Son Gifts me Blonde Wig for 68th Birthday

My son always hosts me for my birthday, usually in L.A. This year he chose Las Vegas, wanting to take me to see Cirque de Soleil which I’ve never previously experienced.

Before the dinner and show, Darion,35, handed me a gift. When I opened it I was rather shocked to see a blonde wig. I’ve never imagined myself as a blonde, but what the heck! Awesome aging is supposed to include a whole new range of adventures. So I put on the wig.

At first I could not relate to it and didn’t recognize myself. But there was something fun in looking not-like-me. So I went with it.

Friends have asked if blondes have more fun…..I would have had just as much fun that evening in any color of wig! Grateful for the entire experience but mostly for the joy of spending time with a son who wanted to spend time with his mom. #lovinlifeisgreat@68


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