Honored to be Nominated by International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest

Forty years of creating/applying/dedicating my specialty approach of 3D learning to children as young as 3 has been and will always be a passionate heart endeavor. And aging retains a huge dose of enthusiasm with this work being active in my life.

I am feeling honored to receive a nomination for an award regarding my work for the world’s children.

“Hello Janai~ Congratulations!
We are delighted that you have been nominated for the Pebble Rebel Award 2017 sponsored by the International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest womensfestivalnw.org

The Pebble Rebel Award was created to honor women of the Pacific Northwest, like your-self, who are making a positive impact in their community.
You were nominated by a woman who respects you and who finds you inspiring. She admires that you “ empower children to make positive choices and build inner strength.”

I am grateful for this nomination. May it help to spread awareness of what is needed for the children of the world. #earthisheaven@67

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THE Single Funniest Event of my Life Happened This Morning….and, Yes, I Wear a Wig!

THE single, funniest event of my life happened this morning. I’ll set the stage for you….The grandies spent the night. That means I set up sleeping pads and blankets on the floor in my bedroom so it’s like a campout.

Once everyone was awake this morning, we were having a sweet little chat. My grandson picked up the cheap plastic trumpet he slept next to and started playing music he wanted me to dance to. Well, flannel nighty and robe work just as great as a dress for a morning dance, so I began flitting around the room, both grandchildren watching every move as they remained partially tucked into their cozy nests.

Backtracking a bit, when I knew they were waking up, I slid my wig on my head. They’ve never seen me without my trusty wig and it seemed fitting for them to recognize their Booey and not a stranger first thing upon awakening. What I didn’t think about was the pinning of the wig to secure it.

So… there I am dancing somewhat wildly in sleeptime garb with grandson playing the trumpet and granddaughter staring at both of us. Suiddenly, with one of my wild flailings to match the wild trumpet music, my wig flew off across the room, clean off my head!!!! It must have flown about five feet to my left. Both grandkids’ eyes spread over the majority of their faces, I swear! I’ve never seen their eyes so big…EVER! I burst out laughing so hard that tears came immediately. Of course, I headed to grab the wig at the same time. Once I was laughing, they followed my suit and burst out laughing. I literally could NOT stop laughing.

I imagine this could be one of those moments that my grandchildren may never EVER forget!!!!! I know I won’t. I can barely type now from gut rendering laughter that is revisiting. So…..when they could gather their wits about them, grandson very seriously says, “Booey, you should remember to pin your wig on from now on.” I know that poor child is concerned about the wind catching it outside!!! Oh…..my stomach from the laugh ripples!!!! Aging feels pretty darn AWESOME right now!!! #earthisheaven@67 and p.s. I am really enjoying my own private sitcom! hahahahaha

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Changing My Perspective and Thoughts Created Magical Transformation

Finding pure MAGIC in my thoughts last night made a major change in perspective manifest a whole new experience immediately. The YMCA pool closed for weeks/maintenance. It opened back up but the pool was COLD, not heated well yet.

I touched the water with my feet. WHOA!!! I felt shriveled on the spot with so many puffed up goosebumps they could have served as a life preserver!

My Inner Voice said, “Change perspective NOW! Imagine there is a heat wave and I am needing to cool off.” I TOTALLY put myself in that frame of thought and FELT it in my body as the goosebumps melted away, remembering the heat wave last summer.

Not once did I allow my thoughts to stray from my visualization and PRESTO!!! Magic happened. I was in a whole different reality loving the water feeling relief from the ‘heat.’

Awsome Aging means honing in on polishing skills, tapping MORE of my human potential, growing, creating new inspirational experiences for myself and others and so much more. Conclusion: I am: SOLD on positive thoughts! SOLD on creating a new perspective. SOLD on the magical power we have with our own thoughts!!!!! And I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 laps! #earthisheaven@67

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Reflections on a Freezing Evening: Scenes, Stories from the Homeless Shelter at Xmas

(Every photo of the homeless taken below was done so with permission of the individuals.) The wind is howling tonight and will bring 12 deg. temp. I think about the homeless – the ones I meet and talk to at Christmas when I deliver packages to them as the Christmas Fairy, waving my singing wand over their heads and tell them to make a wish. They have faces and stories that enter my heart.

My intention is to connect, to let them know I see them and care.

This inclimate weather has no mercy. I pray all the homeless find/hear about the emergency shelters open when normally there aren’t any on certain nights.

Flashes of eyes and depth of conversation sweep over me as I reflect. When they let me into their world, I am honored to be trusted.

At Christmas one man sharing with me about his inhumane childhood suddenly stopped talking and told me to look at his friend who just placed his sleeping bag on the floor. X, the man I was speaking with, started beaming. He said Y, his friend he pointed out, was a really great guy. At another shelter they found out a homeless individual stole a backpack with all of the belongings of a blind homeless man who could not protect himself. Y felt really angry someone would do that, went and found the thief, let him know in a strong fisted way to stay the ________ away from the blind man, and proudly, happily, returned the backpack to the blind man who was beside himself with gratitude. The story let me see how much caring there is in their ‘community’ where morality exists in ways that seem like a different language to many citizens with homes. Different realities, different dynamics….all humans with stories. The gracious attitudes and ways that I was greeted leave an indellible mark upon my being. I am so fortunate to be accepted. My heart swells in this light. That just HAS to be great for Aging in an Awesome way!

I sure hope they are all safe tonight and will be alright to find safe haven in the coming flooding that is predicted in the next few days. I deeply thank all of you who donated to the Xmas Fairy Homeless Project this year. It did a lot of good!

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First 2017 Surprise: Notified I am in a Marimba Commercial!

