Living While Alive….Mom’s Visit Included Lunch at Restored ‘Ladies of the Night’ House

Mom, Me, Friend Maya circa de 2003

It was Mom’s last visit around 2003 to Oregon before she died. Ruthie B’s was a past ‘ladies of the night’ in early 1900′s house in Springfield I’d told her about. They served tea/lunch in a creative way. Hats, boas and scarves were made available to do dressups while having tea/lunch. Alice in Wonderland servers blew bubbles over the table. Everything in the house was for sale….what we sat on, drank from, anything on the walls….EVERYTHING!

Even though Mom didn’t feel too well, she really wanted to go have ‘girl fun’ with dear friend, Maya, and me to experience being in that brand of house. We seized the moment of this unusual opportunity – Mom loved it!

Sometimes it isn’t right to push ourselves. Sometimes it is. That was an occasion that lives on forever with great fondness in my memory. Mom pushed herself that day because somehow she knew it would be her only opportunity to have that experience. I’m sure she sensed it was her last visit to Oregon from Florida.

I was so glad for her and for us. She was thrilled to have that Awesome Aging flare touch her life. Now, in my aging process, I know that some opportunities are offered once. Grabbing those treasures to keep myself enlivened to the max. And grateful my Mom did the same. #earthisheaven@67 #treasuredmemory #funismedicine #livewhilewearealive

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