Changing My Perspective and Thoughts Created Magical Transformation

Finding pure MAGIC in my thoughts last night made a major change in perspective manifest a whole new experience immediately. The YMCA pool closed for weeks/maintenance. It opened back up but the pool was COLD, not heated well yet.

I touched the water with my feet. WHOA!!! I felt shriveled on the spot with so many puffed up goosebumps they could have served as a life preserver!

My Inner Voice said, “Change perspective NOW! Imagine there is a heat wave and I am needing to cool off.” I TOTALLY put myself in that frame of thought and FELT it in my body as the goosebumps melted away, remembering the heat wave last summer.

Not once did I allow my thoughts to stray from my visualization and PRESTO!!! Magic happened. I was in a whole different reality loving the water feeling relief from the ‘heat.’

Awsome Aging means honing in on polishing skills, tapping MORE of my human potential, growing, creating new inspirational experiences for myself and others and so much more. Conclusion: I am: SOLD on positive thoughts! SOLD on creating a new perspective. SOLD on the magical power we have with our own thoughts!!!!! And I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 laps! #earthisheaven@67

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