Strength, Upliftment, Kindness, Respect…..Everywhere in the Women’s March in Ashland

43 deg., light rain. Freedom wings instead of an umbrella for me. Unprecedented numbers in this weather for a march…thousands upon thousands.

The feelings of STRENGTH working together was my marching focus…..acting instead of reacting with collaborative forward movement for change. Upliftment, kindness and respect permeated the atmosphere.

Personally, I am using this time as an opportunity to bring empowerment starting at home, in my own life. Staying grateful, kind, loving, dedicated, growing, optimistic in my attitude with my 2 cents worth in what I can do…..that is up to me. I am woman. I am strong. I have purpose. I own my soul. And I wish for good things for all, right intentions and the spirit of freedom to be present within each of us.

Freedom Wings

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