Eeehawww….First 2017 surprise….I was notified by a marimba band, Rutendo, that I am in their commercial filmed at the Green Show last summer in Ashland. Considering I was 8 months post total hip replacement surgery and 67, it is a fun confirmation for my having dancing as one of my goals when recovering. Did it! Awesome Aging on the rise! #earthisheaven@67

Link below to the commercial (great music!). I’m only in a couple seconds around 1:17


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Magical Atmosphere Created at New Year Night Labyrinth Walk

Launching/Finding/Creating/Experiencing Magic in 2017 is part of my Awesome Aging approach this New Year. Walking the Labyrinth on New Year’s Day after dark, I felt the magic in the atmosphere so beautifully choreographed. The air of magic added to my intention to release the old and bring in the new, to be at peace and open myself to change, to meditate in the center, to elevate myself in thoughts, intentions, actions…..and to know my two cents worth benefits the Earth.

Candles were a pure force in the serenity and impact. A world altar showing respect for all and an eclectic candle altar space (non-denominational) were beautifully presented outside the Labyrinth.

Each year the First United Methodist Church in Ashland hosts this Labyrinth walk for the New Year. Harpists played graceful music in the background. A beautiful opportunity existed that honors all life. I was grateful to have this available.

Labyrinths are said to balance hemispheres of the brain and bring answers more quickly in addition to one’s own intentions. Mind clearing is always a good thing which seems to come hand in hand when walking a Labyrinth.

I LOVE it when spirituality is included that opens its heart and arms to all. #earthisheaven@67

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From the Ocean Fairy, Wishing All a Happy New Year 2017 Freedom Flight

The Ocean Freedom Fairy sends HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes: May you Flourish as you Fly Freely Going Forward and TRUSTWARD with Purposeful PASSION!

May you be surrounded and heart filled with LOVE and the deepest GRATITUDE that keeps you humble while confident in the journey of your spirit.

And may you feel more alive with the flavors of joy, abundance and success! Feel your winged DANCE and FLY! #earthisheaven@67

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Homeless Man Gifts the Xmas Fairy in the True Spirit of Christmas

Being the Spirit of the Christmas Fairy

The true Spirit of Christmas IS alive and well. When delivering packages of necessities of warmth, hygiene and food to the homeless shelter last night dressed as the Christmas Fairy, something very unexpected and so deeply heartwarming happened. I received a gift from a homeless man. Please see the video link below.


Thank you and Merry Christmas. Also including pics below of reality at the shelter and the Xmas Fairy in action giving blessing wishes with a singing magic wand. Love sharing heart-to-heart. (Pic permission granted from those in pics.) Aging like this is truly awesome! Loving holiday wishes to all. #earthisheaven@67

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Maybe Because Elf Work is Magic is the Reason it Happened……

Magic hit again tonight. The green orb on my head….kept showing up in pictures and we could NOT find a rational reason for it. Yes, I believe in magic!

Meanwhile ElderElves, Lisa Manyon, Roni and I dedicated a whole evening to putting packages together for 40 homeless who will receive two packages hand delivered by the Xmas Fairy later this week – one with scarf, hat, thermal sox, hygiene products, homemade applesauce muffins and butterscotch haystacks (yes I baked for them!), Emergen-C packets and cough lozenges. Second package – cereals, fruit, juice, almonds, 3 kinds of crackers, pretzels, brownies, shortbread, canned meat, fruit leather, chips, other snacks,

I am soooo excited to take these gifts to the shelter Thursday evening. So happy to be able to help. So grateful to have passion to want to do this.Love fueling my awesome aging attitude with a project so Heart filling. It is very consuming and tiring but so worth it . #earthisheaven@67 even when the aftermath in my small living space looks like the remnants of a somewhat organized hurricane! haha

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One Regret I Will NOT Have When I Die……

He shared that he had been homeless last year when I was paying for some items for the Xmas Fairy Homeless Project today and explained why I had so many of the same items. We talked as he rang up the redundancy of products.

He said, “God bless you” as he finished my pile of goods and bagged them. I looked into his eyes when he blessed me. He continued, “Someone was kind to me when I was homeless like what you are doing for others. It gave me hope. It took a lot of applying for jobs before I landed this one. It is hard for people to understand the homeless reality and the difficulties in trying to change it. When people are kind like you are you never know where that will lead for someone like me.”

I was a bit tired doing the shopping today but my heart perked up so much from the exchange with this once homeless young man that I didn’t care about my tiredness. I just felt grateful….and glad.

Xmas Fairy Project Update: Still compiling items, 40 each of everything (whew!) to begin putting things in bags on Tuesday and deliver this Thursday night to the temporary homeless shelter in Ashland. Upon hearing I didn’t have money for toothpaste yet but had purchased 40 toothbrushes, a friend donated for the toothpaste…YAY!!!! Ya can’t have one without the other! I am still trying to find an eating establishment to donate 40 certificates for a hot meal over the holidays. I have calls in for 40 shampoos to two hotels. Neither of these are getting back to me after a pile of calls and emails. I do not have enough donations to purchase those…shampoo or meals. And I would love to add more Emergen-C packets and food items but am doing pretty well to have at least some purchased. That’s it for now. Xmas Fairy is not bored! Xmas Fairy has a lot of work to do putting bulk items into little baggies then sorting items into 2 larger bags to staple together for each of the 40 recipients. Two elves are coming to help me, THANK GOODNESS!

Sweet dreams to all. Be grateful to not be homeless. This fairy is not taking anything for granted. AND this fairy is thrilled to know that when she dies she will NOT have the regret that she should have helped others more. Scratch that one off the list! Makes for pretty awesome aging to say the least! Caring enlivens! #earthisheaven@67

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