Living While Alive….Mom’s Visit Included Lunch at Restored ‘Ladies of the Night’ House

Mom, Me, Friend Maya circa de 2003

It was Mom’s last visit around 2003 to Oregon before she died. Ruthie B’s was a past ‘ladies of the night’ in early 1900′s house in Springfield I’d told her about. They served tea/lunch in a creative way. Hats, boas and scarves were made available to do dressups while having tea/lunch. Alice in Wonderland servers blew bubbles over the table. Everything in the house was for sale….what we sat on, drank from, anything on the walls….EVERYTHING!

Even though Mom didn’t feel too well, she really wanted to go have ‘girl fun’ with dear friend, Maya, and me to experience being in that brand of house. We seized the moment of this unusual opportunity – Mom loved it!

Sometimes it isn’t right to push ourselves. Sometimes it is. That was an occasion that lives on forever with great fondness in my memory. Mom pushed herself that day because somehow she knew it would be her only opportunity to have that experience. I’m sure she sensed it was her last visit to Oregon from Florida.

I was so glad for her and for us. She was thrilled to have that Awesome Aging flare touch her life. Now, in my aging process, I know that some opportunities are offered once. Grabbing those treasures to keep myself enlivened to the max. And grateful my Mom did the same. #earthisheaven@67 #treasuredmemory #funismedicine #livewhilewearealive

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Tree House Books KNOWS How to Make Magic at Lithia for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Lantern Procession

Tree House Books in Ashland has something up their sleeves….

Feb. 11 was the Lunar New Year in the light of the full moon, lunar eclipse and a comet entertaining the heavens. Tree House Books orchestrated a photo shoot and Lantern Festival at Lithia Park, lower duck pond, to celebrate. In addition, this event launches some mighty fun projects that will encapsulate the magical essence of Ashland. Stop by Tree House Books at 15 N. Main St. in Ashland and maybe Cynthia and Jane will give you a hint about what is coming this year.

Must give a shout-out to all who participated and how fun everyone was in this gathering. Ann Wilton, owner of Renaissance Rose, gave a creative flare with the costumes she designed for her brother and herself. Everyone was so inspirational with their creative flare. Grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, magical experience. It certainly added some points to my Awesome Aging journey!  #earthisheaven@67

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Experience: Best Teacher to Digest Lesson…..with Animal Crackers and Stress Skills for Young Children!

Explaining tense/calm muscles with chewing and swallowing

As we age we KNOW that experience is the best teacher. So WHY NOT use experience to help children know themselves and their inner world resources! Forty years of teaching children how the mind/body/emotions work together as a system has shown me children want to know for themeslves.

Children love lessons that are FUN……like chewing a chocolate animal cracker to learn the difference between tense muscles and calm/relaxed muscles.

Tasting a yummy chocolate flavor in learning self-help stress management skills works magic! Teaching pre-K migrant children and Kindergarteners at another school how to be aware of the difference between tense muscles and calm muscles is a call to listen to what is going on inside them. I gave a chocolate animal cracker to each child in the different schools. We chewed together, FEELING the tension in the muscles while chewing, then felt relaxed/calm muscles after swallowing, noticing the change in breathing.

Basic steps of awareness are essential for grasping self-help and self-managing skills that make a difference in the quality of life based on choices each person makes in everyday living. Grandma Boom knows FUN is an essential ingredient for successful learning. And children digested the lesson quite well!

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Aging with Passion for Empowering Superkids on the Planet

Awesome Aging means many things to me. One of the choices that exist is to be bored or even sedentary in aging. I refuse either. Passion fuels me and having a mission fills me.

EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS to know themselves and tap their own inner world resources of mind/body/emotions. Teaching 23 kindergarten students today the difference between feeling tense with tight, rope knots they held in one hand and a soft, calm sock in the other hand to see and FEEL the difference. 3D learning breaks learning barriers and accelerates the learning process. Fun builds confidence on the spot.

