Conversation with a Homeless Teen…..

“Why are you homeless?” I asked the young man – an older teen. His sad eyes looked down at the ground for a couple seconds before he responded. His clothes were very worn but he had a cleanliness about him.

“I couldn’t take the abuse anymore. There was a lot of it – different kinds. So I ran far away because there wasn’t anybody to run to.” At that point he glanced at my eyes, looked down at the ground again, then raised his head up, connecting directly with me.

I asked him what he thinks about for his life and if drugs are a part of it. “I have always liked music and would like to be a musician. Sometimes drugs helped me forget the abuse but sometimes they made me think about it more. I want away from the abuse. That’s why I ran away. Now I am trying to stay away from the drugs for that reason.”

He indicated he is still on the run, not knowing where he will end up. The conversation ended with me thanking him for sharing. He smiled a gentle smile, saying, “Thanks for taking time to understand.” Oh how the heart wants kindness to touch it……so true for everyone, isn’t it!

Taking time to have this conversation made my aging process more awesome, more meaningnful, more enlightened, more compassionate.

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