Laughter……For the Heart and Soul, plus Calorie Loss

Loving the morning after an evening of boisterous laughter…..laughing so hard with endearing friends that my stomach hurt, my eyes were tearing and we were possibly a bit loud in the restaurant….hearty laughter fills up space! Then coming home and having sisterly laughter that continued on the fun tummy aching, tearing thread. What a great dose of medicine for the heart and soul. Grateful….and tummy is recovering!

Research shows that ten minutes of hearty laughter equals thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, oxygenates the internal organs and improves mood and attitude. For me, laughter is freeing and unites those who laugh together. It heals, uplifts, creates a fun glue in friendship and clears out tension.

Wishing a gut rendering laugh to all for the health of it! #earthisheaven@67

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