The children learned they have a choice and power inside themselves when we did belly button breathing with a breathing sphere. Tension is a balled up feeling with knots tied up inside. Calm relaxation feels free (demo with wing span), relaxed and has more creative choices that can be made with behaviors and interactions.

EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS is my primary mission/vision/passion….to teach children to know themselves and tap their own inner world resources while having a lot of fun! It is my two cents worth to help build a healthier planet. I bet you have ideas about things that fuel your passion in your aging journey. Go for it!!!

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True Story of a Magical Moment with My Mom and a Butterfly

True story about my Mom that happened probably the last time she visited when I lived in the forest before she died.

We were walking among the dense trees. Some butterflies were nearby. Mom said to stop walking and ‘watch this.’ She spotted one of the butterflies and connected with it from several feet away.

As she focused on that butterfly, she extended her hand with open palm in the direction of the little beauty. In silence, she continued gazing at the butterfly. It turned from the direction it was flying and flew straight over to her hand, landing on it.

The three of us were enraptured in silent magic communion and beauty, breathing in the present moment. It was only when Mom gave the signal she wanted to continue walking that the butterfly gently lifted off and continued on its journey.

Feeling fortunate for that experience, and the memory of it filtering into my mind and heart as I continue to seek inspiration for heart and spirit expansion moving myself upward/forward/onward/TRUSTward.

To remain true to my philosophy about keeping ‘Awesome’ in my aging process, in times of chaos in the world around me, I want to use my self-help tools to keep me strong, positive, empowered and loving. Moments of magic certainly help! #earthisheaven@67

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Strength, Upliftment, Kindness, Respect…..Everywhere in the Women’s March in Ashland

43 deg., light rain. Freedom wings instead of an umbrella for me. Unprecedented numbers in this weather for a march…thousands upon thousands.

The feelings of STRENGTH working together was my marching focus…..acting instead of reacting with collaborative forward movement for change. Upliftment, kindness and respect permeated the atmosphere.

Personally, I am using this time as an opportunity to bring empowerment starting at home, in my own life. Staying grateful, kind, loving, dedicated, growing, optimistic in my attitude with my 2 cents worth in what I can do…..that is up to me. I am woman. I am strong. I have purpose. I own my soul. And I wish for good things for all, right intentions and the spirit of freedom to be present within each of us.

Freedom Wings

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Honored to be Nominated by International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest

Forty years of creating/applying/dedicating my specialty approach of 3D learning to children as young as 3 has been and will always be a passionate heart endeavor. And aging retains a huge dose of enthusiasm with this work being active in my life.

I am feeling honored to receive a nomination for an award regarding my work for the world’s children.

“Hello Janai~ Congratulations!
We are delighted that you have been nominated for the Pebble Rebel Award 2017 sponsored by the International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest

The Pebble Rebel Award was created to honor women of the Pacific Northwest, like your-self, who are making a positive impact in their community.
You were nominated by a woman who respects you and who finds you inspiring. She admires that you “ empower children to make positive choices and build inner strength.”

I am grateful for this nomination. May it help to spread awareness of what is needed for the children of the world. #earthisheaven@67

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THE Single Funniest Event of my Life Happened This Morning….and, Yes, I Wear a Wig!

THE single, funniest event of my life happened this morning. I’ll set the stage for you….The grandies spent the night. That means I set up sleeping pads and blankets on the floor in my bedroom so it’s like a campout.

Once everyone was awake this morning, we were having a sweet little chat. My grandson picked up the cheap plastic trumpet he slept next to and started playing music he wanted me to dance to. Well, flannel nighty and robe work just as great as a dress for a morning dance, so I began flitting around the room, both grandchildren watching every move as they remained partially tucked into their cozy nests.

Backtracking a bit, when I knew they were waking up, I slid my wig on my head. They’ve never seen me without my trusty wig and it seemed fitting for them to recognize their Booey and not a stranger first thing upon awakening. What I didn’t think about was the pinning of the wig to secure it.

