Reality, Truth, Being, by whatever name, is Always Here Now, is not coming or going. And that applies to your own Truth or True Nature. It is What IS, and you are not separate from That. This is not simply an idea for you to think about. It is a Reality that opens you in unconditional surrender to That. Close your eyes, be still, be now, and just BE. Getting off the merry-go-round is not the feared disorientation, but is in fact the peace of Coming Home. There is no problem.

 Second, and complementary to the first: simply open to your present moment experience and let it be as it is, just as it is. Accept it, allow it. Recognize that it is as it is already, and what is really happening is that you are allowing yourself to experience it. Even if you have doubts, fears, resistance, let that be too. Nothing has to be changed, as it is all simply part of what is now.

 When you stop fighting what is, arguing with it, denying it, trying to change it, figure it out, or control it, you simply let be what is. There is peace, and that peace goes beyond just the moment or whatever happens to be in this moment. The contents or circumstances of the moment are going to change, as they always have. But you open to something deeper, and you are free, free from the nightmare struggle, free from running from yourself, free from arguing with reality.

 These two exercises are always available, because Being is always available, and what is in any moment is also always available. Whenever you are ready.

 It’s not that you then give up on life and have no more desires. Rather, life then begins, and desire is simply natural, as natural as eating when you are hungry. Desire can even become inspiration. The difference is that it is not obsessive, addictive, driven. You are free, free to be, free to live. Have a great summer!

 Ed Hirsch is a local Ashlander with a background in philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. He has taught OLLI courses in Presence, facilitates two weekly Presence groups at private homes,

and offers spiritual counseling. If interested, please contact him at presenceofone@yahoo.com.




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Turning Fake News by Will Wilkinson

Turning Fake News Into Real Peace – by Will Wilkinson

 Something wonderful is happening. Strangers are helping each other survive wildfires and storms. Neighbors are rising above their differences when crises strike. Meanwhile, many of our so-called leaders bicker like spoiled children and fake news confuses our sense of what’s true and false.

The “godfather of fake news,” so-called in a recent BBC on-line story, sits at his laptop and writes. “The words flow from the thoughts in his head. Unconnected to reality, he needs no research and no notes … Publish. (He) sits back in his chair and watches the likes and shares roll in.”

Later in the article, the BBC contributor, Anisa Subedar, quotes another writer, this one living in Macedonia. “The Americans loved our stories and we make money from them,” one faker told the BBC. “Who cares if they are true or false?”

 Who cares? That’s a powerful question. Who cares, not just about truth and lies but about caring? Caring for each other, what we say about each other, and how we treat each other. Many millions of us do, in fact most of us do, but that doesn’t make the news.

We are now at the end of the Holiday season. For Christians, this is a time to celebrate the birth and message of Jesus Christ. For others, it’s a festive family time. What if all of us, regardless of our faith, could fulfil the promise of what’s called “the second coming” in a unique way, by personally exemplifying Christ-like qualities of character? After all, He did his part, what about us?

 He said, “Love your enemies.” That’s pretty clear. What if we actually did just that… and more? Imagine reading, watching, or listening to the fake news that bombards us every day and turning it into real peace. We witness someone ridiculing, shaming, and belittling another? Our response? Appreciation. Here’s the magic to this: appreciation increases value.

 Adults who stoop to adolescent insult hurling are diminishing others to inflate themselves, so they must feel personally undervalued. What if we found a way to appreciate them? Of course, that can be a daunting challenge. It takes a very clever detective of human nature to find something, anything, to appreciate about professional mud slingers. Well, are we up to that challenge? Or do we fling back in return?

 Jesus Christ was called the Prince of Peace. A prince is defined on-line as “a royal ruler of a small state, subject to a king.” What if that describes every one of us, in potential at least? After all, each of us has our own “small state,” populated by family, friends, neighbors, and strangers, plus the world as it comes to us via media. But here’s the intriguing question for an aspiring prince or princess: who (or what) are we subject to?

