True Story of a Magical Moment with My Mom and a Butterfly

True story about my Mom that happened probably the last time she visited when I lived in the forest before she died.

We were walking among the dense trees. Some butterflies were nearby. Mom said to stop walking and ‘watch this.’ She spotted one of the butterflies and connected with it from several feet away.

As she focused on that butterfly, she extended her hand with open palm in the direction of the little beauty. In silence, she continued gazing at the butterfly. It turned from the direction it was flying and flew straight over to her hand, landing on it.

The three of us were enraptured in silent magic communion and beauty, breathing in the present moment. It was only when Mom gave the signal she wanted to continue walking that the butterfly gently lifted off and continued on its journey.

Feeling fortunate for that experience, and the memory of it filtering into my mind and heart as I continue to seek inspiration for heart and spirit expansion moving myself upward/forward/onward/TRUSTward.

To remain true to my philosophy about keeping ‘Awesome’ in my aging process, in times of chaos in the world around me, I want to use my self-help tools to keep me strong, positive, empowered and loving. Moments of magic certainly help! #earthisheaven@67

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