Reflections of a Neighbor Who Died……

My Neighbor who died. She was a true, old-fashioned trustworthy neighbor for 26 years. The service for her passing from this life recalled her history in beautiful detail that gave deeper meaning to the making of who she was. Not just as a neighbor, a mom, wife, a grandmother…..but as a pillar of the community who was able to touch others in simple ways that opened hearts, welcomed all, and gave of herself in ways that everyone wanted to recall her imprint on their lives.

When a flower lives, we see its beauty. When it dies, we remember it when its bloom was robust with life. It enlivens us in some indescribable way that words cannot capture. Such was the experience of savoring Pat Hescock’s touch on my life as hundreds gathered to honor the spirit of who she was….and who she still is in our hearts. Her family is to be congratulated on capturing her essence at an unforgettable commemoration.

In the aging process, simple life treasures become more precious. Interaction with others who touch our lives in a positive way are significant memories. Letting go of the person in this reality is an adjustment that takes time. The memory stays in the heart.

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