 Fake news can subject us into constant complaint. But what if we ruled our small state with appreciation and compassion, making sure that everyone felt truly valued?

 This is also the season when many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. We might decide to hit the gym twice a week and lose 15 pounds or finally clean out the garage, but those promises often don’t last more than a few weeks. Why? Because we lack lasting motivation. So, is there a better option, some technique that might keep us on track a bit longer?

 Here’s one: feel the reward in advance. Imagine your immediate environment filled with love and gratitude. We all know the experience of being appreciated. Well, it feels just as wonderful to others as it does to us. That feeling can become our compass, guiding us to make new choices that become new habits. Like, becoming a professional peace bringer!

 As we end this holiday season,, what if we resolved, not just to change our behavior but to change our mindset? What if we chose to seize every moment as an opportunity to bring peace with our words and actions, even our thoughts?

 The heroes we most admire are those who encounter big obstacles but persevere through them. Imagine being able to look in the mirror and honestly say: “That’s me!”


Article quoted from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/the_godfather_of_fake_news

 Will Wilkinson is a senior consultant at www.luminarycommuncations.org. He is currently developing a “thriving community” program for local businesses. Information can be found at www.thrivinginbusinessandlife.com.

 The above article was published in the Ashland Tidings on December 29, 2018

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Christmas Star in YOU

“The sign of Christmas is a star, a light in darkness. 

See it not outside yourself, but shining in the Heaven within,

and accept it as the sign the time of Christ has come.”

‘ A Course In Miracles’ T. 15. XI.2 

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Universations by Angelica Rose

Universtations  By Angelica Rose

I celebrated a birthday feeling fulfilled with experiencing Universal Love expressed in nature. I was surrounded by hundreds of gold butterflies, waterfalls, beautiful trees and birds.  On the way back, I felt pulled to go to Macy’s. I came across these beautiful, unique pair of blue jeans. They were originally $100 with forty percent off. I said to the Universe, “how pretty these jeans are. I would enjoy paying $32 for them. Otherwise I am fine without getting them.” I asked the clerk if the Macy’s birthday or wallet coupons would work. She said no. She checked online and said they were the same price. I thanked her and left. When I got back to the house, I felt pulled to go to May’s online. I saw the white and blue jeans listed on sale. The white pair was $52 with forty percent off. The blue pair was $52. I called and asked if the forty percent could be used toward the blue pair. She said no. I told I was celebrating a birthday today. She said, “If it’s your birthday then I’ll give you forty percent off the blue jeans. They come to $32.” I wear them with gratitude.

  • I opened my heart to Universal Love and felt so joyful. At that time is when I shared how I’d like the jeans.  I felt a deep sense of enjoying them without having an attachment to having them. I felt no missing out or limitations about the price. I know if you seek the Kingdom of Heaven, I call Universal Love; all shall be met according to our purpose and the Universe’s plan set for us.
  •  Being an Angel Messenger, I am able to hear Angels and see when people die go into the light. I asked the Universe for deeper clarity. The first thing I heard was, “it is about time.” I laughed

This is the channeled message that I heard

1) Quiet any mental stories.

2) Open your heart and feel Universal Love inside allowing the joyful energies to fill and empower me. This some call, the Kingdom of Heaven.

3) It doesn’t matter if I feel insecure or fearful initially because as I open my heart to Universal Love, divine pure love will transform the fears and insecurities.

 Some feel they must first transform the fears and insecurities through analyzing, fixing, or correcting. This leads to struggles and insecurities because they feel something is wrong with them and therefore needs fixing in order to be happy.  This is Ego control wanting to have instant gratification. Embracing and letting go of the fears and insecurities helps with the connection to Universal Love. Resisting, judging or attempting to force it out only keeps you stuck like glue to those fears and insecurities. Embracing them and focusing on Universal Love, is a form of surrendering them which transforms them in the higher vibrations.

 As we experience this magnificent Universal Love, we will feel the omnipresence and vibrations of love, joy, and abundance. This is way beyond any frequency that the human expression can have if it is conditionally love based or fear driven. Universal Love is pure, unconditional and nurturing. Experiencing this is true freedom.

