NOISES OFF……Oregon Cabaret Cast Outdoes Itself….NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

It is one thing to say a play is awesome. But it is another whole realm of a category in experience to say a play is awe-inspiring and that I was aweSTRUCK watching it. Well, awestruck in-between layers of unstoppable laughter!

The cast has accomplished what must have been at least slightly mind-blowing when first learning their lines and movements. They did an impeccable job to create an absolutely incredible production at the Oregon Cabaret Saturday night.

Laughter galore was coupled with pure amazement at the energy expended in their performance. I could barely keep up with their phenomenal actions so flawlessly performed. Highly recommended!!! Highly appreciated!!! It is this kind of production to witness when one wants to be truly entertained at the core. Enlivening to watch; captivating to experience! A favorite on my list to make Aging more Awesome!

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