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The End of Seeking by Ed Hirsch

The End of Seeking     by Ed Hirsch  Seeking, craving, grasping onto whatever it is we think will make us happy—that is the oldest of delusions. It seems justified because the only alternative seems to be being the victim, grinning and bearing it. If we ever question it at all. We tend to get caught up […]

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Seeking and Peace by Ed Hirsch

Seeking and Peace When I seek my fulfillment beyond me, I give myself over to fear. But now I can see that the truth is It is here. It is here. It is Here. When I place my own good in the future, I hope for a miracle somehow. But now I can see that […]

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Reminders to choose Peace!

As you go through the days ahead, no matter how you judge them to be, remember peace is a choice.  It is a BIG choice, something you choose every minute. Whatever is before you, you have a beautiful mind that can either believe it accept it – reject it – hate it or fight it. […]

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Habitual Peace or Stillness by Jim Hawes

THE GAP: HABITUAL PEACE OR STILLNESS by Jim Hawes              William James in his essay on habits says quite correctly that our daily habits can be allies or enemies. He elaborates further and says that if we want healthy bodies; then, we must exercise regularly, and eat good, wholesome food. If we do little exercise […]

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Inner Peace

What is Inner Peace? Inner peace in an inward condition of the mind. It is a state of being. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” [Bible, Proverbs, chapter 23:7] The world I see (perceive), is the witness of my state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. Perception is […]

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Take your inner peace temperature

Welcome to the Inner Peace Blog!  Take your inner peace temperature Imagine a community where people take their “inner temperature” daily.  When we watch judgments, thoughts, prejudices and attitudes we immediately know if we are experiencing peace or conflict within.  As we watch ourselves, we practice inner peace and it will be reflected outward in […]

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