The Universe knows our heart’s desire way before we even think them. The Universe created us so of course the Universe knows. Feeling the energy of pure bliss and joy is how I was when I saw the jeans, without any attachments to having or not having them. I shared how it would bring me joy. I didn’t feel any limitations around not having them or missing them if I didn’t get them. I felt a sense of joy and love wearing them brought heightened levels of joy. This joy aligned with the energy of Universal Love. Divine order and timing allowed it to come into fruition.

 When you are aligned to the vibrations of the Universe of love and abundance the fruitions are way beyond what you expect. The energy is beyond anything you ever imagined because you are at a higher vibration. It will feel peaceful and expansive because you are living in the realm of Universal Love and abundance.

 The stronger the connection to Universal Love, the greater joy, love, peace and abundance you feel and experience.  Connect to Universal Love in the heart and allow the magic to unfold.

 Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, is a Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Author Angelica also created an online series called, Spiritual Journey to Divine Love on MP3 and MP4.  www.angelroselove.wix.com/love

The above article appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings on Dec. 1, 2018 titled:

Open Up to engaging in ‘universations.’ 


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Alchemy by Rumi


The essence of milk is the cream,

Of the flower the essence is honey.

Life runs and departs like a dream

When you’re lost in pursuit after “money.”

If the essence of grapes is the wine,

And the essence of getting is giving,

In accumulating your “me” and “mine,”

What then is the essence of living?

Cream rises to the top of the years,

Sweet nectars of visions fly past,

The journey through laughter and tears,

And a life that has gone by so fast.

Intoxicating wine warms the heart,

The flame of love flickers, grows cold,

May the one who from life stood apart

Find in wisdom the only true gold.

Thank you to Ed Hirsh for submitting this poem.

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Space – The Final Frontier by Janie Chandler

Space – the final frontier!

 The frontier I’m referring to isn’t external however, but the internal space that we all have to explore for ourselves, and which is as vast and eternal as the space that the Starship Enterprise explored.

 If we can put even a little bit of space between our thoughts to gain a modicum of perspective on what goes on in our minds 24-7, we start to give ourselves some wiggle room between thought and reaction. That sliver of space is where we attain the ability to respond with awareness rather than react out of habit and conditioning. The bigger that space becomes the more perspective we have and the more freedom we have in responding creatively to circumstances and situations. Michael Bernard Beckwith says that “choice is a function of awareness”; the more awareness we have the more choice we have. I would equate awareness with the space between our thoughts; the more space we have, the more choice we have.

 I believe that our greatest privilege is our awareness, and with ample awareness comes freedom from the tyranny of the thought-reaction vortex. It’s a curious thing that, although as humans we differ from other animals particularly because of our self-awareness, we actually possess very little relative self-awareness. Many of us cannot, or do not, differentiate who we are from what we think, and it takes time, intention, and discipline to cultivate that inner space which gives us the ability to reflect on our thoughts and notice what’s driving our actions.

 I do not know of a better way to explore and expand that inner space than meditation, but I am very sympathetic to the conundrum many people have when they first begin to sit for meditation and cannot, for the life of them, get their minds to stop chattering long enough to experience the stillness and quietude they are told is in there. “I can’t meditate” are words I so often hear, which is generally accompanied by self-judgement as not being good enough, smart enough, or disciplined enough to be capable of meditating.

 This is why I am such a proponent of guided meditation (also called visualization) for people who are newly launching their quest to boldly go where they have not gone before. When we give our monkey-mind something specific to focus on -rather than attempt to focus on nothing at all- we are likely to be much more successful in accessing that inner space where we are freed from the gravity of our thoughts. Launching a meditation practice by attempting to jump into deep space without training can be futile, whereas skillful guidance (often through a recording) can be a pleasure and a relief.