So… there I am dancing somewhat wildly in sleeptime garb with grandson playing the trumpet and granddaughter staring at both of us. Suiddenly, with one of my wild flailings to match the wild trumpet music, my wig flew off across the room, clean off my head!!!! It must have flown about five feet to my left. Both grandkids’ eyes spread over the majority of their faces, I swear! I’ve never seen their eyes so big…EVER! I burst out laughing so hard that tears came immediately. Of course, I headed to grab the wig at the same time. Once I was laughing, they followed my suit and burst out laughing. I literally could NOT stop laughing.

I imagine this could be one of those moments that my grandchildren may never EVER forget!!!!! I know I won’t. I can barely type now from gut rendering laughter that is revisiting. So…..when they could gather their wits about them, grandson very seriously says, “Booey, you should remember to pin your wig on from now on.” I know that poor child is concerned about the wind catching it outside!!! Oh… stomach from the laugh ripples!!!! Aging feels pretty darn AWESOME right now!!! #earthisheaven@67 and p.s. I am really enjoying my own private sitcom! hahahahaha

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Changing My Perspective and Thoughts Created Magical Transformation

Finding pure MAGIC in my thoughts last night made a major change in perspective manifest a whole new experience immediately. The YMCA pool closed for weeks/maintenance. It opened back up but the pool was COLD, not heated well yet.

I touched the water with my feet. WHOA!!! I felt shriveled on the spot with so many puffed up goosebumps they could have served as a life preserver!

My Inner Voice said, “Change perspective NOW! Imagine there is a heat wave and I am needing to cool off.” I TOTALLY put myself in that frame of thought and FELT it in my body as the goosebumps melted away, remembering the heat wave last summer.

Not once did I allow my thoughts to stray from my visualization and PRESTO!!! Magic happened. I was in a whole different reality loving the water feeling relief from the ‘heat.’

Awsome Aging means honing in on polishing skills, tapping MORE of my human potential, growing, creating new inspirational experiences for myself and others and so much more. Conclusion: I am: SOLD on positive thoughts! SOLD on creating a new perspective. SOLD on the magical power we have with our own thoughts!!!!! And I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 laps! #earthisheaven@67

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Reflections on a Freezing Evening: Scenes, Stories from the Homeless Shelter at Xmas

(Every photo of the homeless taken below was done so with permission of the individuals.) The wind is howling tonight and will bring 12 deg. temp. I think about the homeless – the ones I meet and talk to at Christmas when I deliver packages to them as the Christmas Fairy, waving my singing wand over their heads and tell them to make a wish. They have faces and stories that enter my heart.

My intention is to connect, to let them know I see them and care.

This inclimate weather has no mercy. I pray all the homeless find/hear about the emergency shelters open when normally there aren’t any on certain nights.

Flashes of eyes and depth of conversation sweep over me as I reflect. When they let me into their world, I am honored to be trusted.

At Christmas one man sharing with me about his inhumane childhood suddenly stopped talking and told me to look at his friend who just placed his sleeping bag on the floor. X, the man I was speaking with, started beaming. He said Y, his friend he pointed out, was a really great guy. At another shelter they found out a homeless individual stole a backpack with all of the belongings of a blind homeless man who could not protect himself. Y felt really angry someone would do that, went and found the thief, let him know in a strong fisted way to stay the ________ away from the blind man, and proudly, happily, returned the backpack to the blind man who was beside himself with gratitude. The story let me see how much caring there is in their ‘community’ where morality exists in ways that seem like a different language to many citizens with homes. Different realities, different dynamics….all humans with stories. The gracious attitudes and ways that I was greeted leave an indellible mark upon my being. I am so fortunate to be accepted. My heart swells in this light. That just HAS to be great for Aging in an Awesome way!

I sure hope they are all safe tonight and will be alright to find safe haven in the coming flooding that is predicted in the next few days. I deeply thank all of you who donated to the Xmas Fairy Homeless Project this year. It did a lot of good!

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