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Habitual Peace or Stillness by Jim Hawes

THE GAP: HABITUAL PEACE OR STILLNESS by Jim Hawes              William James in his essay on habits says quite correctly that our daily habits can be allies or enemies. He elaborates further and says that if we want healthy bodies; then, we must exercise regularly, and eat good, wholesome food. If we do little exercise […]

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Change Your Thoughts – Change Channels

Changing Your Thoughts is Changing Channels We live in a dualistic world.  There is good and bad; hot and cold; short and tall and the list goes on. We also have a dualist mind that contains two thought systems:  the voice of the ego or the voice of truth and of peace.  Watch your thoughts […]

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Peace: Change your thoughts

  “When something has gone to the trouble of happening it is best to consider it inevitable in my opinion.”    From “My talks with Dean Spanley” by Baron Dunsany and the 2008 movie “Dean Spanley” with Peter O’Toole and Sam Neil Sometimes while reading a book or watching a movie, a statement will jump out […]

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The Happiness of Spring

The Happiness of Spring What keeps us from inner peace is very simply not realizing or accepting our true identity.  If I am ONE with everything what is my problem?  What grievance or problem could upset me? You are Spirit and being spirit you are ageless, formless, eternal, complete, invulnerable, healed, whole and One with Source.  […]

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