 A second hurdle to developing a meditation practice (beyond “I can’t meditate”) is the belief that we don’t have time. Our culture does not place value on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and it is a struggle to value our beingness in a world that measures worth in doing. For many prioritizing the time to sit quietly for 10-20 minutes per day is bucking an ancestral legacy of working hard and prove ourselves.  This is a very real challenge. But without shifting priorities and valuing the time to exploring the frontier of inner space, we are unlikely to achieve the freedom and expand the ability to choose that self-awareness provides.

 If you haven’t already launched your own exploration into your inner space, or if you have, but have been frustrated by your monkey-mind, I encourage you to look into using guided meditations to ease your way into a more peaceful mindscape. Or perhaps you have dabbled in meditation but haven’t managed to make it a consistent practice, in which case I encourage you to take a look at the value you place on your mental and emotional health and your inner space of self-awareness, and prioritize your meditation practice now.

 Janie Chandler has been a Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Medicine Practitioner for over 30 years. She is a founding faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program and has taught Donna’s work nationally and internationally. She is the creator of Your Inner Sanctuary, a guided meditation series, and The Visual Atlas of Energy Medicine, a real-time guide for energetic self-care.  She has a practice in Ashland seeing clients both locally and virtually.  Visit EnergyMedicineNow.com for more information.

 The above article appeared in the  Ashland Daily Tidings on Saturday November 10, 2018


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Latin American Hospitality by Martin Albert

Kris in La Libertad

Latin American Hospitality: Lessons in Keeping an Open Heart by Martin Albert

On Tuesday, Jan 13, 1972, early on in a 15 month odyssey, I crossed the border from Mexico to Guatemala in the rugged El Tapon area.

I was travelling in a jeep station wagon with my then wife Barbara and our 5 year old daughter Kris, on a journey that would take us through Central America, around the Darien peninsula by ship, and through Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. And then back.

This evening we were driving slowly on a narrow, winding road, through mountains and canyons of savannah and scrub forest. We were still far from our destination, La Libertad, when light started to fade. We pulled off the road and in a brushy field found a level place to stop and camp in the jeep, as was our custom on this trip.

Night fell as we prepared dinner in the back of the station wagon.  A group of half a dozen Mayan men and women  gathered several hundred feet away and started a campfire. They greeted us, told us we should visit the Gringo priest in La Libertad, and were a quiet benign presence as we ate dinner and went to sleep. They dispersed at the first light of dawn.

The next morning we broke camp and drove into small rural La Libertad, where a bustling market day was in full swing. We bought groceries and supplies, and one vendor, for a few centavos had a trained parrot that pulled a message from a miniature treasure chest and to Kris’ delight, placed it in her hand.

We visited the village priest who invited us to stay the night at the Church offices. Later he told us that the Mayan families who had seen us set up camp outside of town were concerned about our safety because there had been a murder in that area in the past few months. They quietly took it upon themselves to stay near us and watch over us through the night. Later they alerted the priest to our presence, knowing that he could talk to us in English, and look after our safety.

During our journey, we experienced many similar events of extraordinary kindness, hospitality and generosity from a wide range of people in Mexico, Central and South America. These were hard working people of modest means, who shared their food and homes with us with no expectations of return.

Kris, who picked up Spanish as a native speaker, eventually worked in the Peace Corp and Peace Corp administration and now teaches High School Spanish. On return to the States, I worked as a physician in a Migrant Workers Clinic in Woodburn, Oregon. I have returned to Latin America many times as a tourist and medical volunteer.

As I watch our immigration policy hijacked by hate, anger and misunderstanding, and see the cruel and sadistic treatment of vulnerable people seeking refuge in the United States, I feel incredible regret and shame. These immigrants and refugees are the sons and grandsons of people whom we met in our travels, who value family, hard work, generosity to others, and community. Given our blessings of material abundance and political stability, our current treatment of immigrants and strangers is unforgiveable.

Unless we are pure blood Native Americans, we also are descendants of immigrants– good, hard working people. As Chinese, Iranians, Irish, Italians, Mexicans, Japanese, Jews, Poles, Senegalese, and a multitude of other origins, our ancestors often faced challenges and hate when they came to the United States.

