When There’s Nothing to Do, Write About It

Praising Ordinary Days

It’s hot, hot, hot, even here in Colorado, where early evening thunderstorms have caused some local flooding but cool the evenings down just fine. Here, too, we worry about drought and fire. If you want to think more about worry, sign up for my free Poem of the Week which features   ‘s poem “Afraid So” this week. POTW is free, and you can sign up, or read previous posted poems, at my web site www.lindabarneswriting.com

Are You Retired, or Wish You Were?

I had a nice email correspondence with Central Point poet Dewell Byrd. Our paths don’t cross often, but he shared a poem with me that I wanted to pass along to you right away. I love the beautiful, unexpected images he uses here and hope it inspires you to take up your pen.

Early Retirement

It isn’t every day I think of work.

Some days slip by like worn prayer beads

or like bubbles that glisten in the rain

and linger on the blacktop sidewalk

outside my “Man Cave” window.

Most days are filled with the music

of the slow-dance and slide by unnoticed.


It isn’t every day I think of work.

Some days are filled with playing tourist

watching a column of leaf-cutters

and lazing iguanas in Cancun

or absorbing the drone of bees

that curtsy on red clover blossoms

half drunk on the nectar of their own gods.


It isn’t every day I think of work.

I seldom remember there was a time

before the ache of half-filled days.

I’ll bet they’ve already forgotten my name,

broken my coffee mug.

~Dewell H. Byrd


Dewell’s Big Three

I asked Dewell the same 3 questions I’ll pose to every poet featured here.

Why do you write poetry?

When I was volunteering at the precinct polls at age 72 a friend said, “Your notes are too good to linger.  WRITE, NOW.”

Four books of poetry later I continue to write at age 84.

“REFLECTIONS OF THE HEART” is a softbound and an “E” book handled by AMAZON.

“ABE CROSSES THE OHIO RIVER” is sold by me at $15.00 or $10.00 to poets.

Who are your own favorite poets?

I’m currently reading everything, as usual, but return often to Rumi and Whitman… Billy Collins, too.

What would you like to tell other poets?

Don’t try to be a writer.  Just be a person standing on the street corner with dirt under

your fingernails and a pencil behind your ear.  Strophes will find you.

Dewell has given gracious permission to share his email address. Order his books, and send him a note of greeting at  de2byrds@aol.com

Have You Signed Up Yet?

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