Golf just isn’t my sport

I showed up at a local golf course – I won’t share which one because it doesn’t matter – Monday with high expectations based on exactly two good shots I produced a week prior. Counting the good-shots day, this was my second golf outing in 18 month. Turns out, that’s not a large enough sample size to predict performance. I struggled to locate my “A” game. Consequently, my “B”, “C” and “D” games were also AWOL. That is to say, I was spectacularly awful. My drives – the ones that I didn’t chunk directly into the turf, that is – went everywhere but the fairway. My chip shots either came up short of the green or sailed clear over (onto an adjacent driving tee in one particularly embarrasing instance). My putts were usually off to the left or right by at least six inches. In short, it was a terrible day at the links.

There’s no deeper meaning here, no hidden subtext, no point really, other than to express my frustration to a hopefully sympathetic audience. And yet next father’s day, I’ll probably be back out there, $60 lighter, raking my 7-iron through bushes looking for a ball that I’ll never find.

Anyway, here are 10 lucky shots that will make you smile.

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