Understanding the perilous journeys of our own homeless ancestors, from their diverse countries of origins, would we not naturally greet today’s immigrants and refugees with kindness, dignity, generosity, and justice?

That which unites us as human beings and intertwined communities is so much more powerful than that which divides us.  We cannot allow those who seek to divide us push forward their agenda of hate and divisiveness. Our country has always stood for respect of human rights and supporting others in times of need and in situations of crisis. This is what has made us great. Let’s not turn away from what has always represented our hearts’ deepest feelings and values.

Martin Albert is a physician practicing functional and integrative medicine. He is working with Rogue Community Health in Medford, where he and his wife are expanding the Integrative Medical Clinic. In 2017 he moved back to Oregon from Virginia.

The above article appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings on Nov. 3, 2018

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Who is speaking? by Angelica Rose

Who is Speaking?  By Angelica Rose

Many times we can get caught up in our thoughts and feel lost in them. Our thoughts represent either the past of what has happened that we wish was different, better, or that we had greater wisdom to handle differently. I call that the “what if” syndrome. We know more now, becoming wiser from lessons we have learned and yet we wish we would have known that at an earlier time in our life. That would have given us a different outcome in the now. We learned that lesson to become wiser now so in the past you did the best you did with where you were at. You didn’t do anything wrong rather learned from what was in front of you at that time in your life. Our thoughts also can represent the future of what we would love to accomplish. If we have so much attention there instead of the now, we miss out on wonderful opportunities. We go through a process in life. That process is filled with both lessons and creations.

Forcing outcomes to have more joy, love, wealth, health etc., only creates stress and more of what we don’t want. We have such a huge attention focus on getting something that we actually create the blocks to getting it because we are focused on the limitations or lack around what we want. For example, I met someone a few months ago who desperately wanted to have a baby. Nothing seemed to happen. She said she tried for years. Finally she gave up. She was going to the park and playing with the children there. A few months later, she became pregnant. The act of surrendering and enjoying life allowed for her to focus more on being happy no matter what. Divine order came about and allowed her to become pregnant.

When we allow the creations to come about from a higher power- GOD, the Universe, Source, and Christ- we receive even better outcomes than when we do it from an ego control centered place. This is because we are getting something far beyond what the human mind can conceive, something new and even more exciting. I was celebrating a birthday last week. I went into Macy’s and saw a pair of jeans that were so unusual. The price was 25% off $100. I didn’t want to spend that amount.  I said, “Universe I would love to buy these jeans as a birthday gift. I would like to buy them for $32. I won’t buy them otherwise.” I took the jeans up to the cashier and asked if the Macy’s birthday coupon I received could be applied toward these jean or any of my other Macy’s coupons. She said no. I asked her to check Macy’s online to see if it is on sale. She checked and didn’t see it on sale.  I then left but felt led to check when I got back home.  They were on sale for 50% off which made them $42. I called Macy’s seeing the white pair had 20% additional sale off. I shared how I was celebrating a birthday. She said the 20% off would not work on the blue jeans yet since it is my birthday she would apply the 20% off. The jeans came to $32.

By celebrating what we would love to have as if we already have it, we allow ourselves to become an open vessel for greater opportunities to come about. We feel led, inspired, and open to the necessary steps to take. Having patience and faith can seem challenging if we are caught up in the linear time frame of getting it vs. the divine order of allowing it. Enjoy what life is now because GOD knows what you want to have. Focus on being happy and love allowing the magic of life to happen.


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Angelica Rose, An Angel Walk-in, is a Universal gifted Angel Messenger, Medium,  Inner Spirit Activation Specialist since 1991, a Certified Hypnotist and Author of Ebooks, Relaxation CDs, MP3s, MP4s, Talk on Spiritual Oneness and Inspirational Stickers and for more info:   www.angelroselove.wix.com/love

 The above article appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings on August, 11, 2018




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