Pie Baking with Grandchildren Has Its Rewards….Like…. Eating Pie Dough!!

Once upon a spring break Grandma Boom, better known as ‘Booey’ to her grandchildren, asked them what they would like to do. They were so excited to make pies. “Apple” bellowed the grandson. “NO. I want blueberry!” insisted the granddaughter.

Booey proceeded to follow through having forgotten how intense pie creating can be with three, especially two who needed lots of help AT THE SAME TIME and with two different kinds of pie mixtures. It all became worth while when the grandmother, granddaughter and grandson began munching on pie dough.

And they baked their pies living happily ever after Booey became cross-eyed and collapsed! hahahahaha #earthisheaven@67 #evenwhenyouaretiredbuthappy

Putting Awesome Aging Memories into a life of not being bored!

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